Brewing A Dream

The tea maiden looked over the teapot. She rarely used her glass collection, but this was for testing after all and she had the instructions fresh in her mind. The color of the tea looked inviting, almost entrancing, and the smell of the jasmine…it was a serenade to the senses. 

“I think I’ll call you Elysium…but we’ll see if that changes after I’ve tried a cup.”

She truly hoped the Chimera was not the creature she’d conjure up…she wanted dreams of happier times, but her mind was muddled lately. 

She would pour the tea through the strainer and let it settle for a moment before taking her first sip and closing her eyes. 

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4,11,17,18,21 if ur still accepting these... i am curious!!!

Question Time!

  • Favorite rp moment you had?

Every Moment on this blog… am rather fond of Sam’s precarious sewer springing into Molly’s life. Kent calling Al a ~naughty boy (a phrase which I cannot separate from faux American accent, accompanied by Sex & the City theme) makes it to top five and of course!!! Exploiting his left nipple for art!! Am also thoroughly buzzed about thread with @cali-chimera, all that wordplay! (wink wonk, Sex & the City theme continues relentlessly.)

  • What would your and your muse’s Pokemon team look like?

I HAVE MADE THe helpfully linked trainer card… even though I have never Poked a Mon in my life, everything here was just chosen for how it looked… shallow mayhaps. (Also barely any characters with a goatee!! Sad!! Had to settle… on this dark green haired lad..)

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An AU where everything is all fine and dandy, and they go to school like normal kids do?? that’s all I ask for c’mon

Part 2