;;my shitty art

Doodled a long overdue Sodaboi to get back into a portal-y mood since I lately completely lost any sense for it and I felt bad for abandoning it like this and also because I really need to continue writing several portal related things that I haven’t at all been in the right mindset for and it bugs me so much

I think the reason I’m so scared whenever I post art is because when I was maybe like 13 I was in a really bad place mentally and I posted a picture I drew of deadpool and I was really proud of it. So I posted that shit, excited to show the world and someone commented on it telling me “I shouldn’t quit my day job” and that it was shitty..

I didn’t draw anything for like three months after that happened and when I came back to it I had to basically work from the ground up, teaching myself how to draw again.