;; my skin is finally free

•first kiss•

feel my thoughts
like the falling rain
and descending
from dream shaped clouds
till they meet this fickle flesh
as we both mesh
hands firmly clenched
our eyes locked
passions stocked
and desire drips
from quivering lips
and upon our skin
each sin finally quenched
as our liquid lust flows
and in-between
from your longing
to my tingling
body and mind
until we both find
utter bliss
in our very first


“Just one minute,” he whispers, his head in the crook of my neck. His hair is soft, and it tickles my skin. “Give me one minute.”

I swallow hard, closing my eyes. Once upon a time, this was our every day.

I count to sixty in my head. Pass it. Let it pass. His body is warm. Another sixty pass. Let it pass again.

Finally, he lets go - immediately, I am cold. I turn around to see his face, and his eyes are searching mine with such pain my heart begins to ache. Then he straightens and the love in his eyes burns out.

“I’m sorry,” he says quietly. “I won’t do that again.”

I watch him go. My heart is throbbing.

—  one minute - oakflower

I just wanted to take a minute to share this. On the left was at my college graduation party, in October of 2011. The right is today, 5 years and 1 month later. Half of a decade has passed since I was that person on the left and it’s almost impossible to believe. Five years, wow…in that time I have changed so many things in my life. I ended a relationship/engagement that made me ultimately miserable. I cut out drinking and partying more often than not. I also got LASIK surgery and ditched the glasses, too. I spent time with myself being single & figuring out what made Autumn, well, Autumn. I learned to love myself and make myself happy, and then I met Shawn. He’s the only human I ever want to spend my life with. You’ve got to love yourself before anyone else but that makes it all the sweeter. I’ve learned just how to fuel my body & feed it healthily while still enjoying life and food in general. Additionally, I have fallen in love with fitness; CrossFit to be more specific. And I was finally able to free myself from the loose, excess skin that comes with major weight loss. I have spent this last half of a decade making a better version of myself. And I can promise that I will only improve from here.😌

I am finals-free and ready to return to my calling which consists of trying to make up for the lack of fanart for this ship on this godforsaken website

Hau with his hair down cleansed my skin, watered my crops and fed my Pokemon delicious Malasada 

He gave his bones to hold the ceiling;

He gave his skin to save his own; 

He gave his eyes to see through untruths;

He lost his sanity during it all.

Beware, the Crystalline Captain is free.

Another piece by @maxxdick, helping me bring yet another Fallen London character to life (specifically a Sunless Sea inspired one). Finally got around to playing Zubmariner and my goodness does that expand the content or what! I love it. Makes me want a Zubmariner for Sunless Skies despite what little sense that actually makes.

You were a first love, you were a heartache, and you were a teacher. With you I learned how to feel a heartbeat with my fingers, spiraling into my skin like a waterfall; I learned to count the stars in your eyes when you looked at me and then watch them burn out one by one. I learned to feel the frost in the air even with a warm body wrapped around mine, and I learned that the brightest smiles spit the filthiest lies. I finally figured out that people can’t be twisted like Rubik’s cubes – they can’t be turned into new creations by loving hands. I learned how quickly harmony can turn to dischord, rivers of love can run dry, smiles can bend to snarls, fingers can become knives in the back.
And I learned how you pay for things. Oh, how you pay.
—  what you taught me // abby, day 140
Vain (Part 3) - Jughead Jones

Part 1 - Part 2

Yay it’s finally here! Pretty sure if I waited any longer I would be skinned alive. There is also now a taglist at the bottom from people who have requested to be tagged, so feel free to message/ask me about that :) I also put @mrsjugheadjonesthethird there because the little cinnamon roll is Vain trash.

Oh and let’s appreciate that Doiley autocorrected to Toilet multiple times during this.

Warnings: - Swears

Jughead x Reader (still no romance, pacing my friends)

Words: 2,287

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” You groaned, looking back and forth between Betty and Jughead, who was already making a b-line for the door.

“Wait wait wait, Juggy come back!” Betty called out, causing his shoulders to sink as he huffed out and spun around on his heel to face the two of you. He shrugged, as if daring Betty to persuade him to stay.

Betty sighed, walking forward to stand in-between the two of you, who were now facing it off in a glaring contest. “You guys, listen. I don’t know about you, but something as big as Jason Blossom’s now confirmed murder doesn’t happen in small towns like these. There’s something big going on here, and I know the both of you are at least a little bit curious, besides you heard Miss Paige! You’re both such talented writers and the two of you working together could be a miracle!” she continued.

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some Taakos I drew during @roswelltxt / @emlynns’s stream!!!! I think I’m finally starting to figure out how I wanna draw this boy

also I’ve been obsessed w/ this podcast for so long and am just now posting draws?? I gotta post more draws!!! heck!!

Lie your body next to mine, 
let us dream of waking next to each other until we finally do
morning light stirring our bodies together;
you are the sugar melting into my coffee cup 
drawing out the bitter tastes
leaving a sweetness on my lips
that marks trails from your neck to your hip bones
while they are pointed toward the starless night sky that threatens us
that we can only answer in long languid moans 
and in waning crescent bite marks 
scattered across blank canvas skin 

“Look at the mirror baby” – Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Genre: Smut (this is like a drabble sorry >.<)

Word count: 217

Request: yes, finally got up this Hobi smut for anon :) feel free to send in requests


The sound of skin slapping echoed around the empty practice room. Hoseok’s fingers digging into your hips, there will probably be bruises there but you could care less. You were blinded with lust, pleasure from Hoseok’s cock buried deep in your walls.

“Look at the mirror baby. I want you to look at what a slut you are for me. For– fuck! my cock baby girl. Look at how deep I’m buried in your wet pussy” he grunted out while pounding into you.

You looked up to see yourself, your hair was a mess. Your neck was covered with hickeys. You’d definitely need to cover those up for work tomorrow. You saw your juices run down your thighs, you saw how Hoseok’s cock was sliding in and out of you at an unhuman rate.

“Fuck Hoseok don’t stop!” you practically screamed.

“Is my baby girl gonna cum?” you nodded. Maybe you shouldn’t have said anything because before you know it he was pulling out of you with a smirk on his face, making you whimper at the sudden loss.

“That’s not fair baby girl, I’m not anywhere near close to being done with you” he said while kneeling down on the floor, his hot breath fanning your core before his tongue made brief contact with your clit.

Just in case you’ve forgotten what I look like … 😂 look how pale I’m getting. Honestly the palest British girl over winter 😂 sorry I’ve not been getting back to messages / not posting much. I’m back in my final year at university and it’s pretty heavy work so I’m a busy bee. On the plus side I finish in April so I can start counting down til streaming soon !! I’ll probably be on Twitch so please feel free to message me and I’ll keep you in my to add for when I start streaming ☺
Anyway 👻👻 over and out 😇

First Kiss

This idea has been floating in my head all day and I know it’s been done countless times before, but I needed to let it all out, and here we are. This is simply my take on first kisses with the boys, and perhaps I’ll do more of these in the future with other scenarios - feel free to send ideas in!

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mycatisis  asked:

write your name in fire on my skin DVD commentary!

:DD Thank you so much for asking!

(write your name in fire on my skin)

Roxanne’s palm connects with a sharp crack; Megamind’s head snaps to the side with the force of the blow, but before Roxanne can feel more than a fleeting sense of satisfaction (she finally managed to work her arms free during a kidnapping, finally managed to—almost—escape), a burst of pain flares across the inside of her wrist. Jesus, she didn’t slap him that hard, did she? She didn’t want to hurt him, not really, just shock him enough to give her a chance to get away.

Soulmate AUs are one of those things that, when they work for me, really work for me. And I’ve always liked the versions that involve the soulmate’s name appearing on the character’s skin; this seemed especially interesting for a Megamind/Roxanne story because of the way that names are clearly so important to Megamind (he chooses his own name in canon; he’s appalled at being called ‘bernaaard’; he addresses Roxanne as ‘Miss Ritchi’ during their professional interactions, etc.)

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I can’t help but rejoice! My Goddess has returned and with her she brings the new beginnings of Spring! Just as she sheds her dark gowns of the Underworld, I shed my winter clothes, freeing my body of constraints and allowing my skin to finally feel the sun again. She disgards her crown and leaves her throne behind allowing me to disgard my winter depression and leave all hopelessness behind. Her warm embace full of joy and possibilities, I can’t help but rejoice. My Goddess has returned.

Welcome back, Persephone! How I missed you so!

Day Three Hundred Seventy Seven.

When I was five I had a nightmare that
My dad got hurt and it was my fault.
I never clung to him tighter.

When I was six, I fell in a puddle at recess.
The only one who took the time to help me up
Was my sworn enemy. 
That day I met my best friend.

When I was ten, bright eyes and frizzy hair
Gave me an awkward appearance. 
I finally felt comfortable in my own skin.

When I was twelve I moved, leaving my whole world behind.
My skin was the last place I wanted to be.

When I was thirteen I had my first kiss.
His lips were cold and stiff, not at all what
I thought love would taste like.

When I was fourteen, I thought 
I knew what love meant. 
I gave three simple words and 
My heart to a boy who was too young
To know what to do with it.

When I was sixteen, I was free.
I laughed, eyes sparkling, soul pure,
There was nothing to fear.

When I was seventeen I found a boy
Who was at the right place at the right time.
He crushed my heart in his calloused hands,
Pulverized my inexperienced lungs, stole every
Breath I didn’t know I could give. 

When I was eighteen, I began the process of 
Putting myself back together.

And then I met him

When I was nineteen my heart found its home,
Nestled itself comfortably between a stack of books,
Empty coffee cups, research papers, and in the arms of 
A young man who showed me that love could be good. 

When I was twenty…
Now I am twenty…

I am trying to write a story I don’t know how to tell, putting together puzzle pieces with worn out edges. They may no longer fit. 

When I look back, I hope I’ll say

When I was twenty, I remembered how to live.

the last glass of poison.
Shed my skin,
this last dead-weight.

When I wake,
who will I be?
Caught in a membrane
of all my fears and dreams.

If I sculpt back the layers of me,
will I finally be free?
Where, oh where,
will this journey take me?

—  Empty The Last Glass// Musings By Moonlight