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inspired by @arystudies [X] and @diplomatsun [X]’s creative wallpapers ♥‿♥, i created a photoshop file for wallpaper building!

version 1 of the psd includes:

  • two templates (eisenhower matrix, to-do)
  • accessories
    • calendar
    • tape
    • ribbon
    • corner
    • lined paper
    • sticky note
    • thumbtack
    • picture
    • app shelf
  • decorative shapes
  • instructions + color palette
  • sample backgrounds (color, pattern, gradient)

all accessories can be customized, whether resized, pattern added, color changed, rotated, etc, etc, with basic photoshop knowledge.

(*tip: ctrl + j duplicates a layer!)

download here! (16:9 aspect ratio)

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Angelica “Lisa Lisa” Joestar

Ability: Dead eye Spin user  

Horse: Cult jam, Shire horse.

Stand: None (yet)

A rag to riches girl who was married to the cavalry general Geoffrey Joestar before a conspiracy against him left her a widow and branded a traitor to the states. 

She fled on a boat to Europe where she then lived as a fugitive. Eventually she made it to Italy, where she met a man who taught her the ways of the spin. An ability she would practice and refine into her own technique. A technique born from vengeance and anger, it was perfect for killing and so she dubbed it “The dead-eye spin”. She channels the spin through throwing knives, giving them unique qualities and incredible power, range and precision. with this new found ability at her side Angelica returned to the states under the name “Lisa Lisa” to partake in the Steel Ball Run race in hopes of getting an opportunity to take revenge on the man who created the conspiracy against her family, the president. Or claim the price money and restore her family’s honor, Which ever comes first.

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Meow! I came here to say that as a trans woman I had always thought I liked guys but when I started playing MM i fell completely for Jaehee <3 She is my absolute favourite. (Also high key I am madly in love with your blog, it makes me so happy to see your posts and reblogs on my dash) ^^


Ohh why do I find this kind of cute?? lmao

even my weird replies? lolol thanks so much!! I really appreciate such nice messages;; Hope you have a good day!♥

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“ well nobody else will help me…I want to go to school some day ‘nd I don’t wanna be the only kid who can’t read there. ” it wasn’t likely he would get a decent education but jack wanted it. koshka was jack’s last option. most of the other people jack asked were illiterate or drug addicts that couldn’t see straight. at least she seemed to have a job. “ Please? ‘s not long… ”

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      He should know BETTER not to trust him —  or anyone strange for that matter. with caution,   he closed the distance between them,   never taking his eyes off his, not for a second.   He wonders if this guy is saying THE TRUTH  –-   he don’t feel like human but he sure looks like one.

        “ ––– if ya are really an ANGEL , then where is yer halo  ?”


He had gotten it done that day. He hadn’t known what had come over him other than acting in a phase that he could only discribe as experimental.

He had gone to the nearest and had bought some blonde hair dye and when he had gotten home he had almost immedietly applied it to his hair. As soon as he had finished he gazed at himself in the mirror and began to look at the final result. 

It didn’t look half bad.

Running a hand through his hair, he moved out of the bathroom into the livingroom–when a certain fimilar jester sat on his couch surprised him. He certainly wasn’t expecting her to be there.  “What do you think?” He said. Gesturing to his head. “Too much?”