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My other laptop is old as dirt and I expected it…

((Oh gosh, I’m so sorry to hear that. ;n;))

TWAS A HARSH BLOW… TO MY HEART…. But I’m still going to have hope that maybe it’ll show the screen just one more time so I can dig out all my things and move them somewhere safe…… IF NOT… start from scratch *dies a little inside*  

Curiosity bores holes into the assassin’s back, her stare a knife that penetrates leather and the flesh beneath, dissecting him with naught but a gaze. Lips part, then close, she who was never slow in response pondering a proper approach for the Crow. Likely it was that he would simply rebuff her inquires – but just as he displayed persistence, she was of stead-fast ilk and would nary buckle to such a hindrance as bull-headedness in denying her answers.

    Tell me, Zevran; what were the Crows like?