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Candy Store Reprise (Heather Chandler)
  • Candy Store Reprise (Heather Chandler)
  • Mia again yeah hi
  • Written for Heathers: the Musical

so broadway-luv requested that I write another candy store reprise but for the scene in the beginning of the movie where Heather Chandler spits at herself in the mirror and yo I was so down for that another ‘it’s not summer-time so I’m perpetually sick+I wrote it in 45 min. and recorded it in one take’ shitty song by mia wow amazing:

/Gurgles water
 spits out water/
“Disgusting! Jesus!”

God, what did I do that for?
I should have just walked out the door.
Jesus, Heather, now you’re just a slut! A dirty whore!
You’re just a walking candy store.

“Gross, gross, gross, gross–EW!”

You’re definitely not a tease!
God, I let him get me on my knees!
He’ll make sure the whole world knows that I’m just easy!


Veronica: “Oh–hey, Heather, you don’t look so hot–”
Heather: “I’m fine, Veronica! Just peachy!”
Veronica: “Okay, fine, Heather, whatever. But you can talk to me, you know, we’re friends now. I’ve got your back!”
Heather (to herself): Wait. Oh–you’ll do nicely.
Heather: “No, no, really. I’m perfect. Just a little too much to drink. Go enjoy the party, I’ll be out in a few!”
Veronica: “Oh–uh–okay.”

My scapegoat’s on the loose;
so I’ll string up her noose.
Let the public execution come.
But it won’t be me up on that leash,
it’ll be good little Veronica!

Honey whatchu waitin’ for?
Step into my candy store.
Here, you can come take the brunt of my mistakes and make them yours!
So step into my candy store.

It’s my candy store, it’s my candy.
You’re my candy store, you’re my candy!
They’re my candy store, they’re my candy store!

I won’t be your candy store.

Candy Store Reprise
  • Candy Store Reprise
  • me? me
  • Written for Heathers: the Musical

Okay so I saw a post a while ago about a Candy Store reprise but sung while J.D. was building the bomb and honestly I just really wanted to write that so here yA GO GUYS SORRY IT’S SUCH BAD QUALITY BUT U H

I literally wrote it in study block, recorded it, didn’t even do multiple takes, and went to post it so:

“I’m coming over tonight, Veronica! I’ll win you back back, just you wait!”

I hate: killer bees, Heathers, bitches, beauty queens
I hate: cliquey teams, bullies, grown-ups, in-betweens
I hate: parasites, attention whores, bitches who bite
I hate: psycho dads, asshole dicks, and douchebag trash!

No, babe, can’t let you leave
sorry but just believe
trust me to know what’s best for you.
They messed inside your head
we’ll screw them left for dead
cause’ darlin it’s just me and you!

“C'mon! It’s perfecto!”

Baby, I’m just dyin for
you to step into my candy store
together we can burn this hell hole to the ground and watch it roar
if you would step into my candy store

“Oh, God, Veronica! You’re killing me over here!”

They tried to mess with me
so we killed their queen
and her little jock lackey gays
So weigh the pros and cons
of joining in my cause
and, honey, see the hell I can raze

“Time to finish what you’ve started, babe! This Shakespearean comedy needs a resolution!”

Baby I’m just dyin for
you to step into my candy store
we can watch them crumble down into the  ground with roasting smores
so step into my candy store

Babe, I swear, I’m dyin for
you to step into my candy store
Honestly, Veronica what more could you ask me for?
Come on, just step into my candy store.

It’s my candy store.

“Let’s go play God.”

Tell us… or I’ll rip them off.

Don Corneo definitely pissed off the wrong slum girl. 
(I have quite a lot of unfinished Aeris in my art folder so, since there isn’t nearly enough Wall Market!Aeris in her gorgeous red gown, decided to finish this one first. <3) 

Fight for Me (Reprise)
  • Fight for Me (Reprise)
  • mia, who is trash
  • Heathers the Musical (LA)

So I absolutely adore this song and I really wanted
to cover it while I remembered the lyrics and I’m
actually shocked by how many people haven’t
heard the reprise since it was taken out of the
so I’m going to tag some people so they can hear not really my singing but the lyrics because they’re gorgeous and painful h a
I hurt:
pxrfecto fxrgery astatistic teenxngstbodycount slushiie ofslushies jasxndean soveryheather duchessheather theoneinyellow alldamaged also caeduis because Vi is bae and also needs to watch Heathers

is that everyone?? I think I got everyone


Musical Swap Meme [1/?]: Les Miserables vs. Mamma Mia!

Javert sings: “Mamma Mia!”

I’ve been cheated by you since I don’t know when
So I made up my mind, it must come to an end
Look at me now, will I ever learn?
I don’t know how, but I suddenly lose control
There’s a fire within my soul
Just one look and I can hear a bell ring
One more look and I forget everything, w-o-o-o-oh

  • Seventeen
  • Me doing crap acapella
  • Heathers: the Musical

&&. soooo
in honor of my revamp I covered my (OBVIOUSLY) favorite
song from Heathers for like the billionth time but I figured,
hey, why not, since it’s a song so clearly linked to my blog
and such a key component to Vern’s character
              –here’s my shitty acapella attempt at seventeen

Pompeii- Bastille cover
  • Pompeii- Bastille cover
  • persinelvuoto

La mia cover di Pompeii, questa canzone significa un sacco per me, e i Bastille sono praticamente la perfezione, quindi spero vi piaccia, l'ho fatta al volo senza neanche prendermi la briga di aggiungere effetti o altro hahaha

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Grazie di tutto il supporto, siete cucciolosissimi c.c 


Here’s a video of me in full Veronica dress singing my
Heathers Ukulele Medley
yeah I know I look ridiculous and also gross
please forgive me this is a really sucky gift


The boys singing Mamma Mia with the fans - Stockholm, 14/06/14

All of the stars- Ed Sheeran cover
  • All of the stars- Ed Sheeran cover
  • persinelvuoto

La mia cover di “All of the stars” di Ed Sheeran, nonché colonna sonora del libro che mi ha cambiato la vita ovvero Colpa delle Stelle. 

La chitarra è suonata da una mia amica tedesca, Selina, se vi interessa la trovate su twitter @selly_guitar. 

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Grazie di tutto il supporto, non so più come ringraziarvi ormai. 

I am so here for Taylor being super gay right now. Like, 2014 is coming back to me and I am LIVING. She’s going out and about with Karlie again, they’re going MIA together, she’s singing all the gay songs and keeping the pronouns, she dressed up as a known queer character for Halloween and TS6 is on its way and is predicted to be the gayest of them all. What a time to be alive.