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Once you get this you have to say 5 things you like about yourself publicly. Then, you have to send it to 10 of your favourite followers. (Non-negotiable, positivity is cool!~) <3

5 things? That’s a lot…ok….hmmm

1) This may sound like a negative at first…but I have had some really bad relationships in the past so while I’d accept a relationship if it happened naturally, I find myself a little skeptical of intimacy these days. That being said…I’m proud that I don’t feel like I have to be in a relationship to survive. So many of my friends just can’t handle being single and I’m completely fine with it. If something happens, it happens…but I’m not upset or distraught because I don’t have a girlfriend.
2) I like that I had the courage to come to a foreign country where I didn’t understand the language and live….and not only live but really live…for a long time. I’ve been in Japan for over 5 years now while my Japanese skill level is nowhere near @jinjojess​‘ I’m still mega proud that I’ve survived this long.
3) I like that I took the time to learn musical instruments and gain an appreciation for all music when I was younger. Everyone gets down sometimes and depression is a challenge. However, when I’m feeling low I know I can always turn to music to lift my spirits and provide that cathartic effect my mind and body needs. 
4) Hm…what else do I like about myself…? I like that I’m learning and growing to be more patient. I’ve never been one to be overly patient and that landed me in hot water with a lot of friends. I’ve lost good friendships over it. Now I’m not the most patient person in the world but I’m working on it. There are some things that still REALLY tick me off, but I’m trying to be more understanding.
5) I like the fact that I’m still open to learning. I think the older you get, the more set in your ways you become…its harder to process new information and see things in another light. But as a teacher I’ve learned that somethings work and some things don’t. What might be an exceptional lesson in one class may completely bomb in another. There are other points of view that I might not agree with but they’re completely valid. I’m going to be 30 years old this August….but I like that I’m still so open minded. 

Now I have to send this to my 10 favorite followers…? But… @chimeras-and-company what if my 10 favorite followers are all you? 



hello here are some colored sketches I did today and I’m shamelessly smashing two things I like together

lmao where do I even start?? so this is like a Miraculous Ladybug/Hunter X Hunter mash up.

There is a lot of info so if you want to read, look below the cut. Some other versions of the masquerade ball picture are below too!

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