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jesus your always making new blogs and then either ignoring or deleting your other ones. please stop.

Yeah, I am. And you know what; they’re my blogs. I can do whatever the fuck I want with them. I could either delete this blog or turn it into a My Little Pony fan blog right now and guess what? Tough titties mate, I own it. Same goes with all my other blogs. They’re mine.
I RP because I like it, and if I want to have a bunch of accounts and delete those that I no longer use or lost the muse for, I fucking can. Blow me; I’m not here for your pleasure, I’m here for my own.

//Okay now I really want a thread where War meets someone as a child who is having problems at home and the kid is really upset and tells him how horrible things are and how they wish their parent/parents are dead
and the next morning they wake up with a note and phone by their bed to not leave their room and to call the police
and the police show up and the parent/parents are dead and the kid gets placed with decent family/foster parents.

And like War checks in on them from time to time wearing a different face but the kid can pick him out from anywhere and calls him their guardian angel and War finds that really really fucking funny and the kid doesnt understand why he laughs the hardest when he is called an angel but is happy that they can make their ‘angel’ laugh
but then the kid grows up and finds out what he really is and either does not care or thinks he is a monster and tries to off him

…idk man I need more Father-Figure/Protector!War in my life//

Guess who's back, back again

-‘Guess Who’s Back’ plays in the background-

Hey everyone, War-mun/Riley back in action once again (at least for Christmas break). Had a very exciting, and busy, first half of first semester! Worked on a fourth semester film that will be playing in film festivals and a bunch of other cool shit.

Going to try and do some of the replies I owed before I got sucked into school work, but I will be posting opens if anyone is interested.

Uncle War and I missed every last one of you btw <3

Supernatural!AU where everything is the same but the Horsemen have motorcycles instead of cars and Famine rides around in a sidecar while a demon steers the actual bike like some rent-a-villain duo. 

War-mun reviews Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

Rating: ★ out of ★★★★★

You should watch this movie if: You’ve never seen any other Transformers continuum, are shopping for expensive cars, want to see Marky Mark stare off into the sunset with cinematic quality about thirty times, and/or if you are a masochist who likes killing childhood memories (like me). 

            Transformers Age of Extinction, the fourth installment of a series of dumps taken on a iconic fandom by Micheal Bay, will go down in history for me as the longest and most expensive marketing campaign in the history of cinema. This movie was essentially here to advertise cars you will never be able to afford and beer that tastes like piss (a good ten second shot of nothing but Bud Light there for your viewing ‘pleasure’).

           This movie, nearly three hours of life I will never get back, featured Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager (a name that sounds like something I would have used for a Garry Stu in my crappy fanfictions when I was twelve), an inventor who throughout the movie suffers from some serious butthurt and man pain over his seventeen year old daughter Tessa, played by Nicola Peltz, being her own person and having a boyfriend who is named Shane, played by Jack Reynor. Cade seems more worried over the fact his daughter is dating than the fact giant robots are running amok, that his house is blown up, and that his friend is turned into a terminator like statue.

           The interactions between these three are also reminiscent of bad fanfiction written by a chimp with a computer, Shane being a twenty year old professional racer, dating a seventeen year old classic damsel in distress , and Cade being nothing more than an over grown man child who seems to excel at everything he does.

           Pushing the ‘main’ characters aside and focusing on the real reason anyone went/will go to this shitfest, the Cybertronians (or as they are referred to constantly through the movie; Transformers, since obviously no one could be bothered with the actual race of our favorite giant cybernetic organisms) fall flat as characters and are not the focus of the movie no matter what others claim.

           Optimus Prime, beloved leader of the Autobots, is largely out of character. ‘I’ll kill you’ has replaced the phrase ‘Freedom is the right of ALL sentient beings’ (causing much more horror than even the iconic ‘Give me your face’ line from Transformers 2: Rise of the Fallen).
The rest of our ‘good guys’ (Drift, Hound, Bumblebee, and Crosshairs) have become little more than disgruntled old men mercenaries with tempers and little regard for human life and stealth (breaking into KSI’s building in broad daylight (if you call throwing yourself through the front door ‘breaking in’ that is) to throw essentially glorified temper tantrums without any real purpose other than to, well, throw a temper tantrum… bad fanfiction, anyone?). The Dinobots are treated as nothing more than a ‘cool’ factor and steeds for the Autobots as they rampage through the streets.

            While the Autobots’ attitudes are warranted, their brethern being hunted down and harvested for their special metal (called ‘Transformium’ in the movie… and I thought Marvel had the stamp on horrible element names), their attitudes towards each other, which borderlines on hate, was unneeded. The only characters to even hold a candle to their personalities throughout the movie was Lockdown (intergalactic bounty hunter that somehow managed to remind me of his Animated counterpart despite having to follow the horrendous plot presented… actually, pwp?)  and Galvatron (who only had a few lines, but that is probably what saved him from being lumped in with the others).

           The plot (again, pwp?) itself had nothing to do with the title; a brief sequence at the beginning and middle of the film showing the extinction of dinosaurs by some as yet identified alien race in order to harvest them after turning them into ‘Transformium’ to build ‘Transformers’ being the only reason for the title ‘Age of Extinction’.

            This also threw away all previous movie headcanons, the Allspark from Transformers and weird robot sack babies from Transformers: Rise of the Fallen now not meaning diddly squat; because it would seem that there is a master race who made the Cybertronians (Quintessons? That’s my guess, but I doubt writers have read that far into Transformers history or lore).

            The only shining light in this horror show would be the badies; James Savoy being the one that stood out the most. Now, people who know me will say I am biased, being as Titus Welliver is one of my favorite actors, but let me explain before you try calling me on it. James Savoy is clearly a bad guy; he gives a reason for starting to hunt Decepticons and Autobots (his sister being killed in the previous movie, Transformers: Dark of the Moon), but it becomes clear quickly that he is just in it for the money. His xenophobic attitude, as well as having no qualms about killing anyone in his way, puts him above previous human antagonists. No ‘villain rants’ are to be found from him, unlike our other main human protagonist Harold Attinger, played by Kelsey Grammar and our sorta anti-hero Joshua Joyce, played by Stanley Tucci.

            This movie ends with Optimus Prime igniting rocket boosters (where the fuck did those come from, they would have been handy several times during the movie) and leaving Earth, sending out a message that essentially said ‘Fuck you’ to the unnamed alien species and letting the Dinobots go free into the Chinese wilderness and leaving the rest of the Autobots with the Yeager family… Because why the fuck not?

The thought of War having to do mundane things on his own makes me happy like
War mowing the lawn
War trimming the hedges
War cleaning his house
War washing his car
War going shopping
War taking a jog
War taking a shower
War making his bed
War doing laundry
War ironing his suit
War shaving off his stubble


There are wayyyy to many drafts on here. I’m sorry, but I think I’m going to scrap them all and do a fresh start. I’m keeping the ones I have with mismatchedartist and sugarplumsandfeathers.
If I want any hope of running this blog while going to schools thats how its gotta be. I’m going to also have to put a limit on how many RPs I have going at once. Classes are going to be even longer and harder (LOL) this semester, so also count this as a semi-hiatus until spring break.
I did decent this semester, passed all my classes, but I want to do even better this coming one. I really am sorry, but I just gotta do small things to keep from stressing out.
Don’t think I don’t want to RP or anything, its just classes man.