;__________; BABY

Nothing you say can convince me that this is the same person...

I mean, look at this:

This is a baby.

This is a psycho.

This is daddy. 

They not the same person. Nope.

Lemme tell you a little something

I am SO HAPPY for Michael and Lindsay. Like of course, I’m happy for people when they have children in general but Iris is so special and let me tell you why. I remember when Michael and Lindsay got married. I had a countdown on my old Tumblr account to their wedding, I was so excited for them and I was about 15 or 16 years old. NOW THEY HAVE A CHILD and I am so so happy for them and it honestly warms my heart so much that we have been able to see their relationship grow and develop and now they have an amazingly adorable addition to their little family and I love everything that they are. Family goals, honestly. I’m so proud and happy for them. Iris has been born into an incredible family and community. These two people that I have watched their content for years and years have a child and it’s so crazy. I am so happy for them.