Probabil ai obosit

Probabil te-ai gandit in repetate randuri sa-ti inchei viata. Probabil ai obosit. Ai obosit sa treci prin aceleasi chestii zilnic, ai obosit sa cazi mereu, ai obosit sa incerci sa lupti si sa mai speri. Da, te cred, stiu ca ti-e greu. Dar lasa-ma sa-ti insir cateva randuri in speranta ca poate o particica din tine se razgandeste:

Odata ce-ti iei viata, totul s-a incheiat. Ai o singura viata. Nu te mai poti intoarce, si nu mai primesti o noua sansa. Nu ti se termina suferinta atunci cand te sinucizi. Cand esti mort, esti mort. Nu mai existi. Daca vrei sa ti se termine suferinta cu adevarat, trebuie sa traiesti. Trebuie sa continui, sa ceri ajutor, sa incerci si sa te straduiesti sa faci sa fie mai bine. Oricat de greu e, oricat de obosit esti. Si poate rezultatul nu vine in cateva zile. Dar vine, crede-ma ca vine.

Nu-ti trebuie motive marete si extrem de importante ca sa traitesti. Nu totul in viata trebuie sa fie extrem de important si valoros, uneori sunt micile chestii ce ne fac sa ne simtim cel mai in viata, precum statul in ploaie. Sentimentul acela placut al stropilor care iti ating pielea, e ceva ce nu o sa mai poti simtii. Muzica. Dansul. Statul sub cerul instelat. Diminetile alea racoroase de vara. O sa ratezi oportunitatea de a calatorii. O sa ratezi oportunitatea de a face ceva de care sa fii mandru. O sa ratezi momentele alea de ras pana la lacrimi. Momentele in care ai putea sa-ti intalnesti idolii. Momentul in care ai putea sa descoperi ceva nou, ca un hobby. N-o sa mai poti sa simti soarele care-ti mangaie pielea intr-o zi frumoasa. N-o sa mai simti comfortul unei zile ploioase, in care stai in casa cu o cafea calda. Ratezi sansa de a intalni oameni noi, de a forma legaturi si prietenii. Ratezi calatoriile cu prietenii, glumele si rasetele, cantecele si amintirile.

Ratezi oportunitatea de a-ti indrepta viata. Ratezi oportunitatea de a face din viata ta cea grea, ceva frumos, cu care sa te mandresti. Te rog, ai grija de tine.


Legitimate Oathbringer Theories

Dalinar feels the knights radiant has too many bad connotations so renames them the power rangers.

Adolin is excluded from the power rangers and in his anger bonds with the sticks spren creating an 11th order

Renarins shard is an electric guitar


Drehys love interest turns out to be every single member of bridge four and also the stormfather

Kaladin is happy

As surgebinding seems to be semihereditary, every single one of lopens cousins becomes a radiant, aka every herdazian alive

Shallan punches odium, very very hard

Vivenna is shalash????

Lift eats her first chicken and her second chasmfiend

Exactly three people die in the cosmere during the course of this book

One of which is waxs great grandma, the oldest person in the cosmere who has not meddled with immortality

Szeth joins renarins band (as drums) though he wants to rename the genre something other than rock

Rysn bonds with the nightwatcher, and the larkin grants her every form of investiture in the cosmere except jindoeese dance

I cry

Shallan is introduced to hot chocolate

Wit reuses a joke (and steals a couple of waynes)

Jasnah and kelsier fight each other over who’s apprentice/ward/daughter figure is better, wax wins despite not being in the contest

Shallan becomes an honour student at the Silverlight university, and is the ace of both the basketball and pokemon team (this may or may not be down to lightweaving)

There is a stick chapter

We find out hoids real name and four new pseudonyms, but not which are which

Wayne joins renarins band and they are called the stone shamans

Szeth is not impressed

Taln goes on holiday to shinovar and the purelake

Galladon meets with vasher and kaladin to form a rival band called the grouches


All the death rattles turn into lyrics from the stone shamans

Navani invents a fabrial which is extremely similar to a microwave, and makes billions profit

The stone shamans are the favourites to win roshars got talent, but it is snatched away by eshonai doing contemporary dance

Odium is quelled by the discovery of hot chocolate

Pur și simplu DE CE?

De ce? a trebuit să începem.

De ce? a trebuit să avem ceva.

De ce? a trebuit să se termine.

De ce? trebuie să-mi fie dor.

De ce? am devenit iar un prost cu dragostea drept accesoriu.

De ce? am devenit ghid al sufletelor dar pe-al meu l-am lăsat rătăcit.

De ce? am devenit ceea ce sunt azi.

De ce? am vrut să rămâi.

De ce? am vrut și vreau să te caut.

De ce? am vrut și vreau să mă cauți.

De ce? am visat la noi.

De ce? am visat la rima în doi.

De ce? nu poate sa fie bine.

De ce? nu e suficientă iubirea.

De ce? fiecare clipă de fericire trebuie să o plătești în lacrimi.

De ce? nu vii. 

De ce? nu vii.

Pur și simplu DE CE?

You’re the One That I Want (PT. 1 (maybe))

Anon Said:  Yooooo can you write a grease au for hernst with ernst as sandy and hanschen as danny i will love you forever

So i didn’t QUITE do a grease au but it was highly inspired by grease and I love it! I really wanna write more and more which will hopefully be posted sooner or later. 

Words: 2081

“Oh no it’s completely different,” Ernst explained as he walked down the halls of the main building. He looked over at the shorter boy who had given him the tour around yesterday and decided to meet him at the entrance of the school today. “But I mean….yesterday wasn’t all that bad so I think it’ll be fine.”

Moritz nodded, snapping the large pink bubble he had blown. “I get it, Ernie. Must be rough moving to a new school.”

“Well, at least everyone else is starting off a new school year too!” Ernst cooed before taking a quick right turn and  opening up his bright blue locker. “I actually really like my classes. Mrs. Johnson is really funn-”

The sharp sound of a locker a few feet away slamming closed collected both boys attention. They looked over their shoulders to see, from across the hall, two boys grappling at each other and laughing loudly. A boy with a shock of bright blond hair had another boy in a headlock, tugging and ruffling the boy’s well groomed, put together brunette hair. They both yelled and hooted as many students looked on.

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