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A penny for a thought

From the wild moor

Red and gold , the banner of the brave house is lazily singing in the wind.
The sun is setting.
The hustling world breathes out a relieved sigh and fireflies light up the darkening land.
Bonfires are cracking in the dull light and embers sparkle in the soft evening air.
Someone is humming the tune of the latest song and low guitar cords mingle into it.

Sitting down you stare into the fire.
Warmth engulfs you and for a moment in time you are immortal.

A penny for a thought?

A thought of adventure.
Aren’t there mountains to climb and seas to cross?
Aren’t there fights to fight and minds to blow?
Right now you could jump off a plane with a parachute strapped onto your back.
Can you feel it?
The feeling of your heart plunging into your stomach?
The sound of the wind that whips against your body?
Right now you could be walking through a thousand year old forest.
Can you hear it?
The cries of a monkey, calling out for his mate?
The ever existing rush of life in the jungle?

Does it not make you feel drowsy?

Knowing that all that is out there?
Knowing that you have the possibility to grasp immortality just by LIVING!

Does it not make you feel afraid?

Knowing that all that is out there?
Knowing that you are going against the world just by living?


From glen

Blue and bronze, the colours of the wise house are clothing the sky at dawn.
The world awakes.
The darkness is leaving and makes space for the buzzing day.
The first birds are leaving their nests whilst chirping a greeting to the rising sun.
The sweet east-wind accompanies them and fills the air with promising fragrance.

Walking through the dew you look up into the clear sky. Your skin is still covered in goosebumps from the nightly cold but it wakes you up and clears your mind and
for a moment in time you are immortal.

A penny for a thought?

A thought of philosophy.
Aren’t there minds to fill with knowledge? Aren’t there books to read and worlds to discover?
Aren’t there paintings to finish and poems to recite?
Right now you could use your voice to bring ideas to life!
Can you see it?
A pirate, a knight, a fairy a friend.
You are raising your voice and life streams through the world. In a wirlwind you paint fight and reunions and first kisses and adventures.
You convey emotions and manipulate reality.
Can you feel it?
The power those words hold?
A sentence is enough to end a life. But a word can also let it begin.

Does it not make you feel excited?

Knowing that behind every cover is a new universe to discover?
Knowing that you are creator and destroyer of worlds?

Does it not make you feel scared?

Knowing that you are losing contact to your here and now?


From valley broad

Black and yellow, the banner of the steady house flutters on the wind.
The sun is standing high in the sky, leaving warmth and light in its wake.
The world is here and now. The day came swooping in and grasped your hand to run along. Life is pulsating through the arteries of the earth. The trees are groaning and the weeds are dancing. Bees and bears alike are heading out to follow nature’s call into the wild.

Laying in the grass you look up and shield your eyes from the sun, and for a moment you are immortal.

A penny for a thought?

A thought of perspective.
Aren’t we already sad enough?
Aren’t there little things to enjoy?
The perfect meal, prepared by a friend for a friend?
Watching animals work and realising that they are just as hardworking and down to earth as we are?
Tuning out the world to take care of yourself because you are worth to be looked after, and firstly by yourself?
Can you hear it?
The laughter or you and your friends because you understand the meaning and worth of your friendship?
Can you see it?
How that smile you gave to a stranger made their day because they thought they were hated by or for their own blood?

Does it not make you feel happy?

Knowing that your hardships will be honoured? Knowing that there is more to life than your success?

Does it not make you feel helpless?

Knowing that some people won’t understand the true feeling of joy?


From fen

Silver and green, the colours of the proud house adorn the nightly northern sky.
The moon and the stars are carefully watching over the sleeping world.
Silence has drowned out the never ending fuss of the day and finally thoughts are able to wander and sprout and bloom.
Only the wolfs howl in the night, their ancient song of hardship and pride. A tune that is as loud as thunder and trice as beautiful.

Walking through the darkness with only the moon as light you listen to the silent noise of secret life. And for a moment you feel immortal.

A penny for a thought.

A thought of freedom.

Aren’t there already enough heroes in this world?
Aren’t there other people that can be chess figures on a board?
Right now you could be running with wolves and dancing with snakes. You could be swimming against the current and tame the sharks in the water.
Right now you could be proving them wrong and yourself worthy.
Right now you could be reaching for the stars and leave your head in the clouds.
Can you feel it?
When the shackles of oppression fall apart?
When you can finally choose your own way?
The rain on your face, the wind in your hair as you run through the world and pursue your dreams?
Can you see it?
The future that you always wanted?
Painted in the colours of the milkyway, sparkling and bright and never fading.

Does it not make you feel giddy?

Knowing that you can go wherever you want to?
Knowing that you are your own person?

Does it not break your heart?

Knowing that the loneliness can be crushing?






immajustkeepsleeping  asked:

Yoooo, because I always wanted to see more of him in the books, what are your head canons on Charlie Weasley??

huh, let’s see

  • him and hagrid were the best buds during charlie’s hogwarts years, charlie probably used to hang out at hagrid’s hut quite often, just like the golden trio years later after him
  • percy calls him “an outdoor type” at some point in the books which gave me a mental image of charlie barely spending any time at home and instead exploring the wilds surrounding their village, looking for all kind of creatures, magical and not, keeping a little journal of his researches, interesting herbs and flowers pressed between the pages, doodles scattered across the notes
  • not perfectly fluent in romanian, but still can speak it
  • like twice a month gets owls from oliver wood who keeps begging him to ditch his sodding dragons and join professional quidditch (wood’s team, obviously)
  • he was in the same year as tonks at hogwarts, so naturally i imagine them being friends during their school years; tonks was probably the first one to join him in any secret shenanigans (like sneaking into the forbidden forest when charlie became obsessed with an idea to confirm rumours about an acromantula colony being established there. they were shortly caught by hagrid though)
  • i really like the idea of him and harry hanging out together, maybe it’s because they’re both among my favs and i always want my favourite characters to hang out with each other. anyway, there’s this one scenario i enjoy, where harry sets off to travel for a bit after the war to take a break from everything and to see what wizarding communities in other countries are like. at that point of his travels where he starts to miss familiar faces, he visits charlie. they get to know each other better, bond over their fascination for dragons and quidditch and after a while charlie becomes the third closest weasley to him (after ron and ginny, obviously) 
  • i also wonder if the place in romania where he went to study dragons is something like an alma mater for draconologists from all over the world. like, if you want to study dragons, that’s where you go. if so, then i like to imagine it’s a very interesting multinational and multilingual community there 
hogwarts houses as places in middle-earth

gryffindor: rohan
the home of the horse lords is where honor and bravery are held in high esteem, where the wind whips through your hair and there is always action to be a part of.

slytherin: erebor
filled with the resources needed to excel, the lonely mountain is the perfect place to follow your ambitions.

ravenclaw: rivendell
there’s nowhere better for a scholar than the place full of libraries, knowledge, and others eager to learn.

hufflepuff: the shire
the homiest, most welcoming place in middle-earth where you can escape all conflict and enjoy community and a good meal.


request: “Draco x reader 68 and 99 from the list please! Love your work sooooo much!!!!” — by anon

a/n: thank you!!!! hope you like this 💕

68. “Any reason why you’re half-naked in my room?”
99. “Ouch! That really hurt.”


Masterlist + Request here! 

    In Christmas breaks, you tended to stay in Hogwarts rather than with your own family back at home. It wasn’t because you didn’t like spending your holidays with them, but you just thought it was easier because of their always busy schedules. Also, by not leaving the school, you’d get the chance to concentrate more on your homeworks as well.

    You sighed in happiness when you felt your whole body softly hit the mattress, your eyes tired from the revising you did for the whole day. Without your friends around, you really did have the opportunity to get school work done and you honestly didn’t know whether you’re regretting not coming home or being thankful that you’re already half-way through.

    Just as you feel yourself drifting away from consciousness, you heard the door to your room creak. You opened your eyes immediately, growing confused since you only had the place for yourself for the meanwhile, meaning there shouldn’t be someone creeping in. Unless …

    With a grab of your wand, you pointed it to the direction of the door and whispered, “Lumos.”

    You widened your eyes when you saw that it was Draco Malfoy, someone who was in the same house as yours which was Slytherin, and in instinct you grabbed your pillow and threw it towards him, hitting him hard on the face.

     "Ouch! That really hurt.“ he complained, rubbing his face.

    ”Any reason why you’re half-naked in my room?“ you demanded before turning off the light on your wand and turning on the lamp beside your bed instead.

    Draco picked up the pillow and threw it back to you. "Bloody hell, have anyone told you that you could make one hell of a Beater?”

    “You’re avoiding my question. Why do you only have your pants on?” you had a hard time not looking at anywhere other than his eyes.

    He sighed. “Yeah, about that, I needed somewhere to hide.”

    You cocked an eyebrow. “And you thought the best place for that was in my room?” you mused.

    “I thought you were sleeping, okay?” he rolled his eyes.

    You crossed your arms. “Still not a valid reason to trespass. Why are you even in the girls’ dormitory?”

    You thought your eyes were deceiving you but you could see that his ears turned pink.

    “I — uh — it’s none of your business.”

    A realization suddenly struck you and you couldn’t help laughing if what you were thinking was true. He sent you a confused look because of this which made you speak.

    “Are you hooking up with Pansy Parkinson?” you exclaimed, causing the young boy to run towards you and scowl for you have said it so loudly.

    “Don’t shout it out!” whispered Draco in an angry tone.

    You chuckled. “You’re cautious. Does that mean that you are hooking up with her?”

    “No.” he sat on the other bed beside yours. “She was just trying to —” he stopped himself. “Look, she did something and I ran away. I’ll let your imagination take over.”

    “That’s probably not a good idea since I do have a wild mind.” you smirked. “But okay, and if you want, you can sleep there at Daphne Greengrass’ bed for the night. I’m sure she won’t mind.”

    Draco nodded, not used to the feeling of someone showing real kindness to him. It seemed like out of all the people in Hogwarts, you were the only person he knew who wasn’t quick to judge and made the effort to actually get to know a person before deciding whether he or she is bad or good. That was (maybe) the real reason why he decided to hide in your room instead.

    “Thanks. Good night.” he coughed awkwardly, laying down on the said bed.

    You smiled and turned off the lights. “You’re welcome. Sweet dreams, Draco.”

    He was struck when he heard his name slipping off your tongue, something that not many people did because they preferred to call him by his last name. He just snorted in amusement before tucking himself in, but when he was just about to sleep, he heard your voice again.

    “She didn’t try to force you into doing something, right?” you asked in the darkness, your tone masking concern.

    “No.” Draco was now grinning for a reason he didn’t know. “We sorta had a thing going on and she said something that caught me off guard.”

    You chuckled. “Of course, the best way to solve your problems is running away as they say. I’m disappointed. So much for being known as ruthless and egotistical.”

    He shifted so that he can face you, not aware that you have done the same because of the dimness of the room.

    “You sound like you don’t believe it.” he breathed out.

    “I don’t. At least not until you give me a reason to believe what everybody else is saying.” you replied.

    “You should anyway. They’re right.”

    You rolled your eyes even though you knew he wouldn’t see it.

    “Stop being dramatic.” you told him. “And besides, even if they are right, I know you’re good deep deep deep down.”

    The sound of his laughter abruptly filled the quiet atmosphere of the room. You found yourself grinning at the fact that this was one of the rare moments you’d hear him laugh genuinely, and not because of the hopes of making himself seem like a funny guy somehow to others.

    “I’m sorry. I’m keeping you from sleeping, aren’t I?” said Draco.

    “Oh, not at all.” You didn’t mean to sound sarcastic.

    “But we should probably still go to sleep.” he insisted. “And I promise, I’ll go out of this room as early as possible in the morning to not get noticed by anyone. Who knows what they’ll think of when they see me walking out without a top?”

    The both of you laughed again.

    “Yeah, you should probably do that. I wouldn’t want Pansy as an enemy.” you teased.

    “Please don’t tell anyone about that too, by the way.”

    You faked a gasp. “Is the Slytherin Prince actually pleading to some commoner like me?” you said before erupting into a fit of laughter for what seemed like the hundredth time tonight.

     "Ha, ha.“ he sarcastically replied.

     You involuntarily yawned.

     Draco furrowed his eyebrows slightly. "You should really sleep. Good night again, Y/N.”

     "Good night too, Draco. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.“ you told him childishly, grabbing your pillow and finally drifting off into the anticipated sleep you have been waiting for.

     On the other hand, Draco was staring at the ceiling, knowing that moments like this with you won’t be the last.

Being a Slytherin & Dating H.G Would Include:

Hogwarts Power Couple

‣Always showing off Hermione and not being ashamed to let everyone know you love her

“You guys, look at my Princess. Is she not the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?”

‣Despite your houses not approving of your relationship no one actually speaks out against it because, come on now, a Gryffindor and a Slytherin? That’s a deadly combination to piss off.

‣Your houses low-key admire the fact that neither of you give a damn about what anyone thinks

‣Your house silently applauds you for being a bad ass and breaking the norm by dating another bad ass from your rival house

‣Visiting Hermione for a few weeks during the summer and staying at her house

‣You charmed Mr. and Mrs. Granger the second you got off the platform and they immediately approved of you dating their daughter

‣Taking long walks together during autumn and winter, holding hands and giggling as you watch your breaths turn misty

‣The two of you are always either geeking out over books and dancing ridiculously in front of a mirror or kicking ass together, there’s no in between

‣Surprisingly, you two make a great team against Fred and George when it comes to prank wars

‣Sending each other loop sided smiles and shit eating smirks across the classroom

‣Hermione ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS steals your Quidditch team jerseys and jackets and ‘forgets’ to give them back

‣She always comforts you after you have an argument with your best friend, Draco, and you do the same when the banter between her and Ron escalates

‣Though Ron and Harry were adamant about your feelings toward Hermione being genuine, it didn’t take long for them to be convinced that you were absolutely head over heels for her

‣PDA usually consists of forehead kisses and really tight hugs but when you’re alone, it’s a whole different story

‣Hermione loves to tease you during class when you can’t do anything about it

‣Passionate kisses where her hands are tugging on your hair and yours are gripping her waist

‣You peppering open mouthed kisses from her jaw to her neck and down to her chest

‣Hermione is not at all shy when it comes to initiating make out sessions

‣When you’re sitting or lying down she loves to straddle your waist and grind on your hips while smirking down at you

‣She loves it when you pin her against the wall in an empty hallway and kiss her till her lips are bruised

‣Fun times in the Prefect’s bathrooms

‣One of your favourite pass times is sneaking out at night and going to the astronomy tower

‣You are both studious students and you appreciate that about each other

‣When it’s raining and thundering you take her to your room and together you drink hot chocolate and cuddle

‣You’re the big spoon and she’s the little spoon

‣Classic dates like going to the movies and dinner but also…

‣Dates where you two go to a paint ball zone

‣Dates are always memorable and you’ve taken to photographing every one of them with a device Hermione introduced to you as a 'polaroid’

‣Now you have a collection of these photographs strung up on your wall in your room at Hogwarts and your room at home

‣You’ve taken quite well with photography all together and your most precious photos are the ones you’ve taken of Hermione when she isn’t looking (candids, when she’s laughing uncontrollably, when she’s sleeping, etc)

‣Teasing each other 24/7

‣Play fights

‣Tickle fights because, is Hermione’s laugh not the best thing you’ve ever heard?

‣Learning new things together

‣Always supporting her in what she wants to do and vice versa

‣Suggesting books to each other until eventually you just read the same book to each other every night before going to bed

‣Eventually your relationship begins to heal the rift between Gryffindors and Slytherins and pretty soon you see interactions between students from both houses

‣Bringing out the best parts of each other

‣Emotionally stable relationship (none of that on/off bs)

‣Respectful towards each other


‣Is it possible to trust your partner unconditionally, yet still get jealous? Because that’s what happens here.

‣Random hugs from Hermione that take you off guard and nearly send you tumbling down, making Hermione giggle uncontrollably

‣She wraps her arms over your neck while yours encircle her waist

‣She knows all your turn ons and uses them to her favour shamelessly

*She always begins by taking control and kissing your neck and jawline. Then she would whisper all the things she’d do to you while smirking and grinding against your lap.

‣Taking naps together

‣Planning your lives together

‣Traveling all over the world

‣Intertwining your legs on a cold night

A/n: Thanks to @Anon for requesting this💕Who else is a Slytherin?🐍

Seriously though,

Black-coffee-drinker: “how would you like your coffee?”

Add-to-coffee-drinker: “oh, two spoons of sugar and a bit of cream would be lovely.”

Black-coffee-drinker: “sure, here you go, darling.”


Add-to-coffe-drinker: “how would you like your coffe, sweetie?”

Black-coffee-drinker: “oh, black, just like that would be fine.”

Add-to-coffe-drinker: “oh…..okay…//#yousoullessbastard#howcouldyou#whothehelldrinksblackcoffee#didntyourparentshugyouenoughwhenyouwereachild#whatswrongwithyou#noreally#whatiswrongwithyou#sneakybastardcantbetrusted#andthateventhowerootedforyou#whyeven#whateven#imean#blackcoffe#likeyournonexsistendsoul#worsethanbeingaginger…//”

Black-coffee-drinker: slytherin/ravenclaw

Harry Potter/Hogwarts AU Masterlist

all the way home i’ll be warm -  It takes Yuuri three Christmases (and one Phichit) to realise that Viktor has always spent his alone.

Apple of his Eye - Everything has to start from somewhere.
It is unlike Newton where an apple falls on his head one day and inspires all of his works that shaped the current world.Viktor, however, well…

The Art of Broomstick Waxing - "You wanted to know what I was doing this morning, right?“ JJ winks at Minami. "Just ask your Captain."Seungil shoots him a glare that’s somewhere between I’m going to hex you and shut up or no sex for a month.In which Seungil burns JJ’s "Don’t flirt with me, my boyfriend is an Auror!” shirt, JJ becomes the subject of target practice, and trouble brews amidst the UK Quidditch Cup.

Black and Gold - Yuri!!! On Ice Hogwarts AU. Yuuri is in his seventh and final year at Hogwarts when the next Triwizard Tournament takes place, allowing him to meet his idol, Viktor Nikiforov, for the first time.More pairings and relationships will be added as the story progresses.

Catch Me If You Can -  Yuuri Katsuki is 13 when he gets into the Hogwarts exchange student program. It’s everything that he’s ever imagined it would be and more. There’re pasties and mermaids and butterbeer and centaurs and Quidditch, Quidditch, Quidditch! But probably the best thing about being here is getting to see his longtime idol and renowned Seeker on the Russian national team, Victor Nikiforov, in the flesh. A few chance encounters and not-so chance encounters and maybe, just maybe, can Victor finally notice one of his biggest fans?

champion of the cup, victor of the heart -  Three champions, two hearts, one victor.
Let the Triwizard Tournament begin!

charm -  Yuuri is now in his sixth year at Hogwarts and the victim of his secret affections, Victor, approaches him one day during Charms. Growing and changing isn’t something Yuuri likes to do, but he soon realizes it’s a crucial part to living.

Colder -  It’s the beginning of Guang-Hong Ji’s fifth year at Hogwarts, and it seems like it’ll be alright. He’s got good classmates, good (if sometimes questionable) friends, and overall, life is pretty steady. Especially with Leo by his side.
But this year is also turning out to be one full of changes - everybody’s starting to fall in love. And that “everybody” might just include Guang-Hong, with the one person he didn’t want to.

darling, we both know - You can grow up with someone and be simultaneously better and worse for it.(Or: the HP Wizarding World (not set in Hogwarts!) AU where they meet as preteens, fuck as teenagers, fall in love as adults, and occasionally find time to magically figure skate.)

Don’t fly past me, darling (I’ve been in love with you since the beginning) - Gryffindor Seeker Yuuri Katsuki Pulls Off Dangerous Nikiforov Spiral, the article had been titled.Of course Viktor wanted a word with him. No one in their right mind attempted the Nikiforov Spiral— especially not bumbling, overweight Hogwarts students who weren’t Gryffindor Seekers anymore, no matter what the article implied. He’d been three sheets to the wind, under the influence of Madam Chulanot’s finest Odgen’s Old Firewhiskey, and flown with half a brain.

Entwining Fates - Imagine if Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, after the demise of you-know-who, started accepting foreign students in an effort for greater unity among wizarding communities around the world. Imagine that, in this changing climate of diversity and social acceptance, Hogwarts also decided to host an exchange programme with select students from Durmstrang Institute and Beauxbatons Academy of Magic for a semester.Imagine, then, if a young Japanese wizard by the name of Yuuri Katsuki had transferred to Hogwarts to escape his past, just in time to meet a Russian Quidditch player who would blow open the very doors he was trying so desperately to close.A story of love, magic, and teenagers trying to find themselves.

The Eros of Magic - He was just an ordinary wizard with a great fondness for magical creatures. He had no serious goals in his life and he was content traveling the world to help with handling and finding new homes for the beings he adored with his whole heart. He did not have great expectations from the future.Until his long time idol, the great Viktor Nikiforov crashed into his life and turned everything upside down.Literally.Or the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them AU no one asked for.

Exchange Student - (Harry Potter AU) Yuuri goes to Mahoutokoro School of Magic in Japan with his friends, Yuuko and Takeshi. One day, it is announced that there will be exchange students from Thailand, China, and Russia visiting from various wizarding schools. It just so happens that one of Russia’s greatest wizard prodigies, Viktor Nikiforov, is one of those students. What happens when Yuuri and Viktor meet for the first time and change each other’s worlds?

Expomise -  Expomise: a transformation spell that bonds two objects together.
/ Yuuri is at Hogwarts. So is everyone else./

Fantastic Friends (and Maybe a Boyfriend) and Where to Find Them -  The origin and adventure of our favorite smol bean (Yuuri Katsuki) going to our favorite magical school: Mahoutokoro Hogwarts.

Fundamental Laws of Magic and Attraction - "By the time classes start again, everyone at Hogwarts has heard the story about how Lee Seungil, the Hogwarts Champion, was dramatically played and dumped by Jean-Jacques Leroy, the Durmstrang Champion.“In which the Triwizard Tournament returns to Hogwarts, Hufflepuffs control the student-run rumor mill, more than one person attempts to hex JJ, and Professor Katsuki is hiding something Very Important.

I’d rather be skating - Sometimes, when a muggle child gets an acceptance letter from a wizarding school, they say no.Victor Nikiforov would rather be skating. Yuuri Katsuki would rather be normal.

if these wings could fly - Already, the announcer’s taken the chance to sneak in some snide commentary. Viktor tunes it out by watching Yuuri weave between the Slytherin Beaters expertly, his features tense with concentration as he pulls off a complicated manoeuvre and dodges a Bludger while stealing the Quaffle from one of Slytherin’s Chasers. The early advantage for Gryffindor nets Yuuri loud cheers from three Houses, and Viktor spots Phichit waving a banner charmed to morph between several different cute drawings of Yuuri telling himself words of encouragement. Even from down here, close to the ground, Viktor can see the real Yuuri’s joy and determination as he faces the pumped-up spectators.In that moment, with Yuuri soaring upward, framed by the clear skies and roars from the stands, Viktor finally understands that his friend belongs to a place where he can never follow.

Remus being your dad would include…

- When you were younger, he and your mother would always alternate with their work, so at least one of them would be there for you

- Always reading you bedtime stories when you were younger

- Wanting for you to not only be familiar with the wizarding society but also get to know the muggle world

- Him having kind of mixed feelings about uncle James’ and uncle Sirius’ questionable influences

- Sirius and James telling you all the wild stories about their time at school together

- Them being totally excited when it’s time for you to go to Hogwarts, probably even more than you

- Even though Remus would be super worried about you. Constantly

- Both of you beaming when you come home from school during your holidays

- Him always trying to keep you away during full moons because accidentally hurting you would be his greatest fear

- Which is why the first and only time you saw your father cry, was, when you announced that you’d become an animagus to be able to stay with him during full moons

- Taking you to walks through forests on sunny days

- Despite him being his gentle and friendly self, he would be absolutely not amused by the thought of you starting to date someone

- You sometimes having to tell him to go to bed when he got so absorbed in his studies that he didn’t even realize it’s past midnight

- No matter whether you’d be 3, 16 or 36, you would always be his little boy/girl

The Stars in Your Eyes

Request from anon: hey, can you do an imagine where Draco and the reader are best friends and the reader just LOVES constellations? So at night they sit together and look at the sky and the reader starts naming the constellations which makes Draco fall in love with her? Thanks x

Thanks so much for requesting, incidentally, I love constellations! As soon as I’m old enough I want to get a tattoo of my parents constellations! I think the stars are so cool (probably because i’m a ‘science nerd’) anyway, I’ll stop blabbering now 😂 I actually added some stuff about the constellation ‘Draco’ because a lot of the HP characters are named after constellations.

Originally posted by 1980vibes

You stand, your hands gripped gently around the rusty railing of the astronomy tower as you stared up at the stars. You’d always been mesmerised by the infinite possibility of what could be out there: it excited you, but not nearly half as much as it worried you. You always enjoyed stargazing at Hogwarts because it was in the highlands; back home, there was light pollution and most nights you could barely see the night sky.

“You gaze at the stars like they have stories to tell.” Draco, your best friend of God knows how many years justifies with a smile on his face. You break away from looking at the glistening white dots for a few seconds to glance over his features that were lit so perfectly in the dim light. “They do,” you began. you pointed up at the sky, showing Draco the loose outline of the constellation you so often admired. “This one’s Cassiopeia. It’s named after a vain queen named Cassiopeia in Greek mythology, who boasted about her incomparable beauty.” You smiled, quarrelling the reality of Greek mythology. “And this one’s Scorpius, notice it’s scorpion shape?” You note, as Draco watches you intently, realising for the first time how much you really knew about the stars. 

“What’s that one?” Draco asked, pointing at the cluster of stars that lay near the horizon. You thought for a few moments before answering. “It’s Ursa Major. It’s so beautiful.” Draco smiled at your passion. He watched as you smiled up at the sky. It had hit him like a tonne of bricks, but he began to wonder when you’d become so beautiful; he’d never thought this way about you before, but all he wanted to do was lean over and kiss you. You looked so gorgeous. 

“What’s your favourite constellation?” He asked, not daring to look away from you in case he missed anything. “You’re not going to believe me.” You chuckled, breaking away from your mesmerisation with the sky to look at Draco. “Try me.” He said, a smile forming upon his lips. “Okay, well, it’s actually Draco.” You breathed. You could’ve sworn you saw Draco blush but you couldn’t tell because of the black and white light that had been cast from the night sky. “Look.” You began, gently placing your fingers under his chin so that he could see the constellation that was by far the prettiest of them all. “Do you see it? It looks like some sort of dragon-snake hybrid. It’s amazing.” You whisper, smiling as you take in it’s beauty. 

Draco nods, turning to look at you once again. “It’s amazing, Y/N. You’re amazing.” He mumbles, scratching his neck. “And, it’s named after me.” You chuckle. “Well, technically, you’re the one named after it.” You justify. You both stand in silence for a few more moments, analysing each other. “What are you thinking?” You ask after watching Draco’s expression turn into a smile. “It’s weird,” Draco begins. “I swear I can see the stars in your eyes, Y/N.” 

softie // tom riddle

part ii

pairing ➵ tom riddle x reader
genre ➵ angst
note ➵ this was requested and oH WOW did I get eMO writing this, anyway lol I hope you like this ♡

you and tom had grown up together as you were both orphaned and left at wool’s orphanage.

from the day he met you he felt a connection with you and therefore he didn’t want this to ever be lost. he felt that you were like him, different. he made you his best friend and he meant the world to you.

as the years went on, the differences you and tom shared got stronger and stronger.
you both could put those who were mean to you in harms way, you both could make animals do what you wanted without training them.


you’d both finally gotten a visitor and it was non other than albus dumbledore.

he proceeded to tell you both that you weren’t mad and that you were actually totally different.

a witch and a wizard.

you were both ecstatic to hear of this, now knowing that there was even more people like the 2 of you.


when it came to you both being sorted into your houses, tom got sorted into slytherin straight away.
however, when it came
to you…

truthfully, you had all the traits of a true hufflepuff: loyal, just, kind, hard working
but you didn’t want to be away from your tom so you begged the sorting hat to put you into slytherin, and so it did.


you and tom were more than happy at hogwarts, considering it your true home.

now well into your 6th year, you’d both become very experienced in magic.

even you had to admit that you totally weren’t the type for slytherin but, it wasn’t too much of a bother.

you’d be teased about being too much of a softie for slytherin and how the sorting hat eventually lost it by the time it got to you and put you in the wrong house but tom would always come to your saving grace and shut all of them up.

it never bothered you too much as nothing else mattered as long as you had your tom, you were happy.

you didn’t have many friends in slytherin and often felt very lonely but you never let tom feel your loneliness and it also didn’t mean anything to you, you had your tom.

however, it even started getting to cold, bold tom riddle.

why the hell were you in slytherin when you’re such a softie.

after having it grilled into his head by people left right and centre he finally couldn’t take it anymore.

it was just another average day, you were going about your life and so was everyone else.

you’d gotten out of lesson and were walking back into the slytherin common room to only have collided with some boy.

“I-I’m so sorry.” you stuttered, as you quickly bent down to pick up his books.

“you better be. god, a pathetic little softie like you in our great house, it’s despicable.” he spat at you before walking out of the common room, leaving you stunned.

you’d finally walked further into the room and saw tom, he was sat there the whole time.

you didn’t want to make any assumptions, maybe he’d just gotten there or maybe he was feeling unwell, there’s no way your tom would let someone clearly bully you and not do anything, right?

“hello tom, when did you get here?” you asked, begging to salazar slytherin that he’d just apparated in.
“10 minutes before you, I reckon.” he said, refusing to make eye contact.

“oh, I see.” you said, barely in a whisper.

you took a seat next to him but instead of being totally next to him you were gripping the arm of the sofa.

you couldn’t help but think why didn’t he help you? why didn’t he stand up for you if he was right there?

“(y/n), you know I can’t always stand up for you. you need to toughen up a little and stop being such a push over.” he said monotoned.

“I-I know tom, I’m sorry I just can’t help it-it’s just the way I-” you stuttered out, feeling horrible as you were being made to feel bad for just being yourself.

“christ, how did you even get sorted into slytherin.” he muttered.

“because I wanted to be with you, you prick!” you screamed finally, your tears not being able to stay in your eyes anymore.

“I wanted to be with my best friend.”

“what?” he asked with shock.

“you think I don’t know that I’m not meant for stupid fucking slytherin? clearly, I’m not! god, have you even noticed how I feel alone all the time because all the insufferable slytherin pricks make me feel awful! but no, I never say anything! because all I fucking want is for my best friend tom to be happy so I just go on and make do with what I have.” you exclaimed with tears falling down your face ferociously.

“the problem with slytherin house is the fact non of you know what loyalty is even if it smacked you over the head.” you carried on, giving tom a piece of your mind.
“like how some people even forget to look out for the person that they once called their best friend.”

“(y/n)-” he tried to talk.

“call me all you want tom riddle, a softie, a push over, but there’s not anything that would have made me leave you in the dark. I looked out for you to the best of my ability, always.” you finally finished.

tom had just gotten his reality check.

Drunk// Draco Malfoy Smut

Warnings: Swearing and Smut (WHat do you expect)

Word Count: 1900+

Pairing: DRaco X reader

Summary: Draco and Y/N get hella pissed at each other, while they hella drunk and have rough sex (So subtle:)

Requested: YE… Hi! I love your blog, your Draco imagines are prime 😍 could I make a request? Maybe a Ravenclaw reader x Draco imagine in which a bunch of students are out drinking having a good time and the reader ends up going home with Draco, they have a drunk argument before anything can happen but that angry passion is transformed into sexual passion (cough smut cough) ;) idk have fun with it!

Originally posted by nellaey

School starts at 10 tommrow, hence why i’m up at 2:00 finishing this smut. 

Christmas break started before Christmas Eve and ended after New Year’s Day. During those two events, there was drinking, drugs, and sex, a lot of sex. One particular party your boyfriend was keen on taking you too was one being thrown by his friend. Draco insisted on bringing you. He preached that it would be fun to party together. You had your doubts, but since you hadn’t seen Draco all break, you decided it was best not to throw away an opportunity to be with him.

You stayed at The Three Broomsticks Inn for Christmas this year. You always caused your parents stress when you came home. You also ended up losing focus on all the school work you had when you went home for the holidays. Instead of staying at Hogwarts, with no freedom, your parents gave you permission to stay there, at The Three Broomsticks Inn. It was very nice so far. But when Draco gets an idea that he wants to whisk you away and go to parties all break, you start to think of all the bad things that could happen.

Draco seemed to be happy with the idea of bringing a bunch of Slytherin kids over and getting drunk. Parties by any kid at Hogwarts caught like wildfire, so when some Slytherin kid decided to orchestrate a party Draco was all about going.

He pulled you along the cold pavement with his hand in yours. He wanted to show you off to all his friends, even if you were a half-blood Ravenclaw. The snow fell very peacefully leaving snowflakes in your hair.

You wore a red dress while Draco wore some jeans and a black t-shirt. Draco pushed open the door open and revealed 10 to 25 kids, drinking and taking shots. You walked in and was instantly greeted by some Slytherin girls. They brought you and Draco some drinks and seemingly never stopped.

Ten minutes in, you already had taken 5 shots. It wasn’t a huge party with music and lights, it was a laid back party that everyone got drunk at.

Draco seemed clingy all night. While you were talking to some girls, he would wrap his arms around your waist or try and steal kisses. Drunk Draco was definitely anything but sober him.

“We should go home and fuck.” He whispered into your ear while you talked to Pansy. You ignored him and kept talking to her, he was going to keep on trying and trying. You liked sober Draco better. Pansy looked at you both suspiciously. Pansy, out of jealousy got the worst idea ever. She saw you and Draco getting close and opened her fat mouth.     

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The meaning of Hogwarts


Hogwarts is pranks and dreams.
Hogwarts is having fun whilst learning,
It’s friends around you 24/7 and joining your beds to have a gigantic sleepover.
Hogwarts is taking a swim in the cool lake during summer and poking the giant squid.
Hogwarts is sneaking out and roasting marshmallows over the fire. Hogwarts is running from your rival after smearing toothpaste onto his head and laughing all the while. It’s trying to see which of the professors is the most patient and grinning when they blow up. Hogwarts is the smell of the awaiting summer and the cooling breeze on your face. Hogwarts is making up after a fight.

Hogwarts means family.


Hogwarts is caring and celebrating.
Hogwarts is the dream you had last night.
It’s the feast in the great Hall and the pillow fight that escalates. Hogwarts is running through the corridors and playing hide and seek even (especially) when you attend your last year. Hogwarts is singing at the top of your lungs and not caring about what other are thinking. Hogwarts is painting your future the way you always wanted it.
It’s studying and knowing you will actually need it. It’s waking up late but still seizing the day.
Hogwarts is patching each other up after y'all got beat up because you couldn’t manage to keep your mouth shut. (It was totally worth it, tho.)

Hogwarts means friends.


Hogwarts is the sense in nonsense.
Hogwarts is the dawn of a new day, the flight on the back of a hippogrif.
Hogwarts is not having to study because you know without the pressure you’ll do it anyway. Hogwarts is the silence in the library and the groaning of the wooden shelves. It’s waking up in the middle of the night and eating a pizza. It’s experimenting with everything and anything even though nobody knows whether or not it is actually legal. Hogwarts is flipping off your haters because you learned your own worth. Hogwarts is cheeky comments in class and driving your professor crazy. Hogwarts is making friends after you lost the fake ones.

Hogwarts means hope.


Hogwarts is solitude and chaos.
Hogwarts is the stars in the night sky and the thrill of playing quidditch.
It’s coming up with impossible ideas and actually bringing them to life.
It’s the dance off after an intense debate in the common room.
It’s ice skating on thin ice and the feeling you get when the ice doesn’t crack.
Hogwarts is the cozy warmth that’s warming you during a storm.
It’s plotting the best and worst revenge plan there is and seeing your enemy despair. Hogwarts is letting go and being free.
Hogwarts is finding yourself after you lost your mind.

Hogwarts means safety.

My Father Was Like You

Request: “Omg thanks can you do one where Teddy meets a loner Gryffindor girl that disappears every now and then and then find out that she’s a werewolf and like he feels that it’s some kind of “sign” from his father. Pretty pretty please, I so love your writing 💕”

Pairing: Edward “Teddy” Lupin x Reader

Word Count: 1848

Warnings: None

A/n: I literally know -67826% about this character so I hope I portrayed him alright :) thank god 4 the harry potter wiki

“Why do I do this to myself.” Teddy spoke to himself, running up the Grand staircase. His hair transformed into a darker shade of blue as he puffed up the stairs, taking two at a time. He was head boy, but that didn’t mean he didn’t accidentally sleep in once in a while. As he whizzed through the corridor he had almost made it to his Potions class, only to stop abruptly at the door. He was still, trying to pick up the hurried voices that were echoing through the empty hallways. He followed them, knowing he was getting nearer, as the voices went from a hushed echo to a loud whisper. He recognised the Headmistresses’ voice, but the other was unfamiliar. He had his back against the wall, not daring to peer down the hallway, in case he would get caught.

“We will take care of you, no need to worry.”

“But Professor, what if I hurt someone? I don’t want to put anyone at risk.”

“My girl, we have a hefty supply of Wolfsbane potion, and I will watch over you in my office, with the door locked and guarded.”

Teddy had to prevent himself from audibly gasping with shock. Wolfsbane potion? But that was only used by…

“You must prepare for the full moon this coming week. Don’t miss a day, make sure of it. It’s your responsibility to take a potion every day of the week.” Headmistress McGonagall instructed.

His suspicions were proved true by that final sentence, and he pulled himself away from the scene after it was revealed. He had heard stories about how his father attended Hogwarts, being aided by Dumbledore during full moons. And now there was another werewolf student that was being hidden.

A student at Hogwarts was infected with Lycanthropy.

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Meant To Be (part 1)

A/N: Heyy everyone, I was thinking about to write something longer than I did before, so I decided to write my first series (? idk if I could call it this way). I almost gave the “Prankster In My Bed” title but it isn’t so romantic unfortunately haha. Please let me know if you liked it!

Information: In this story, the reader is a muggle-born Gryffindor girl in her 6th year and a real badass secretly. Likes reading, eating (”food is life”) and always loyal to her friends. I kind of like her to be honest. Young! Sirius Black x reader | Marauders era | part 2 |

Originally posted by breakfreemodel

Winter break was coming and everyone got excited about go home and spend time with their families, celebrate Christmas and New Year. You were listening to a group of 1st year Gryffindors who were talking about how much they are looking forward to have a little break. You groaned heavily after heard them and tried to not thinking about your own family and how bad you wanted to avoid them.

You lied to your mother in a letter (that you didn’t send too much times because they hated owls) that “the train from that weird school” can’t go back to London and you have to spend the winter break in Hogwarts – unfortunately, of course. They made jokes in the response about the train that couldn’t work the way it should even when it uses magic.

After you’ve got your letter from Hogwarts at your age of eleven, they started to look at you like some freak more than before. You knew that your father’s mother is a witch because she told you in your childhood. She didn’t even try to hide her hope for that you’re a witch too, and this made your parents angrier. You were always wondering about move to your grandparents. Your grandfather was muggle, but he was even amazed by the entire magic world and respected it.

So you stayed in the castle, didn’t take into consideration all of your roommates who asked you go home with them, after you said that you will be at the castle during the break because you don’t want to celebrate and spend time with your parents.

“It’s okay girls, really. I’ve changed my mind. My mum will cook great muggle dinner on Christmas and we will visit my grandparents who are amazing. I will enjoy it.”

You hugged each of them and they left you in your room without know that you lied. Your mother cooked terribly, didn’t matter what was the date, and they refused to visit your grandparents because they used magic at home that your parents couldn’t stand, so you didn’t allow visiting them alone either.

You let a huge delighted sigh, knowing that you will be all alone in the whole castle. You liked to be with your friends but in the other hand, you liked to idea of having some “me-time”. You haven’t got so many real friends even if you talked to and helped everyone in each house, but who really mattered to you were Lily, Marlene, Alice - your roommates - and Remus Lupin. Remus and you were very similar, so you became good friends soon in your first year. Your favorite program was sitting in the library or any peaceful, quiet places and reading a book, or just talk about everyday things. But what was really enjoyable to the two of you to be far away from crowd.

But he couldn’t spend with you as much time as you wished; he had his own group and they called themselves the Marauders. He was around them usually; they made pranks, jinxed and hexed people in the school. Remus didn’t join these rude things of course, he wasn’t that kind of person; but at the same time, he never tried to stop his friends. He told you its reason is that he was grateful for they were always with him whatever happened and he didn’t want to seem like he didn’t appreciate his friend’s loyalty for him.

And you accepted this because you were grateful to the Marauders too for helping and being with Remus. He told you stories about them and described their personalities, so you almost could say you knew the three of them even if you just barely talked.

The first day of the break was quite boring as you had to admit. You thought it will be good to be alone but you were wrong. It was almost scary to be the only one in the Gryffindor’s common room; so don’t need to say that when a black haired guy with an idiotic smile on his face almost jumped on you when set down on the coach, you almost had heart attack.

“Heyy, aren’t you bored, Y/N? Let’s do something funny!”

You furrowed your eyebrows in sudden and slowly turned your head towards him, who was as you realized one of Remus’ friends, Sirius Black. He had bright grey eyes that curiously looked into yours and a very mischievous smile which annoyed you a little. He didn’t even try to hide he was full of himself and he was very proud of he always got into trouble with James Potter and they could go detention together. He dated with so many girls from every house and broke up with them sometimes after a single night – these were the only two things you knew about him. So it was obvious if Sirius Black wanted to do “something funny” with you, it was probably illegal or a shame for you.

“I’m absolutely good, Sirius.” You said, still surprised a bit he knew your name.

“Come on, Y/N, the whole castle is ours! We can explore it, or go to Hogsmeade or-”

“We are not allowed to go to Hogsmeade.” You interrupted him and didn’t give a chance to continue. “Why don’t you do something useful? Studying, maybe.”

“Whoa, slow down. I’m the only one from the two of us who can come up with stupid ideas!” He let a small laugh, his hands up defensively. “But on the other hand… I really could study, maybe with you.” He winked and set closer to you even if it was possible to be more in your private space. You tried to don’t feel totally awkward and let a huge sigh.

“Listen. I know what you are doing now, the tactic that other girls like from you. But whatever magic you use on them, it definitely won’t work on me. So please just act normal instead of playing around and being a complete ass.”

Before Sirius could say anything, you quickly added with a smile: “I don’t mind your company or help you at all, only if you are yourself.”

It was true, you were really glad you wasn’t alone and didn’t have to spend the time by yourself. After that conversation, during the whole winter break you were inseparable and always together all days. He showed you secret places in the castle and you helped him write his essays that he didn’t want first but you managed to win him over. You visited the other’s room and sometimes you just stayed there. You got to know each other, talked and laughed on how horrible your families were. It was good to know you are not the only one who has such bad parents.

Sirius started to find Y/N more and more attractive. The way she laughed on his awful jokes, her beautiful smile amazed him. She had a very good sense of humor, always teased him about every little things when she could. And when Sirius took revenge, she didn’t get angry as every girl whom he tried to be funny; she laughed and said back something sarcastic. His “Christmas present” was a hug and a cheek kiss from her, and even if she apologized for couldn’t make something bigger, Sirius was completely overjoyed. He brought her breakfast on Christmas morning in her bed after he learnt during one of their conversations that Y/N always wanted to try if it was really comfortable to eat in bed. He asked the house elves to bake chocolate muffins for her since it was Y/N favorite dessert, and because of it, Sirius had got two cheek kisses on that day. Y/N’s soft lips made him feel like a virgin little boy who didn’t even get any kiss before and he wanted so much more than just two. Sirius didn’t tell her this of course because she made it clear at the beginning that she doesn’t want anything from him.

But Sirius couldn’t help but started to fall for Y/N, even if he didn’t recognize his feelings for awhile.

Animal Adoption Center: Hogwarts Houses
  • Ravenclaw: So why would you like to work for our animal adoption agency?
  • Hufflepuff: Well, I love all animals. I've always loved them and I always will. It makes me feel so satisfied thinking that I might be able to save some of them from a life alone. I want to give them homes--it would make me feel like a better person.
  • Ravenclaw: Thank you, and what are your qualifications?
  • Hufflepuff: *slides papers across desk*
  • Ravenclaw: *smiles* I'll examine them tonight. Thank you again for applying
  • Hufflepuff: and thank you for allowing me this opportunity and your time!
  • The Hufflepuff walks out of the office and toward the front desk. The Puff whispers reassurance to itself as it moves closer to the door. A Slytherin working the front desk spots the Hufflepuff and grins.
  • Slytherin: Hey! Hey you!
  • Hufflepuff: *turns around* Me?
  • Slytherin: *rolls eyes* yes you.
  • Hufflepuff: *walks to the desk*
  • Slytherin: did you just apply for a job?
  • Hufflepuff: *nods head slowly*
  • Slytherin: I would wish you good luck, but I won't because honestly, I don't want to see your face ever again.
  • Hufflepuff: But-
  • Gryffindor: *walks in from another room with a dog on a leash* Will you stop teasing the poor kid? Gosh, he's already a nervous wreck
  • Slytherin: I just said I'd never wish to see his face again...because...I'd get distracted by his gorgeous features and precious smile
  • Gryffindor: *drags big bags of dog food across the floor to the other room* Sly, stop.
  • Slytherin: What? He's cute
  • Hufflepuff: *tilts head confused*
Draco Malfoy; The Fifth of June

Happy Birthday Draco Lucius Malfoy


You looked up it was June 5th. Your fifteenth birthday, you were still at Hogwarts with a book and a box with a present. The box was filled with three knuts and a hand made scarf. You smiled at the gift. Your family was to say not the wealthiest of wizards and witches. When you got accepted into Hogwarts; they had to provide money for all your supplies. Every birthday consisted of your dad working hard enough to buy a small cake for you with one candle always on the top.

‘Dear Y/N,

Happy Birthday, my dearie. Grandma made you the scarf and I hope the money is enough for a small snack. We all love you.

- from everyone at home’

You put the scarf your grandma made, around your neck and decided to leave the Ravenclaw Common Room to go to Hogsmeade. You wore your robes since they it was the warmest thing you had. The only robe you had. You sighed and walked out of the dorm you shared with two other girls. A group of Ravenclaws were laughing, you knew most of them and they knew you, but weren’t your friends. No one knew it was your birthday except one person. You were heading to Hogsmeade to meet that person.

You entered Hogsmeade, it was raining white. The artificial snow felt so real. The snow freckled your hair, the coldness made your cheeks and nose a Santa red hue. You went to madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop and entered with a smile.

“Y/N. How are you my sweet!?” Madam Puddifoot asked. You grinned, “I’m fine, thank you.” You replied, putting on an apron. “I’m here to help.” You told her. “No, no, you aren’t. You think I forgot? It’s your birthday today!” Puddifoot exclaimed. “And I made you a treat.” Madam Puddifoot took out a cupcake with a milkshake. “No, thank you I’m fine I can assure you.” You refused her treat.

“Sit down and eat.” She ordered. You grinned and sat down slowly munching on the cupcake. Your hands a tad pink and numb due to the immense coldness. Your hair getting wet in certain spots, because of the snow melting at the warm temperature.

Meanwhile, a platinum blonde Malfoy was celebrating his birthday the worst way possible. With Pansy. Pansy dragged him to Madam Puddifoot’s for his birthday. Pansy excused herself to the ladies room giving Draco a peck on the cheek. Draco eavesdropped on your conversation with Madam Puddifoot.

“… You think I forgot? It’s your birthday today!” Madam Puddifoot exclaimed. Draco saw how you refused her offer of the treats, then your body in a relaxed position eating a cupcake. He studied you more, how you wore your robes instead of a heavy jacket, you weren’t even dressed to the correct weather, he saw the scarf that engulfed your neck and recognized that it was handmade since it was made sloppily.

“Happy birthday Y/N.” Puddifoot cooed. “Thank you so much.” You cried. Tears flowed down your warm cheeks, you coughed and grinned. Madam Puddifoot hugged you over the counter.

Draco didn’t foreshadow what was so kind of a woman giving food to you that it’ll make you cry.

“My father always worked so hard to just afford a small cake for me, my mom, my grandma, and himself to eat for my birthday. Heh, I wasn’t exactly the wealthiest of wizards and witches.” You sniffed, “So thank you. Haven’t received a proper ‘happy birthday’ in a long time by anyone else except my family.”

Draco then saw a part of your face. Then it hit him. You were her.

During Draco’s second year, he had a liking for a young, H/C girl that was in his year. They talked for awhile, having random encounters, sometimes they’ll long deep conversation and laughs with each other. That’s till Draco was told by her that she was actually a muggleborn witch. Draco being so biased and a believer of blood purity, he spat at her slurs and shoved her off to the side. Then they never talked again.

Draco never really liked anyone then, and was actually heartbroken. Draco went out of the tea shop. Draco decided to ditch Pansy either way.

Draco went to all the shops to find a gift for you. To make up for his horrible words and doings. He went into a jewelry shop, filled with some antiques.

“Hello my boy. What can I get for you?” An elderly man asked. Draco nervously said, “Well what can I get for a girl. A girl’s birthday. I’ve hurt her feelings long ago and-,”

“You like the girl don’t yah?” The man chuckled. “Well I’ve never offered this to anyone, but I’ll do this since I don’t have any reason not to. This young man was made by a witch, she made this for her husband, sadly they both died together in some accident. It’s not cursed, but it is tied to some source of power. It’s said to connect the next owner to its lover. Soulmate. Here you go.” The man handed Draco the necklace.

Draco payed the man and left the shop. He went back to the tea shop and saw you sucking on the straw of the milkshake. Draco slowly crept up on you. “Y/N.” Draco called out, you turned around in surprise. “Hello, who are you?” You questioned. “I’m Draco. The arrogant boy that hurt your feelings in second year. Happy birthday.” Draco gave you the necklace.

Your mouth ajar, your mind trying to render what happened.


“You stupid Mudblood I never want you in my sight!” Draco yelled at you. Your eyes watered, “OK.” You walked out not looking back, fearing you’ll break down in front of him.

|Retrospect End|

“Draco Malfoy.” You muttered. “How did he know it was my birthday?” You mumbled. “I was eavesdropping.” Draco sheepishly grinned. “Thank you Draco. Happy birthday to you too, I didn’t really know it was your birthday till Pansy screeched the whole song out loud.” You and Draco laughed.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get you anything.” You pouted. “It’s alright.” Draco said, you looked up into his eyes. You pecked his lips and pulled away slowly. Draco stayed stunned, blinking quickly. He looked down at the necklace and put it over your head pulling your hair out of the way.

“I love you.” Draco blurted. It and out of his own mouth and he didn’t know what was happening really. “I love you too.” You whispered.

“Happy birthday Y/N.”

“Happy birthday Draco Malfoy.”

Five Years Later

You laid in a hospital bed at Saint Mungos. Exhausted, happy, and proud. It was a long trip and an incident that happened. You and Draco were fairly young and just engaged.

You heard loud cries that echoed, a nurse brought in a small baby wrapped into a baby pink blanket. Draco clutched your hand. He was sweating, nervous after going through so much as you did.

“We did it.” You muttered. “We did.” Draco sighed. “Here’s the little girl.” The nurse gave you the baby, that immediately hushed down to low whimpers.

“Happy birthday, Araceli June Malfoy, happy birthday to you.” You and Draco cooed in unison.

“Happy birthday Draco.”

“Happy birthday Y/N.”

Shrewd Slytherin

We are Slytherin.
We are green and silver.
We are the crushing of the waves.
We are shadows and currents.

We are the calm before a storm and suggestive smirks in class.
We are the legends that linger forever.
Sometimes our tounges are sharper than our knives.
Sometimes our smiles are more cruel than our revenge.
Our condolences.
We are the heroes that lived too long.
We are the Kings and Queens of Kings and Queens. And heavy weighs the crown.
We are the moon in the sky and the snow on the ground.
We are the ballet dancers that rock.
We are the northern lights in the polar night.
We are beautiful and sharp and crystal clear.

And breakable.

We embrace our shadows and keep our chin high.
And sometimes the dark comes seeping in.
Sometimes our own weapons turn against us.
Sometimes it’s hard to keep the head clear.
To focus.
Sometimes our control crumbles.
And is taken away.
Sometimes it’s impossible to hold on.

Sometimes I realise my mistake.
And sometimes I ponder if I am one.
And then they are there.
Yes, you are…
Someone who can’t even do this simple task.

Sometimes I hide from them.
In my room.
I can hear them scream and yell downstairs.
On the other side of the door.
And sometimes I am happy that I am so lonely.
Because at least I don’t have to listen to them.
And sometimes I think:
Why bother?
At all?

But then there you are:
The calm after the storm.
The boulder in the stream.
My rock.
And your voice is soft:

“Want to feel alive?”

And I chuckle.
Because you have come to know me so well.
And you take my hand and lead me away from them.

And we conquer the world.
We hoist our colours and take a gulp of freedom.
We are the snake with its cunning and wisdom.
We are the sea.
A roaring and a calm.
And we will write history and prophecies.

Because we want to.

{However, please, don’t push me.}

harley-with-gegs-quinn  asked:

Have you done a "dating Harry Potter would include...", and if not could you do one please? I'm finding it so hard to find any Harry Potter x reader fics that are actually about Harry Potter and not malfoy or longbottom😂 thanks🖤

Dating Harry Potter Would Include:

Originally posted by teenageers

  • The two of you would rely on each other to finish assignments the other didn’t have time to do
  • Teasing him with the nickname “Chosen One”
  • Making enough Quidditch references to make Oliver Wood proud
  • “Why aren’t you a catch”
  • “You’re a keeper”
  • “No, I’m a seeker Y/N”
  • “You’re ruining all of my fun Potter”
  • Calling each other by your last names, because Potter has a ring to it. And you can also simultaneously make fun of Malfoy
  • Playing with his constantly unruly hair, loving the way the curls bounce back
  • Stealing his glasses
  • “They just look so much better on me, but bloody hell Potter you’re blind”
  • “Well I am now”
  • Loving when sassy Harry comes out
  • Stealing his Gryffindor sweaters, hoodies, pants, anything really.
  • Harry having this sort of woodsy scent to him and it coming off on his clothes. 
  • Harry never really being one for PDA, but slipping little kisses in here and there.
  • Wanting to save him from the long summer’s at the Dursely’s, so you send him plenty of lengthy letters to keep him occupied and let him know you’re thinking of him.
  • During the yule ball in fourth year having to spend extra time teaching him how to dance because he was just god awful.
  • “You’re never alone Potter, you’ve got me, Hermione and Ron with you all the way”
  • His awkwardness sometimes, you usually have to make the first move. 
  • Going to all of his games and cheering him on. 
  • Him being oblivious to your feelings for him, for about 3 years. 
  • “Bloody hell Potter I’ve been in love with you since second year”
  • “Really?”
  • “Thank you for always being there Y/N, Hogwarts is my home, and you’re my family”