rebeltwilek-deactivated20151013  asked:

Miss Depa, Master, I need your help. Please? Help me convince Kanan to teach me. I'm so tired of not being able to fight with the rest of him. And if something happens to him, or to any of them, because they were protecting me- I just. I can't let that happen. So, please Master. Help me convince him?

“Captain Hera.——” She can feel raw emotions pouring from the pleas. There is
 a strong sense of empathy– of telling her no– denying this request. But yet, if it
 is something SHE feels that must be done. Then there is a possibility to teach
 her.  Lips pull into a line. Holding silence is the best thing.

      “It would not be your fault.” A hand raises, drawing silence as
       she speaks. “—-There are reasons we hold arms. Reasons to fight.
       But there is nothing like deafening static of losing your ENTIRE
       family at one time. Feeling the echoes and PAIN. The agony and
       emotions of hundreds—-      I will not train you for the EMOTIONS you
       hold now. My master would not have it. Your emotions are not stagnant.
       Family is higher than honor. Honor higher than duty. by giving your 
       life.. making irrational decisions—- because you are anxious of a time
       that has not happened, that we are not sure WILL happen.   You risk
       their lives MORE. They choose to protect you, because they value
       you above themselves. Do not make a sacrifice become vain.”

 Hands have dropped, line forming a tighter frown. Lids flutter closed
 from the mixture received from the Twi’lek before her. 

      “You must focus on the greater task before you. Reflect upon your
        true intent. Peacefully. Otherwise, when struck, your emotions will
        control you. And you will fall.      When you can calm your mind,
        captain. When you find balance within yourself. Then we will train.

        My master had taught me this once before. That walking the line
        of war– included losing yourself to it… I do not want you, to lose
        them. . as I have lost him.  It is something incredible– the true bond
        between Master & Padawan.    To have their life force fade before
        you– something you can only see. The attachments you hold now.
        They are dangerous to carry into any place. . now. .

 There was a time before…when I would have wholeheartedly agreed–
 without hesitation. But for now. We must focus on hope and stability my dear.”
  She is soft spoken towards the end. Almost apologetic in her motions to
   give – to OFFER a smile in regards to bluntly showing what she wrapped
   up. Things that were thrown aside. Hidden—–because Jedi did not show