we need you.

[caption: two gifs of raven and bellamy from the 100. first in season one, bellamy says to raven with a smile: “see? we need you.” raven smiles just slightly after he’s left the tent. then in season four, raven stares at bellamy intently as he says: “we don’t need alie on the ark. we need you.” bellamy watches her soundly as she takes in his words. on both gifs the text is in white all caps, in the top gif at the very bottom and in the bottom gif at the very top of the image.]

current president that wasn’t elected democratically: i won’t renounce even tho there’s a shit ton of proof that i’m corrupt, y'all will have to take me out of here by force

people: makes a huge ass protest in the country’s capital demanding his impeachment

current president that wasn’t elected democratically: what the FUCK imma call the armed forces to kick them out the most violent way possible

why does bioware only have like one romance (usually the most marketed one) who has like beautiful kissing animations, while the rest don’t? for me, it just feels so fucking weird like the creators only cared about one romance and to make it juuust “perfect” and the rest is just like meh, let it fade to black while they just stand close to eachother and add some kissing sounds mWAH MWAH mm