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For so long, I’ve looked in the mirror and hated what I saw. I was too skinny, too fat, too feminine, too weak. I was never good enough as I was, never comfortable in my skin. That’s why Pride is so important. It’s about embracing and loving yourself and celebrating who you are in all your human, imperfect glory. And that’s something that many straight people don’t understand about it…mainly because they’ve never been made to feel such deep shame simply for being who they are.


Please take the time to pray for those in Manchester and those who attended the Dangerous Woman Tour in Manchester. Pray for those who lost their lives and their families, those who are missing, and even those who witnessed the event. Keep everyone in your hearts, even Ariana and try to stay safe please.

Watching an MV for the second time is way better than watching it for the first time. You miss so many clues and hints the first time you watch it. Then when you watch it the second time you understand everything that is happening because you see all the clues and hints you missed previously.

HC that since Molly Hooper has succeeded in getting Sherlock to say ILY and mean it, her next level will be- 

“Go on, kiss me. Kiss me like you mean it.”

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And then he does ❤️ 

ALSO when Ed and Oswald were talking about Oswald loving Ed and all that in the cells Ed kept saying he DIDN’T love Oswald, not that he DOESN’T. Those are two very different tenses, so…!

I’m running out of heartache
Just sitting out the constant doubt in my day
But I don’t know what it is
I’m sweating out the toxins
Is my terracotta heart breaking?

THANK YOU FOR ALL THE NEW FOLLOWERS! :) You are super nice, and I love seeing you around! Thank you x1000! I really really should be working so this one is super messy and sad and I’m sorry but I wanted to say thank you anyways :c

—> Also: Happy Birthday baby boy, I promise I’ll stop drawing you this sad…


Chirrut learns not to grab Baze in certain spots (if u know what i mean)

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the taetaetown Mess

so as everyone knows by now my blog has been a complete mess these past few days w/ all these anons exposing tumblr user @taetaetown (still can’t @ you :// ) to prevent anymore mess, i’m just going to compile all of the shit she’s done in this one post, you can make whatever you want of this. i’m not even going to delve into the fundraiser thing because its not my money but if you wanna dig into it i got some screenshots so just ask! also feel free to add anything more to this, im sure i haven’t covered everything. screenshots and explanations are under the cut.

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