It didn’t rain in L.A. It was raining in L.A. and I was Princess Leia. I had never been Princess Leia before and now I would be her forever. I would never not be Princess Leia. I had no idea how profoundly true that was and how long forever was. They would pay me nothing and fly me economy – a fact that would haunt my mother for months – but I was Leia and that was all that truly mattered. I’m Leia – I can live in a tree, but you can’t take that away from me. I never dreamt there actually might be a day when I maybe hoped that you could.

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unpopular 🔥opinion: fandom's characterization of jyn

Hah, where to begin?

One of the less explosive ones, actually: I think it’s pretty natural for us to associate volatile personalities like hers with being loud, expressive, energetic, but IMO Jyn is not that at all. I think that she’s very quiet and reserved, actually—intense and impulsive, absolutely (she’s angry and gives zero fucks), but also very withdrawn. 

It’s interesting, since those qualities usually don’t go together; Han, say, mixes recklessness and self-preservation like her, but he’s very outgoing and talkative, where Jyn is the opposite. But it’s not just him; pretty much all SW leads are far more expressive and vocal, except … well, Cassian! There’s actually an interview where Felicity and Diego talk about that. While Jyn and Cassian have gone down very different (if parallel) paths that lead them to see themselves in opposition, in reality their fundamental temperaments are actually very similar: introverted, reflective, contained, determined. Probably the biggest difference is that Jyn doesn’t have a focus; they’re both extremely wary in their own ways, but simultaneously have a drive to act, and will unhesitatingly and relentlessly seize opportunity. It’s just that “opportunity” for Cassian is organized and defined by service to the Rebellion, while Jyn is more aimlessly fucking things up until she finds a direction.

We keep getting these shots of her sitting alone in silent reflection, and I don’t think it’s just trauma. It helps her recharge. She’s generally brusque and standoffish; apart from her speeches (which ramble and borrow), she speaks in short, ultra-concise sentences. It’s difficult for her to verbalize what she feels, and in most cases, the more she feels, the less well she’s able to express it. Even when she wants to, but mostly she doesn’t want to. 

So … I mean, there are definitely ways she’d always be a loose cannon, but I don’t think in the sort of default feisty way that we see a lot. By and large, I don’t see her picking arguments in the halls or angrily disrupting meetings. Mostly she’d be quiet and supportive or quiet and dismissive, depending on the occasion.

rebelcaptain fic recs: Lisbon, I love you by randomdreamer01 / @justkeeponthegrass

And for Cassian Andor, Lisbon is the fast pace of what eventually happens on this walk. Lisbon is her hand disappearing underneath his shirt and his palm cupping her breast through the fabric of her dress. It is her whimpering in his ear as she begs him for more, more, more

Lisbon, 1941.

Cassian Andor is a spy for the Allies, Jyn Erso is a stranded mess of a human being, and their wartime affair is both the best and the worst thing that could have happened.