;; greeter

Meeting of the Muses
  • "Hi, sorry, I saw you from across the room and had to say hi. Hi."
  • "Oops! So sorry. Did I hurt you?"
  • "I think they gave me your coffee by mistake."
  • "Your dress is beautiful."
  • "That is an adorable dog. What's their name?"
  • "Wow. What a jerk."
  • "I don't suppose you have a pen, do you?"
  • "Where did you get that coat? It's gorgeous."
  • "Is there a problem here?"
  • "Are you okay?"
  • "Did you loose a cat?"
  • "You left your bag behind."
  • "Sorry. I didn't mean to stare."
  • "You don't look good. Are you feeling okay?"
  • "It's raining and I don't have an umbrella."
  • "This is going to sound crazy but my car died and I need to call AAA but I left my phone at home. Can you call them for me?"
  • "You wouldn't happen to have seen a pair of sunglasses around, have you?"
  • "Have you been crying?"
  • "You look hungry, let's get you something to eat."
  • "I don't get modern art."
  • "I'm not sure it's a great idea to be in this neighborhood after dark."
  • "That smells amazing. What is it?"
  • "I have been trying to come up with a good opening line for a while and keep failing."
  • "Are you okay?"
  • "Is this your car? I'm afraid I nicked the door."
  • "Could you turn the music down?"
  • "Can you believe that asshole?"
  • "Sorry, let me move my stuff."


Rarity usually did not stroll the beach shore line alone at night. It was not safe for a lady to do alone at this hour but just minutes ago she had had her best friend Applejack with her. Only until Winona broke off her leash and began to chase after another stray dog and, in a display of uncharacteristic disloyalty, ran after the other animal. AJ had to bolt off after the canine.

“Be right back, Rares. Try to keep up.”

Rarity trotted after her farmer friend but did not rush too much. She was enjoying the early winter breeze and serene setting of the moonlight bathed across the ocean surface.

She sighed and took a seat, looking out on the ocean. If only she had somepony special to share it with. Friends were good, she knew. She should not complain. But still…

The sound of the ship horn in the distance was at first like a dream. Her alabaster ears twitched before she looked around in the starlight night for its source. She saw in the clearing fog a large sea vessel and stood. 

“What in the world?”

Thirty-nine have entered the waters...

Well, well! ‘ello there,” Bruce bellowed, grin spreading wide and toothily as he flashed his myriad of serrated pearly whites at the stranger in greeting. “And who might you be, eh?”










































 She definitely had taken on way too much when she had
decided to come to this town. Sometimes Jessica felt like
she could just feel all of the supernatural things that lurked
in the town, but at least she had gotten a job at the local
grill. That way she could pretend this move was just for a
change of scenery to stock up on more cash, rather than
trying to figure out what was causing the recent deaths.
Smiling, she turned to the customer that she had seen
in here quite a bit.

                           “There’s never a dull day in Mystic Falls,
                             is there? — What can I get you?”