Stan Twins ~ 7 Years

Reuploading this directly to Tumblr (instead of youtube) because of some mobile viewing difficulties. 

The Stan Twins and everything they’ve been through still gets me emotional (and probably always will), so here’s a tribute to the journeys of my two favorite old men. 

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I really need to stop but Allison/Stiles twin tag update? If not that's coolio.

i can def do that for you

Ain’t nobody fresher than this motherfucking clique by graveltotempo (1/1 | 38,999 | NR)

Derek had somewhat entertained the idea that the school council was some kind of high rank which made the five of them inaccessible to anyone else. Instead of a supreme table with golden cutlery and high chairs, they were just sitting on table similar to the one he was sitting on himself.

Allison Argent, with her cute dimples and flawless aim.

Lydia Martin, with her incredible genius and terrifying presence.

Scott McCall, with his big puppy eyes and his natural leadership.

Jackson Whittemore, with his annoying attitude and fierce protectiveness.

And Stiles Stilinski with his joy of life and guarded eyes.

One thing Derek was certain of? Heather was messing with the wrong group of people.

Thing One and Thing Two by words_reign_here (18/18 | 37,184 | PG13)

After the sudden, violent death of Claudia Argent, Chris Argent takes his twins, Stiles and Allison from their hometown and to a place that seems to have a history with the Argent family.
The Stilinski boys seem to have a huge role to play in both the Argent family history and in the town.
Stiles and Allison are about to find out how big.