Okay, my little chicks
  1. Are you hydrated? 
  2. If you’re drinking alochols, do not neglect #1
  3. Do you have your tissues nearby? 
  4. Are you wearing your coziest cozies? 
  5. Have you taken your meds? If you have heart or anxiety trouble, take care
  6. Are you sufficiently caffeinated? 
  7. Do you have something to hug when things get too tense/hot/feelsy? I would suggest a life-sized carnival bear, to which you can cling like a baby koala. Otherwise, grab a pillow. You’re going to need to hold on to something. 
  8. Have you updated your financial documents 
  9. How about your last will and testament?
  10. Have you said goodbye to your loved ones? This is serious business

Originally posted by gif-weenus