I swear Mystic Messenger has taken my soul without me even knowing it.


when I played MysMe, I was actually aiming for Zen. lolololol, but I got this BUNDLE OF JOY MY PRECIOUS BABY CINNAMON ROLL, I WILL PROTECT FOREVER. I dont regret getting him first he is just so… precious baby. eep, so here, enjoy some yoosung doodles i guess.

Iconic Kaisoo Moments I: 2012
  • BONUS PREDEBUT: Their cafe date.
  • APRIL 1, 2012: Incheon Airport moment. (aside from their selcas together during their predebut days, this was their first moment that us fans witnessed ♥ not everyone before actually thought that these two are the closest, so this photo was a little bit surprising for some and definitely unforgettable to most of us) 
  •  MAY 11, 19, 24, & 25, 2012: The month where a lot of moments contributed to the Kaisoo hype, and so Kaisoo became one of the canon or royal otps in exo ♥ 
    -11: The Star interview where Jongin said “I feel like Chanyeol and Baekhyun will do a good job on variety shows, Sehun and Suho with acting and the two of us (Kai and D.O) can just stay home and cook (laughs)”
    -19: At Disneyland.

         -24: SBS E! News interview where Kyungsoo said “Even though he’s my dongsaeng, if I see him like this, he’s really cool and sexy. It’s to the extent that I’d fall for him while looking at his performance on stage.” 
         -24: The famous whispering moment at the Calvin Klein event:

          -25: At Yeongdeungpo fansign event:

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