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re: expensive unique thing for bitty to buy Jack. what about a vintage WWII camera, originally owned by a queer soldier? that came with a box of vintage gay pictures?? :D

whooooahhh this is perfect i Love

the soldier, robert *convenient loud noises*, maybe got some kind of commendations for bravery etc and he was minorly important historically, but his sexuality is erased from anything that mentions him. there’s even a whole book about this guy that doesn’t touch his sexuality at all, it’s kinda ridiculous. but if you look at the historical documents (maybe the letters of his estate survived) it’s pretty apparent he had a long term male partner? jack wrote a paper about him (and talked about the erasure of queer identities in historical figures in general. shitty loved it & made everyone in the haus read it. jack is always way too embarrassed to have people read his papers if they don’t ask to but he’s happy that shitty told everyone to read it since he was pretty proud of his work on that one. he’d gotten to do way more primary research than usual just because there wasn’t anyone talking about how this dude was obviously in love with a man!!!)

anyway. robert’s partner, arnaud fournier, was parisian (and actually pretty cool in his own right too), and bitty manages to trace down the people that inherited his estate, matthieu and vanessa fournier (matthieu is the great nephew of arnaud). bitty has bob help him write them a letter in french that basically goes like, hello! so, this might seem out of the blue, but my fiancé is really into wwii history and he wrote a paper about your great uncle and his partner. we’re coming to paris for our honeymoon and if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, he’d totally geek out over seeing any parts of your great uncle’s estate that you might have!

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favorite twd character meme [4/4 relationships] → Carl & Sophia

“I thought that’d I’d find her. I mean me. That I’d be the one … she’d be safe and I’d find her and bring her back.” 

I need a little help.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I found blood next to my cat’s litter box this morning. I’ve been urged by several people since then to take him to a vet. Of course being in between jobs, I don’t have the funds to take him to the vet. My cat is my rock, and he’s helped me through some seriously hard times in my life. I can’t stand the thought of something bad happening to him, and I’ve been freaking out all morning trying to figure out how I’m going to pay for his treatment and vet visit.

So I’m asking anyone who is in a position to help to please donate.

Anything helps, and will be greatly appreciated. 

Please help my Booboo. ;____;