Final Fantasy XIV Creature Asks
  • Chocobo:Does your character have a preferred mode of transportation?
  • Cactuar:Does your character fear sharp objects?
  • Tonberry:Is there anything/anyone that is afraid of your character?
  • Cait Sith:Does your character have a familiar or other animal sidekick?
  • Adamantoise:Does your character have "thick skin"?
  • Ahriman:What sort of thing never escapes your character's notice?
  • Behemoth:How far would your character go out of desperation?
  • Bogy:Do any ghosts haunt your character, figuratively or literally?
  • Bomb:Does your character get angry and "explode" easily?
  • Chimera:What are the "building blocks" of your character's personality?
  • Coeurl:Is your character graceful?
  • Flan:What is your character's favorite sweet treat?
  • Gigas:Is your character sensitive about their height?
  • Hydra:If your character had to be stuck to one person for a whole day, who would they pick?
  • Malboro:What does your character find disgusting?
  • Mammet:Is your character good at building things?
  • Mandragora:Does your character have a "green thumb"?
  • Mindflayer:Has your character ever had dealings with the Void?
  • Ochu:Does your character generally avoid anything in nature?
  • Skeleton:Does your character like deep, dark places?
  • Sprite:Which of the elements is your character most closely aligned to, if any?
  • Unicorn:What does your character find beautiful?
  • Zombie:Is there anything your character would never eat?

all there is is nothing

the huntress is gone
the hounds with her
dawn no longer
drags back chimera

what other horrors
stalk these woodlands

I am

heavy with soil heavy
with being a life
of unholy proportion

the crime I have committed
is jealousy
gluttony    fever    desire

I await further consequence

into the night and its
hostage emptiness


Rolling Stock! Rolling Stock! Well, mostly rolling stock. Just coaches, a breakvan and one bound to change to something else.

Annie and Clarabel. You all know them. Along with Henrietta, But wait, who are these others?

Diana and Pierre are Spencer’s coaches actually. The dining coach and the passenger coach. They’re really good at doing their jobs, but Spencer likes to nitpick them sometimes. Diana not making the food fast enough and Pierre for slouching. Liliana(one of my many OCs) doesn’t mind their flaws, hell, she actually likes it when they’re being them! They like Liliana more than Spencer, but don’t tell him I said that.

Gabrielle and Collin are Connor and Caitlin’s coach hosts. They’re infatuated with the engines that pull their coaches but only each other knows that. Collin has a Buzz Lightyear chin, and I don’t regret that decision.

Finally, Kipper and Mickey. Kipper is pretty much the guard of the breakvan for the Flying Kipper, and she’s pretty close to Henry. Not in the romantic sense, but in the platonic sense. Last comes Mickey, oh Mickey. I don’t know what I’m going to do with this nonbinary little one, but I do know that they’re good friends with James.

SO… I haven’t really had time to take some nice pictures yet… but welcome the new addition to my life!

This is Chimera, she’s a one year old calico kitty that I picked up from the humane society here in town. She’s very pretty, so I will definitely try to take some photos when we both aren’t tired (she just got spayed too, so she’s pretty groggy). Caturdays are going to be a lot more fun now ;)

anonymous asked:

Hey Jenna, I absolutely adore you and your writing! EVE was amazing. I wanted to know how you came up with the idea to name your "humanovi" chimera? It is interesting to know because chimera are - at least in greek mythology - monstrous hybrid-creatures. Hope you have a nice day!

So glad you enjoyed it!

I knew I wanted their colloquial term to be a nod at Greek mythology. I made a list of options, but chimera was the clear winner for the reasons listed in chapter one when the slang term is explained. The fact that it’s both a nod at mythology and science as well as particularly biting made it the obvious choice. 


This Blind Kitty Found On The Street Has Eyes No One Could Resist

When Sandra Coudray saw a photo of Jasmine, a blind chimera looking cat, on Association Adoption Feline Facebook page, she stole the French girl’s heart right away. The stray kitty was malnourished and scared of people, however, all it took was a little bit of love for her to believe in humans again. Now, the stunning calico cat loves kisses and cuddles and is very attached to her human mom Coudray.
“I immediately wanted to adopt her knowing that she was blind as I previously lived with a cat who had become blind with age,” Coudray explained to LoveMeow. “Last time I went to Normandy for a few days to see my family and left her in the care of my brother. She waited for me on my bed most of the day every day. Now she can not do without us, and we can’t do without her. She brings us so much joy and love.”

Via Love Meow and Bored Panda