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Candy Store Reprise
me? me
Candy Store Reprise

Okay so I saw a post a while ago about a Candy Store reprise but sung while J.D. was building the bomb and honestly I just really wanted to write that so here yA GO GUYS SORRY IT’S SUCH BAD QUALITY BUT U H

I literally wrote it in study block, recorded it, didn’t even do multiple takes, and went to post it so:

“I’m coming over tonight, Veronica! I’ll win you back back, just you wait!”

I hate: killer bees, Heathers, bitches, beauty queens
I hate: cliquey teams, bullies, grown-ups, in-betweens
I hate: parasites, attention whores, bitches who bite
I hate: psycho dads, asshole dicks, and douchebag trash!

No, babe, can’t let you leave
sorry but just believe
trust me to know what’s best for you.
They messed inside your head
we’ll screw them left for dead
cause’ darlin it’s just me and you!

“C'mon! It’s perfecto!”

Baby, I’m just dyin for
you to step into my candy store
together we can burn this hell hole to the ground and watch it roar
if you would step into my candy store

“Oh, God, Veronica! You’re killing me over here!”

They tried to mess with me
so we killed their queen
and her little jock lackey gays
So weigh the pros and cons
of joining in my cause
and, honey, see the hell I can raze

“Time to finish what you’ve started, babe! This Shakespearean comedy needs a resolution!”

Baby I’m just dyin for
you to step into my candy store
we can watch them crumble down into the  ground with roasting smores
so step into my candy store

Babe, I swear, I’m dyin for
you to step into my candy store
Honestly, Veronica what more could you ask me for?
Come on, just step into my candy store.

It’s my candy store.

“Let’s go play God.”

Petition for Pierce Brosnan to just stand around and look pretty in Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

For the sake of humanity we can’t have him singing again.

The Dreaming Maladaptive.

“Oh, dear, I do that too!” They say, with a click of their tongue and a wave of their hand. You’ve been dismissed.

Then, you wonder.

Wonder if everyone else feels and thinks and breathes the same way you do. Do their characters come alive in their heads too?

Can they feel and touch and taste places they’ve never been to? Do they imagine songs their ears ache to hear? 

You can sense your characters glass-clear in your mind’s eye, but their faces are a blur. A puzzle made up of bits and threads of people you’ve met and stories you’ve read.

Pacing, sitting, working. It is continuous and that’s what they don’t understand:

With eyes-closed, it’s a different kind of dreaming. You’ve got the kind that doesn’t need sleep.

You’ve got the kind that needs music to grow. It feeds off of media and you can’t stop it from thriving and wrapping itself around you like ivy that’s gone out of control. 

You’ve got the kind of dreaming that’s got its roots tangled around your heart and it feels like love until reality comes back and trims away the stems.

It always grows back.

You’re dreaming maladaptive.

They’re just dreaming.

Candy Store Reprise (Heather Chandler)
Mia again yeah hi
Candy Store Reprise (Heather Chandler)

so broadway-luv requested that I write another candy store reprise but for the scene in the beginning of the movie where Heather Chandler spits at herself in the mirror and yo I was so down for that another ‘it’s not summer-time so I’m perpetually sick+I wrote it in 45 min. and recorded it in one take’ shitty song by mia wow amazing:

/Gurgles water
 spits out water/
“Disgusting! Jesus!”

God, what did I do that for?
I should have just walked out the door.
Jesus, Heather, now you’re just a slut! A dirty whore!
You’re just a walking candy store.

“Gross, gross, gross, gross–EW!”

You’re definitely not a tease!
God, I let him get me on my knees!
He’ll make sure the whole world knows that I’m just easy!


Veronica: “Oh–hey, Heather, you don’t look so hot–”
Heather: “I’m fine, Veronica! Just peachy!”
Veronica: “Okay, fine, Heather, whatever. But you can talk to me, you know, we’re friends now. I’ve got your back!”
Heather (to herself): Wait. Oh–you’ll do nicely.
Heather: “No, no, really. I’m perfect. Just a little too much to drink. Go enjoy the party, I’ll be out in a few!”
Veronica: “Oh–uh–okay.”

My scapegoat’s on the loose;
so I’ll string up her noose.
Let the public execution come.
But it won’t be me up on that leash,
it’ll be good little Veronica!

Honey whatchu waitin’ for?
Step into my candy store.
Here, you can come take the brunt of my mistakes and make them yours!
So step into my candy store.

It’s my candy store, it’s my candy.
You’re my candy store, you’re my candy!
They’re my candy store, they’re my candy store!

I won’t be your candy store.

ugly british people:

- Benedict cumberbatch

- any doctor from doctor who (except new lady)

- the beatles

GOOD british people:




This, now, 12 year old croatian girl is amazing at singing which you can see in the video above. Just give it a listen. Speechless.


Into You (4/?)

Summary- When all the media seems to talk about is Tom’s new girl, and what a perfect couple you are, all you want is to be in his arms again.

AN- Sorry this took so long, I just had so much school work, and I’m really busy all next week so hopefully I’ll spam this weekend for you guys


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You were trapped.

There was no better word for it. It seemed as though every where you turned there they were, him and his perfect girl. The girl that was once you, but at the same time wasn’t you. Because Tom never flaunted you, he never wanted to be seen out together, you never so much as went for coffee together.

Yet, you longed for him, to be curled up on the sofa watching whatever rubbish horror movie you could find on Netflix, snacking on far too many sweets knowing it would make training a thousand times worse on Monday. The jealousy towards Nina, the blonde who had been draped on his arm, continued to simmer in you, and you could feel it grow bigger with each headline you read, or each photo you saw.

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anonymous asked:

Could i requst one where the assassins watch their s/o sing their newborn baby to sleep,

Of course, love! Hope you enjoy this! :)

(Only did three of the Assassins because it gets slightly repetitive after a while. Hope you understand!)


“Habibi” —> “sweetheart”

“Cara mia” ——> “my dear”


  • You know that your husband’s dead tired when he falls asleep the second he gets into bed
  • So when you hear the faint wails coming from Darim’s nursery, you immediately get out of bed
  • You gently pick up your son and begin singing a lullaby your mother once sang to you when you were a child
  • Darim yawns softly before he begins to fall asleep himself
  • You turn your body towards the door, only to see Altaïr leaning against the doorframe
  • “I didn’t know you could sing, habibi.”
  • You only smile as you place Darim back in his crib and carefully tuck a woven blanket your parents had gifted your son
  • Altaïr walks over and presses a loving kiss on your lips as you wrap your arms around his waist
  • “Come back to bed with me. Perhaps I can sing you to sleep as well.”


  • Your daughter starts crying in the middle of the night ever since she contracted a minor illness that left her coughing and slightly wheezy
  • You had been sitting next to her crib, trying to take care of her as best you can with the help of her nursemaid bringing in food from the kitchen for both yourself and the baby
  • Eventually you send your maid to their room for the night after you see the exhaustion over their face
  • You pick your daughter up from her crib as you sit down and rock her to sleep, singing a lullaby you heard Claudia humming to her once
  • You glance up and see Ezio walking in, just ready to plant a kiss on your forehead
  • “How is she, mi amour?”
  • You nod at the sleeping baby in your arms and Ezio chuckles lowly
  • He brings another chair in with blankets and pillows and sits next to your chair as you place the baby back into the crib
  • “Sleep, cara mia. I’ll sing her to sleep if I must.”


  • You were ready to join Jacob in bed for the night when you passed by your son’s nursery
  • Poor little guy was wailing his lungs out and he wouldn’t stop until you picked him up and soothed him
  • He’s a bit of an attention seeking baby much like his father (in a good way)
  • You begin to hum an improvised tune as you bounce your son in your arms
  • Soon your hum turns into a quiet whistle like the birds that perch near your house in the early morning hours
  • “How’s our little rook doing, love?”
  • You nearly wake yours and Jacob’s son as you try to recover from your shock when you see your lovely husband smirking at you from the door
  • “About to wail at his mother because someone decided it would be a good idea to startle Mummy.”
  • As if on cue, your son shifts and coos into your shoulder
  • Jacob gives his son his pouty puppy eyes look before he takes him into his arms
  • He holds the baby for a while before setting him down in the crib again
  • Jacob wraps an arm around you and presses a kiss to your temple while he leads you out of the nursery
  • “Why don’t you sing for me now, love?”

honestly idc what anyone says and idc if not everyone in the cast can sing i want a shadowhunters musical episode where jace and magnus have a tap dancing number and luke gets his swan song and alec and magnus have like 10 ballads

Dedicated trainees or not

I was an SM trainee for a period of time. It was when I was in middle school. They offered Chinese classes at my school and I was taking them. I had been taking them since sixth grade.

It was the summer between seventh and eighth grade. In two months, I would be in eight grade. My parents and two of my friends parents got together and decided to go to China.

My friend, Maddy, was half Chinese and half Caucasian. They wanted her to go connect back to her roots. It was Mia, Maddy, and I, along with our parents going to China.

I was twelve then, Mia and Maddy were thirteen. I was born in December while they were born in the earlier months. I think it was 2009 back then.

We went to China and it was great. It was fun. I loved the culture. Maddy could barely speak Chinese because her father barely spoke it around the house. I wasn’t Chinese. I was Vietnamese. Mia was from Kazakhstan.

I know, that’s not really a place where SM picks its trainees. But she had very nice features. She was tall already. 5'6". Taller than me, who was 5'4". Maddy was only 5'1". Mia also had brown hair and light brown eyes. I’ll have to admit, she was good looking and Kpop companies like the good looking ones.

We were in China, hanging out in a shop. Our parents were also with us. An SM scout was walking around the streets looking for new recruits. He spotted us in the shop and went in. He gave us his card and told us about the audition.

Our parents let us go to the audition. What’s the worse that can happen?

Mia was good at singing. She got all the solos when we were in school choir. She had chestnut brown hair. Light brown eyes. Tall. Good looking. SM let her in despite her heritage.

Maddy was good at singing too. Not as good as Mia, but still good. She was half Caucasian which gave her lighter features. Chocolate brown hair and light brown eyes. But SM was hesitant about her tan skin. She was just born tan.

But they let her in. She showed promise. Kai from Exo was tan too. She had full lips like him and a nice face.

I was more of a dancer and rapper. I could sing okay but I’d rather rap and dance. SM let me in. I spoke fluent English, Vietnamese, and was pretty good at Chinese. They believed that I could pick Korean up pretty easily. I also had very pale skin. SM liked that.

So then started out trainee years.

Mia was bullied. Despite her looks and singing talents, she was still bullied. There was never a trainee from Kazakhstan before. The Korean trainees bullied her for not being able to speak Korean.

Maddy wasn’t bullied. She spoke a little Chinese. She was Chinese. The Korean trainees didn’t bother her much.

They bothered me. They bullied me like they did with the other Viet trainees. They even did it with the Thai trainees. SM had never debuted a Viet or Thai trainee before. They liked to rub it in our faces.

Training was intense. We were rated on a scale of 1 to 6. 1 being terrible and 6 being expert.

Mia: Singing- 3 Dancing- 2 Rapping- 1 English- 6 Korean- 1

Maddy: Singing- 2 Dancing- 2 Rapping- 1 English- 6 Chinese- 2 Korean- 1

Me: Singing- 1 Dancing- 3 Rapping- 3 English- 6 Vietnamese- 6 Chinese- 3 Korean- 1

We trained for three years until there was a rumor that went around about a new boy band called Exo. The Korean bullies were excited because they thought it could’ve been them.

The look on Mia’s face was priceless when tears started to well up in their eyes when the twelve members were announced.

Honestly, some of us were jealous. Tao and Baekhyun only trained for a year until they debuted. It wasn’t fair to the others who had trained much longer.

Baekhyun was good at singing and he was hard working. He practiced his dancing as often as he could. I could understand why he was chosen, but why not one of the more experienced trainees?

Tao begged the manager to let him train for a few more years since he hadn’t grasped the Korean language yet. The manager ignored his pleas.

Whe clearly weren’t going to debut anytime soon and we needed to go to college so Mia, Maddy, and I left SM once out contracts for seven years ended. I was 19 and Mia and Maddy were 20.

That was seven years of our lives wasted. On intense training. Unhealthy diets.

Our scores were exceptional in the beginning of 2016. And they still didn’t let us debut.

Mia: Singing- 6 Dancing- 5 Rapping- 3 (she wasn’t a rapper) English- 6 Chinese- 4 Korean- 6

Maddy: Singing- 5 Dancing- 5 Rapping- 2 (she was to debut as a singer/dancer) English- 6 Chinese- 6 Korean- 6

Me: Singing- 3 Dancing- 6 Rapping- 5 English- 6 Chinese- 6 Korean 6 Vietnamese- 6

We were good at dancing. Good singers. A good rapper. And multiple languages that we could speak. And we still didn’t debut.

Old ex-trainees say that only the most dedicated trainees debut. That’s not true.

Tao begged for more time being a trainee. But it wasn’t up to him. Whether or not the trainee debuts is up to SM.

Mia, Maddy, and I dedicated seven years to being trainees. Mia got sick and hurt her throat after singing too much. Maddy got bone problems from SM wanting her to learn how to play piano and guitar. She practiced too often and her bones began to get problems.

I practiced dancing so much that I fell to my knees. During practice, I got a nosebleed. Now I have health issues.

The most dedicated trainees don’t always get to debut. It’s only up to SM.

AU: high school story is a tv show (pt. iii)

requested by none, but i’m def making more of these because i just love writing them lol. i invite everyone to write ur own! i would love to read some headcanons from other (or all!) choices books:

  • ezra’s phone rings in the middle of an interview and everyone starts laughing when they hear his ringtone
  • it’s the show’s theme song
  • ‘’it’s a good song, ok?’’ he says rolling his eyes but then he starts laughing too
  • payton and mia start a youtube channel together, where they give fans advice on everything from makeup, fashion, and how to deal with hs and college
  • michael and the actor who plays jake from endless summer meet at an award show and both fandoms go wild
  • season two is set on the winter season so the cast would constantly break into snowball fights when they weren’t shooting scenes
  • ‘’my hair! it just got done!’’ payton would exclaim as a snowball landed on her head right after coming out of her trailer 
  • ‘’the golden griddle’’ that the students go to on the show is actually fake, a set was built because there are no restaurants with that aesthetic around the area
  • the mc revealed that the tiger costume was so hot inside that she felt like she was going to faint at a certain point 
  • when asked to reveal secrets of fellow castmates, the mc and caleb reveal that michael hated the promotional photoshoots for the show because ‘’he didn’t know what to do with his hands and it irked him’’
  • the role of kara didn’t ask for any specific characteristics, just looking for a girl who could fake being mean 
  • since filming location is walking distance to the beach, the cast would go there on breaks to hang out, but for winter they only went at night sometimes to build bonfires 
  • autumn’s character love for photography is what got her actress to take a few classes herself to better understand her passion
  • brian is the ultimate jokester, he records all of his pranks to his castmates and uploads them to his personal instagram 
  • ezra is actually a musician irl, which got him the role immediately 
  • exes irl, myra and aiden hadn’t seen each other since the break-up, until the first day of shooting season 1
  • ‘‘oh my god, that was so awkward for the both of us. we’re good, though. but that day was…crazy.’‘ myra recalls when asked about it by a fan
  • wes is actually the total opposite of his character, stating he hates gossip more than anything 
  • when asked what they thought about the freshman tv show, the mc and caleb said:
  • ‘’we find it to be a very dramatic teen soap opera. kinda like degrassi but in college, you know?’’ the mc says ‘’which means it’s great.’’ caleb adds
  • ‘‘i would love to go on a nice date with becca’‘ maria adds and the fans instantly start spamming becca’s actress’ instagram with maria’s username 
  • all the girl castmates get together once a month to have a sleepover and just catch up
  • there is a rumor going around that either autumn or mia sing the show’s theme song, but neither have confirmed or denied this
  • caleb and ezra had known each other before the show, the producers believed it would be good to make them brothers on screen 
Highlights of Griezmann’s interview

I hope that Juve to wins the UCL and then we can give the Ballon D’Or to Buffon (he did That)

The only way to calm Mia down is by singing Atleti’s anthem to her

Tranfer rumours:

I would only leave Atleti to play next to Derrick Rose

I’m just as happy now as I was on the day of my presentation

Grizione alert:

I’m happy in Atleti. I adore Cholo and my team mates (he did That 2.0)

My future in Atleti doesn’t depend from Cholo’s future 

Every player that is coached by Cholo, improves. He is the one who has helped me in everything. Thanks to him I am where I have always wanted to be.

At the beginning of the season, people thought the Cholo era was over… but here we are.

When Cholo doesn’t speak during a training, we think that’s something is wrong with him


I would love Cavani. He has our style, is Uruguayan, gives everything with each ball. It would be top. 

I love listening to Gabi and Godín, their talks really get into you.

I don’t see myself as a fundamental piece for Atleti’s success

We haven’t talked about Theo, I only mocked Luquitas about it

I have completed my formation as a South American with Godín

thank you for the ask mia!

  • Who sings badly to make the other laugh: Max!! I feel like they just chill together with music in the background and then Max would start badly to El who just starts giggling and Max continues until El is legit crying from laughter and then they just like lie next to each other and just. feel good and safe in each others presence
  • Who gets the other’s favorite food/dessert if they’re having a bad day: listen the obvious answer would be Max who gets El eggos but. no. El will just get herself eggos if she wants and when shes sad what she REALLY needs is Maxs support so. anyway, its El!! She notices when Max like, stop in front of a bakery to look at something and when is feeling down she goes back there and buys it for her
  • Who’s better at puppy-dog eyes: BOTH!! but Max is the one whos weak af to Els puppy-dog eyes
  • Who tries to adopt any animal they find: that one is complicated because. El will like feed stray and stuff when she sees some but Max is the one who REALLY wants to adopt them
  • Who takes flowers from someone else’s yard to put in the others hair: MAX!! she loves doing that and she tries really hard to choose different flowers each time tuygh. El does it a little too though because she wants to return the favor
  • Who goes all out for holidays: EL!! she LOVES holidays??? and she just wants everything to be PERFERCT and AS ITS SUPPOSED TO BE. Max does it too for some holidays (like halloween lol) but not all of them. she humors her girlfriend though
  • Who turns cleaning the house into a dance party: Max!! She just puts music in the background at first but then she starts like. bobbing her head? and then she just gives up and starts dancing yrtfugh