hanji is smart but now they gotta run…very fast
please forgive me for this thing fff.
also you can read the book’s horny text 👀

based on this and that japanese gifset I don’t have rn skdjkf you know the one lol

snk comics o vo

  • Leo: Hey guys do you want to hear a joke?
  • Annabeth: No
  • Frank: n o
  • Piper: N o p e
  • Jason: no
  • Hazel: please no
  • Percy: sure
  • Leo: Aww thanks Percy!
  • Leo: Okay, so what time did the man go to the dentist?
  • Everyone but Percy: *groans*
  • Percy: what time?
  • Leo and Percy: *laughing their asses off*
  • Everyone else: *walking away*

just think about isak waking up in the morning after even has already left for work to a note that says “sorry bby didnt want to wake you (youre hot when you sleep)” and isak doing a grumpy pout and texting even straightaway like “I didn’t get a kiss, asshole” and even replies with a photo he took of himself kissing a sleeping isak on the cheek and a “yes you did bby”