Can we imagine for a moment that Shmi has a Force Ghost and one day appears before Vader to sadly comment on how much he’s changed and he probably says something snarky like “Are you angered, Mother?  Are you going to lecture me like you used to?”

To which she says, “I’m not mad, Anakin.  I’m just disappointed.”

He would renounce his Sith title right then and there, probably.


star wars female character meme 2/3 colors

red ; the color red can represent hatred, anger, warning or death. it can symbolize death because red is the color of blood. blood red may also symbolize life’s blood. red is also associated with the first chakra, located at the base of the spine. red therefore is associated with all the basic things that we need for survival, all those things that give us security, those things that allow us to live. because it is the most easily visible color in the spectrum, red is frequently associated with warning or danger, the things that threaten our security. in parts of africa, red is a sign of mourning. in the western culture red symbolizes wrath of the deadly sins.