[casting news] - Kim Ji Won & Park Seo Joon are confirmed for the lead roles in the kdrama ‘Third Rate My Way.’ (◠﹏◠❀) 

Jiwon is to play the role of Choi Aera, a department store clerk who dreams of being an announcer and Seojoon is going to play an office worker who becomes a UFC fighter.  The drama is currently set to premiere in May on KBS. 

Pain is something that has been in Leia Organa’s life for so long that it feels as comfortable as her own skin.

She sheds titles in the same way she seems to lose people: from daughter, to princess, to sister, to mother, to general.

Daughter makes her think of Bail Organa as he taught her how to pronounce long words and sister makes her think of feeling the second Death Star explode into nothingness and mother makes her think of dark hair and black eyes that shone in the brightness of a lightsaber. Princess is the shape of Han Solo’s smile, so General she remains.

The First Order appears from the gaping gap Vader had left behind as though the Empire were never gone, only now it has stolen the face of someone she knows, and someone she loves, not from the man who never called himself her father. The grief can be, at points, crippling, but Leia Organa can carry the weight of her own burdens, and the burdens of those beneath her charge, and she will continue to do so for as long as the Resistance needs to exist, for as long as she needs to exist.

She meets Poe Dameron after another meeting with a senator who coldly informs her that the First Order is just a bunch of children playing soldier in the Outer Rim, and she’s reading over her dossier, trying desperately to keep it together. He holds himself like Han, with the same kindness and affection, but not hidden behind fake bravado and an irrational need to impress her.

His flying, though. His flying is like Luke’s.

She doesn’t exactly adopt him, she tells herself firmly after she watches him take off. No, no, because everyone knows what happened the last time she tried the mother thing. No one knows it better than her.

But if she maybe keeps an eye out for him, and when she hears that he’s been caught, about who’s caught him, she lets herself feel sadness for the first time in a while, because really who else is going to know but her?

Rey is a skittish foal in some new world with green and water and operating ships. She’s like Luke only in the shared taste of desert and the way their eyes take in the galaxy in front of them. She flies like Leia feels, a lot of the time: desperate and excited and determined to prove herself to everyone, to the universe as a whole, and is nameless other than one syllable. When she’s documented, which is standard procedure, Leia asks her for any other title and Rey blurts out “Dameron. That’s a surname, right?”

Leia smiles into her hands, and wishes her well, and when they hugged things seem to click into place.

Finn is an object in motion, always seeming ready to run but grounded by Poe and Rey and some great sense of loyalty that reminds her of herself. He distances himself from things, like Han, and like Han he throws himself back into the Resistance once Rey is gone and back again, and the same with Poe. Leia approaches him gently, after Starkiller, to the point where he knows her well enough to approach her for things he needs or feels others need.

He explains the movements of the First Order as best he can, and watches as Rey moves with the Force in katas on the hot tarmac of the landing bay, and as Poe polishes his helmet on the wing of his T-70. They move together as a group, and Leia orbits them, always watching, seeing herself in them, and Luke, and Han, and the future of what the three of them had always wanted to create.

Somewhere along the line, Finn-and-Rey became Finn and Rey Dameron (Organa.) The Organa is silent, Leia thinks to herself, lying for the first time in a long while.

“How are your kids doing?” Statura asks her one day, before a briefing.

“Stay focused, Commander,” she tells him, and hides her smile in her hand.

sherlock literally thinks john is the best man in the whole world and john thinks that sherlock is the greatest man on earth, and both of them have such low self esteem but when theyre finally together theyll bring each other up so much and work through their respective self hatred with each other