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firequeensrules  asked:

Keith trying secretly to sing lullabies for little leo and failing ?

The only songs Keith remembers are the ones with horribly annoying lyrics that get stuck in your head. Plus he likes them just a little. Just a little, okay?

anonymous asked:

Do you have any more good reasons to get more money out of ur SD just like the phone stolen story

- Lost MacBook/computer charger ($100)
- You broke your nail ($65), you always want to look good FOR HIM
- You lost your textbook and need to repurchase it to study for an exam ($150+)
- You need to get your siblings a birthday/whatever gift and need a little bit of help ($50+)
- You’re late on your phone bill, and you’re short x amount ($50+)
- You have an event that’s really important coming up, and would like assistance purchasing an outfit ($150+)
- You need an oil change for your car ($70+), pick a date that’s close to meeting with your SD so he feels obligated to help you out… how else are you going to arrive?

There are so many creative ideas out there, and it’s very easy to come up with bullshit.