This is for @tikkish, who requested some shippy Jaspearl for their birthday! Happy (belated) birthday darling!! ♡  

EDIT: I’m sorry about the fabric you guys, that’s my fault, not Pearl’s, it won’t happen again I promise ;A; 


I hope their relationship progresses to big sis and lil bro always making fun of each other vibe

Six Ryder & Vetra Nyx

“Hey, I just shoot the guns.”
“You know that’s my line, right?”

Tol meme Pathfinder with her tol turian gf :’) How Vetra puts up with all of Six’s crazy shenanigans, we’ll never know…

I got the chance to commission the awesome @projectnelm for this gorgeous art of Six and Vetra! Ahhhhhh! ;A; Thank you so much <3 She was such a pleasure to work with! Please consider commissioning her if you get the chance!!

hey, guess what! mark’s thrown us for a loop! again! :,D

today we got another security camera picture, more letters - and another video. said video confirms what we were all thinking after yesterday; it is indeed a torn up picture lying on the ground, with the eyes of the people in it scribbled out.

now i don’t know about you guys, but to me, this looks like a chef and a waiter. and think about it: we’ve already seen both of them before; tyler and ethan were dressed as waiters in a date with markiplier:

…and we also had a chef. who is all confirmed to be a part of the next project, going by this picture:

…does this mean we’re actually getting something similar - if not a sequel - to a date with markiplier??