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Journal of the Star Wars - A New Blog for Star Wars Analysis and Meta

Journal of the Star Wars is a new blog dedicated to Star Wars analysis and meta. 

Its mission statement reads as follows:

Journal of the Star Wars is a blog dedicated to meta and analysis concerning the Star Wars sequel trilogy. From Rey’s backstory and Ben Solo’s fall to the question of the mysterious origins of Snoke and the First Order, you can expect to find ample theories, analyses and teases to keep you going as we await the release of Episode VIII.

Now, just to be clear, my starting this blog does not mean I am leaving Tumblr. I will absolutely continue to maintain this blog, answer asks and share meta here. The only change is that my long posts - the ones I take real care over - will also be posted to Journal of the Star Wars

My motive for establishing this blog is threefold: Wordpress offers a much better interface for posting long-format writing; Wordpress makes it much easier to organise and search for posts; and Wordpress offers opportunities to reach new audiences that do not engage with Tumblr.

While the site is still pretty simple, I’m proud of it and hope you all like how it’s shaping up. Much of the content coming up will be familiar to you from this blog, but all of the upcoming posts have been revised (and, in some cases, significantly expanded) in light of new developments and observations. In other words, if you enjoy my writing, it’s definitely a site to keep an eye on. There is also a neat comments section, so it’s easy to engage and have your say on any given post.

I would love to hear your feedback about the site, and am also open to the idea of hosting other writing as well as my own - it should (in theory) be possible to have different sections for different contributors, and I’m definitely keen on cultivating the site as a long-term prospect by getting others involved. If you’re an author and this is something that interests you, please feel free to get in touch (I recommend using chat for this purpose rather than my ask box, since the former is more immediate).