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“Now in November,”
by Annie Finch

Now in November, as I face towards home
pulling my living behind me, and my dead,
the skulls of fire widen into a road.
November turns into a room of leaves
and lets them fall around him. Then he goes,
and where he stood, his body blank and bare,
only a halo of shocked twigs remains
spread on the still green, still elusive grass.

NAME: Marlis Starling

AGE: 35

SPECIES: Hillsbrad Human

GENDER: Female


INTERESTS: Research, Alchemy, Flesh-crafting, Reading, Embroidery.

PROFESSION: Medic, Botanist, Apothecary.

BODY TYPE: Pear-shaped, weak chest, wide hips.


SKIN: pale.

HAIR: Strawberry Blonde.

EYES: Black like coals.

COMPANIONS: A floral servant that also makes itself her staff. 

ANTAGONISTS: People who have actually taken it far enough to annoy her.

COLOURS:  Moss Green, Plum, and Black.

SMELLS: Jasmine, Grapefruits, Anesthetic.

SPECIAL FEATURES:Burned-in tattoo upon her right arm, something that comes with the curse she lives with. Tattoo upon her bottom lip. Several piercings on her face and ears.

FRUITS: Strawberries, Grapefruit, Loquats.

DRINKS: Jasmine tea, Rose tea, Warm milk and honey.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Gin and Tonic…Very, very, rarely drinks. Sometimes wine.

SMOKES: A blend of specialty herbs made specifically for Marlis, by Marlis. Mainly containing rain poppies.

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