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Coffee Confessions - Chris Evans Imagine

This is the cheesiest title but whatever XD 

Summary: An ideal fourth date in February? Simple. A cup of coffee and maybe a confession or two that Chris has been keeping from you for long enough. He couldn’t wait another moment to tell you that he saw as the stars aligning for him; the moment he met you. 

Requests? Open - (ask here!)

Here are my two prompt lists if you want to request one from there: Prompt One / Prompt Two  - My Masterlist -  Chris Evans / Steve Rogers Masterlist

Warnings? Fluffy!AF  / CutiePieChris / 

People: Chris / You

“Now, remind me again why we are doing this?”

“Because! Come on, what’s the worst that could happen?”

“I give you something that you’re allergic to and you die on my account and your fans stampede to my house and then they kill me too.”

“You’re quite creative…”

You shrugged and looked down at your dirty boots, “Some would call me cynical.” Chris smiled and just shook his head laughing quietly to himself. “Well, cynically creative it is then.” 

A small smile on your face. He just grins down at you then looks up at the menu.“Okay, well I’m only allergic to two things; Shrimp, and Cats. So if you find a shrimp cocktail on the Starbucks menu, I suggest you divert to another food.”  A giggle flew out of your mouth, making the two dimples on the apples of your cheeks strike Chris’s eye. He looked in your direction as you stared up at the menu above the Barista when he saw the beauty next to him chuckling at his allergies. Chris looked at you, with a spark in his eyes, “What!”

“Shrimp? Really? Interesting…”

“Oh, well Ms. Perfect, what allergies do you have?”

“I’m allergic to men who wear t0o much Axe body spray.” Chris bellowed out a laugh and didn’t receive a wink of attention from anyone inside the cramped Starbucks.

It was a busy Monday morning in Manhattan, people didn’t have time to glare at the happy couple on a weird ‘eight in the morning on Monday’ date.

Slinging his arm over your shoulder, Chris brought you closer as soon as you two finally reached the register. Suddenly it felt a hundred degrees hotter in here than it did a second ago.

When you ordered for Chris you decided to get him an Americano iced, with milk and one sugar. Adding a cake pop to your order, much to Chris’s amusement. He knew that you’d steal it from him later.

“I’ll have a Venti, Iced Caramel Macchiato with skim milk, and one slice of lemon bread to go, please.”

Your mouth must’ve hit the dirty Starbuck’s floor once he finished his order. You looked at Chris and saw he was amused by your expression when he glanced down at you, out of the corner of his eye.

“How the hell did you know that was what I liked?”

“Babe, we’ve gone on three dates and I’ve known you for what, a year now? If it’s mid-spring, and you aren’t wearing a jacket it’s an Iced Caramel Macchiato with skim milk, but you hate the thickness of regular milk, and lemon bread because it’s fucking awesome. No matter how much hate lemon bread gets, you’d defend it to your last dying breath.”

“I just don’t understand why this generation has no respect for lemon bread. It’s disgraceful!” Smiling down at you, he rests his head on top of yours as you two wait for your orders to be filled in the sea of busy Bostonian’s.

“So, what does your daily horoscope say today…” He peaked over and smiled, leaning back so people couldn’t get a good look at his face. He didn’t want to be recognized on your date, he wanted it to be just you two.

“What does it say?”

“Well, Miss. Aquarius, you are having a five-star day- and hey! So am I, the Gentle and Genuinely Handsome Gemini, if I may add.” Rolling your eyes, you put your hand on your hip, rolling your hand forward for him to continue. “It says; Wait for opportunities to come your way. You are waiting for a sign but you will not receive one unless you shoot for your goals. You are going to cross paths with…” He pauses for a second and smiles, leaning back as he looks at you. “What? I’m gonna cross paths with what?”

“The love of your life.” He says quietly.

You stopped for a second, and don’t even care when your name is rung out, “Order for Steve and order for James.”

Your eyes are wide, even while Chris moves to grab both your orders, “It says that?” Chris nodded, bringing you the lemon bread and iced drink.


“Well, what does your’s say?”

Chris sighed in content, pulling the door to the streets of Pant Suits and Cabbie’s yelling at one another. As the harsh winter air hit your faces, the breeze takes your hair back. Brushing the curly strands off of your shoulders that we’re covered in a simple black peacoat. “It said, ‘Gemini, you have already met your one and only. Don’t let them walk away without telling them how you feel or it will haunt you. You’ll regret it the moment they turn away into another lover’s arms.’”

Smiling down at you while you two start the short walk back to his apartment, Chris couldn’t help but a breath escapes him at the side of your perfect, pinched pink cheeks and puckered lips from being chapped from the vicious blowing winds.   “Well do you think your horoscope is true?”

“Hell yeah…” Chris answered you coolly, although a wave of anxiety hit him when he paused for a second before shooting a glance at you and quietly repeating you back your question, “Do you?”

You don’t need to look up from your lemon bread to know he’s watching you, you could just feel the love of his eyes bearing deep into your heart, making it pump blood faster every time those blue eyes were looking in your direction. With a small sip of your drink to let the bread go down easily, you reply confidently to Chris, not even skipping a step. “Fuck yeah.”

Smiling at you no longer feels like enough for him, so letting all fucks fly into the wind, he stood in front of you and bent down to land an impassioned kiss on your stinging lips that now just felt numb. Numb with a bee’s sting of love.

Chris was kissing you at the traffic light, not bothering to worry whether the world was watching or not. When the walkers started across the street, your lips parted from each other and Chris guided you along, letting you lean on him as a bit of support. Still in shock of the electricity that now coursed through your veins bled straight into your heart. Your brain was a haze by the moment you two just shared with a thousand other people on the corner of Village Street.

Together, you walk silently now, no longer feeling the need to fill the silence. The sky was blue and the sun had risen high above you two. Feeling his hand reach yours, you hooked your fingers with his and felt them grasp stronger, intertwining his fingers with yours. Chris was clutching onto you as if he was gonna lose you in the bustling crowd. Suddenly it felt like your safety came before his own on the bustling streets.

After a while, when you finally reached his apartment, you two sat down and relax for a second with Dodger begging to play fetch with his favorite toy, a rubber turtle that didn’t bounce that bad but let Dodger get in a bit of a good exercise until you’d take him down to Berrington Park.

Chris suddenly gives you the look of the joker, with a wide grin that could almost appear as sinister.  He was too cute to be sinister, though.  You took a bite of the lemon bread that was barely left. You had one, maybe two bites before it’d be done. Scarfing it down in what you knew would be very unflattering paparazzi photos soon.

“You made those horoscopes up, didn’t you?” Smirking, Chris nods, taking an unauthorized sip of your macchiato. Not that you cared or anything.

“What did yours really say, Chris?”

“It said…I’d  fall in love with a lemon head.” Smacking him on the arm, you giggle before surprising him and bringing him forward with your hand on the back of his head.

“Your such a clown sometimes, Christopher.”

“Some call it more sarcastic or dry.”

A soft smile fell onto your lips as you press them barely to Chris’s. He felt like a feather now laid on his lips. Setting the two drinks on the coffee table, you just barely mumbled into his kiss as those large, beautiful, slightly chapped  lips brought you in, “The Sarcastically Dry Comedian it is then.”

The story of the 5H fandom. What’s next?

I feel weirdly detached from all the drama right now, as if I’m just watching it all unfold from the outside. The way that the structure of this fandom has been continually reshaped over the most recent part of 5H’s career is fascinating (and disturbing). Having read that post about the Sony boss who discussed how they analyse and manipulate fanbases, I want to try and sum up the 5H story and recent events from that perspective.

For around 3 years there were just five girls who were cute and sung together and the fandom just bonded over loving 5H. Of course there were faves and fandom-bickering and shippers, but nothing out of the ordinary for a modern pop group. Then the seeds were planted for Camila’s solo career and she was given opportunities that separated her from the group. Hence the birth of the Camilizers vs OT4 battle. For over a year it seemed that the people in charge encouraged and reinforced this separation - effectively building two separate fanbases ready for when the split would happen. 

Meanwhile, as time went on, ‘faving’ someone increasingly became about aggressively stanning one girl at the expense of the others. This came to define the 5H fandom. I’m sure other fandoms have similar issues, but this hateful problematic kind of stanning became so woven into the fabric of Fifth Harmony that its hard to even imagine a time when the fandom was normal. 

And while all this was going on, the battle between shippers and non-shippers grew to new heights. A large portion of the fan-base were young LGBT fans who sought solace in ‘camren’, but as time went on and the shipping became more and more of an inconvenience to the girls personally, and to the label’s mainstream marketing strategy, ‘camren’ became elusive. Luckily for the label, a large portion of the LGBT shipping fanbase was maintained as many jumped ship to ‘laucy’ which was becoming ever more publicised each day. Then finally, with the help of ‘Laucy’, Lauren was able to come out without it affecting Camila or the mainstream appeal of the group too much. From a personal and moral perspective Lauren’s coming out was a brave and commendable move (something no-one can take away from her). But from a PR perspective, Lauren became an LGBT icon and her individual public persona was strengthened. The loyal LGBT fanbase who were originally drawn in by camren, were now encouraged to stick with 5H just for the representation they found in Lauren alone. 

The problem is, this was a lot of pressure to put on Lauren’s shoulders. She never asked to be a sex symbol or an LGBT icon. Only a short while after coming out, both of Lauren’s big ships have been killed. This means they are running the risk of losing a large portion of the fanbase that feeds on Lauren’s relationships and personal life. I have already seen multiple big accounts leaving the fanbase or distancing themselves from the situation. Yet again, a few small events and pointed moves have radically restructured the fan base.

So here is where we are now in the story. A state of limbo. If a large portion of the fanbase are sailers without a ship, then a void has been left. This is what worries me. How are they going to fill the void? i honestly don’t think they can afford to lose this huge portion of the 5H fanbase. How are they going to keep this part of the fanbase interested in Lauren and 5H? Are they going to fill it through PR relationships? Stunts? Drama? Or just sexualising Lauren even more? In any case it’s going to be a lot of PR pressure all put onto Lauren. I just feel like they must have something big up their sleeves and they have proven that they are not afraid to feed info about her personal life to the media. I don’t know what’s going to happen next but I just know that they have to feed the fandom something big and juicy if they want to retain the core fanbase, and this is what worries me. All I want is for Lauren and the other 4 girls to be able to live their private lives without having to navigate all the PR strategies that are used to manipulate the fanbase for business purposes. i imagine meeting rooms where business people discuss the different categories of the fanbase (Queer, Straight, Young, old, camren shippers, laucy shippers, camilizers, OT4s, Laurenizers etc.. etc…) and move the pieces around on the metaphorical chess board. Even though I‘m sure some of the events we witness do unfold naturally, I still think most of the time they know exactly what they’re doing, and they always have the next move in mind.

I just want the girls to be happy, and I hope they find ways to not get too caught up in all this bullshit.


Harry Styles could be easily described as a gentleman, sweet, loving and caring. No one in the public eye had caught him mad ever, even with all the hate he received daily. And to everyone he was always nice, his tone low, sweet, slow. His eyes evergreen, dimples showing. His mantra was “There is no need of violence when you can always talk things out.” A huge fan of peace.

You and Harry have been a couple for almost three years and two in the public eye. Those had been the weirdest yet happiest years of your life. Harry was the sweetest man alive, always worried about your safety, your confort. However he could not do much as you were hated as much as he was loved but you tried to push that aside and enjoy your road with him.

Right now the two of you were at a fancy restaurant, celebrating a friend´s birthday- well, Harry´s friend. You did not know anyone there, you could recognize some faces, yes, but no one to talk to, everyone was in their own world. Harry knows so many people that even after all the years you have known him, seemed like you just could not meet them all. You felt bad for Harry because he could not really enjoy the party, talk to his friends because he had to be with you, so you excused yourself to the toilet so he could talk to some of his friends.

Once you were out of it you stopped for a drink but before you could even take it a waiter approached you with another drink. “Excuse me Miss, the gentleman of that table send you this with a message.” The waiter politely handed you the napkin that could read “I know you think I am hot, you can meet me at the toilet right now and we could have the best night of your life.” You looked at him, he was young and definitely hot, but still creepy, so you told the waiter to give that man the drink back and to tell him that you had a boyfriend and were no interested in his offer.

Before you could even get an answer you ran directly to where Harry was, talking to a couple of friends “Rob and Janine” as they introduced themselves. You tried your best to keep the conversation but you could feel the man´s eyes on you all night, and you wished your dress would be a little less tight.

Now it was Harry´s turn to go to the washroom, and soon enough a couple of hands were holding you tight by the waist. It was him. He made you turn around so now you were facing his chest, his breathing in the back of your neck and you were too shocked to even move a muscle. “You better don´t try anything sweetheart, I have three of my best man near the men´s bathroom, and a single whine can make your dear boyfriend stay in the hospital for a whole month or even better, a free ticket to the grave.” He was leading you to the exit, while pretending that you were dancing. You didn´t want Harry to be hurt. Small sobs left your mouth as fear took over your body. “No, please, do not hurt him.” He laughed in the most evil way possible that only made you feel sick. “Oh love, is you that I want. I have been wanting you for me since the first time I laid my eyes on you. I am your biggest fan, I have tweeted you every single day, I have all your Instagram pictures in my phone, I even have an account about us, the only one getting in our way is that dork you call boyfriend, killing him would only make us a favor” You could only cry. Of course he was the stalker that never let you alone on any social network, you remember those sexual tweets, the horrid comments on Instagram, his phone number on any post you made. The threats to Harry on your feed. All from him.

The room was full but nobody noticed your fear. 

Soon you were outside and noticed Ruben, your bodyguard waiting for you and Harry and muttered a HELP ME without being noticed by the man that was pulling you inside a limo. Where are the paps now that they are needed you thought. But of course it had to be a private party at the outside of the city. 

Then everything happened fast. The stalker was now on the floor and Harry on the top of him hitting him hard, with so much rage, blood was coming out of the stalkers face. “YOU DO NOT TOUCH MY GIRLFRIEND EVER, YOU DO NOT TRY TO GET HER AWAY FROM ME, SICK IDIOT. LET. US. ALONE.” You wanted to stop him but were too shocked to. You searched for Ruben but he  was fighting with two men and one was lying on the floor. You looked back to Harry, his hands full of blood and you screamed… “HARRY, STOP, YOU ARE GONNA KILL HIM.” He heard your voice, so scared. He stopped punching the guy and looked at you, so vulnerable and crying that he felt like crying too. “Oh love.”

He had seen it all. When the man pulled you to dance but thought he was a friend, then he noticed, how you were dragged out of the restaurant. A man tried to grab him but Harry was faster, once he was out he noticed how you muttered HELP and ran over the guy as Ruben took the three guys behind Harry. God, he felt furious, rage, anger but most of all fear, the fear of losing his love, the air he needed to breath, his other half and the only way he found to express that was to punch the one that tried to take you away from him. He had never felt that way, so vulnerable himself. He could not bear it. And that is when he noticed how much he really needed you, your angelic voice, your laugh, your eyes and hair, your love.

He could never make it without you.

GOT7 “FLY in USA” Controversy - Mark’s “Friends” EXPOSED

As many of you have heard by now, GOT7 has been having a PR nightmare with Yugyeom’s underaged drinking and Bambam using the n-word. Both cases stemmed from actions of Mark’s hometown “friends”

While Mark obviously has great friends too, the ones who attended his LA concert and the pool party afterwards prove to be a horrible bunch as IGOT7′s and other netizens published and discovered a lot of troubling evidence.

We have collected all credible sources here at K-Pop Timeout for your easy reference.

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Ok, guys. Something happened and it’s making me really pissed and annoyed. As you all know, I wrote a smutty piece of fiction for Altaïr over a year ago

I posted it at AO3, as well as here - and a lot of people loved it. But imagine my surprise, when I woke up today to this message!

Then I went to investigate this and turns out it’s true.

Every single word of what they posted is mine. I wrote all of it and someone just radomly posted it as theirs? This is absurd. I sent them a message, asking to take it down because, well, it’s mine. And I’d like to ask my followers with accounts at AO3 to do the same. 

This isn’t really fair. I get no money with these, I wrote it because I enjoy writing and posting Assassin’s Creed content for fans - since I am a fan mysel - and the lack of recognition just kills the work of the author. Please, help me report this?


That comment section of “let’s talk” is honestly making me sick to my stomach. Sure, people can disagree with Jack. But telling him to kill himself? Really? You do not realize how much that can hurt an individual. Every single person makes mistakes. You cannot expect YouTubers to be absolutely free from hate & media all the time. Especially when they have this many people in their fan-base. Sure, some of the things Jack said were not perfect, but he’s a human being. He does not deserve to be bashed upon and told to kill himself for something as silly as this. Neither does Felix.

I feel so ashamed to be a part of this community after seeing how quickly a lot of you resorted to slinging toxic bullshit at Sean JUST for speaking his mind on a real world issue! Sean didn’t backstab anyone! It’s not backstabbing, or throwing someone under the bus when you hold them accountable for the choices they make! If you ask me, the real backstabbers here are YOU! Sean took pride in this community. He’s bragged about how you guys kept it a safe, friendly environment, and THIS is how you repay him!? If Sean made and uploaded a video, with a look of disappointment on his face, and says that he’s ashamed of us all, I wouldn’t blame him one bit! When is it gonna sink in for you that we’re ALL in this same life TOGETHER!? I’m so confused how Jack is “back-stabbing” Felix. He’s just giving an opinion, aren’t friends supposed to tell you when you screw up, so you don’t make the same mistake again? I feel like Jack is getting to much hate for this, and he might get really depressed because of what people say, and yes, you may not agree with Jack, but it’s not worth making him feel like garbage.

Jack, you are smart, we fucking appreciate you dude. You aren’t throwing him under the bus because you are simply stating your opinion. Felix is a good guy. We all agree. Please stay strong. We all have opinions and we are all allowed to talk about them. Just as long as you know what you are standing for and why you are standing for him.



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So one of your biggest fans kills themself and you don't even say anything about it? That's kind of fucked up if you ask me. I wasn't going to mention it cuz I thought you were still upset but it's been months now and still nothing.


Cool of you to message this anonymously so that we can’t have an actual conversation about this. You can just say whatever you want and you’re not held accountable.

I had a private, personal exchange with that individual on Tumblr. I tried to help them out with their situation as frequently as I could. I tried to help them figure out solutions to their problems, plan for the future, and I tried to be encouraging. I had an exchange with them on their last day– you have no idea what that did to me– but sure, you could say that I was pretty “upset” about it.

I didn’t make a public post because that felt disingenuous for me. Funerals are to help the living cope– they’re not for the dead. Most of my followers didn’t know them, so who would it have been for? I do have one follower that I know of– a beautiful, amazing person– they knew them personally and I tried my best to help them through it when my personal schedule permitted. Okay, so who does that leave? To me, I felt like posting about it publicly would primarily serve me. Like: “look how much I care.” “Look how big my heart is.” “Follow me, please.” “Like and reblog.” I refuse to exploit someone’s death for my own benefit. I didn’t want to post about it publicly, because I didn’t want to feel like I had anything to gain from it.

I talked about it with the people that I’m close to. That’s how I coped. If you knew them, then you know how amazing they were, and I’m sorry that you had to see them go. If you didn’t know them, then I don’t know why you think you have a right to give me shit about this.

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collider jedi council still think that kylo is irredeemable & won't face any of the internal conflicts he had in tfa in tlj. some of the people on their panel even go as far as to think that he didn't struggle with killing his father; it really frustrates me because they're generally one-sided in regards to his character. they tend to glorify han solo's character & not take into account that he might not have been the perfect example of a father to kylo.

Collider is fine and the individuals seem nice and sincere with their love for Star Wars, but I think it’s fair to say that deep contemplation and character analysis are not their strengths. They’re fans of the nostalgia of it all as much as anything else, and they’re quite clearly much more invested and interested in the legacy characters (particularly Han and Luke) than the new ones. That’s why ‘Luke whipping out the green saber and trashing the KOR’ is right at the top of their wish list - they’re in it for the wish fulfilment and pandering to nostalgia, rather than the new stories being told. In short, I wouldn’t worry about their being close-minded for now - they’re the kind of fans who will accept whatever they’re given as long as it’s a decent story and has enough traditional SW iconography to satisfy them.

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arrow :)

Because I’m dumb and reblogged two different ask games, you get two for the price of one!

Who I will protect at all costs: Dinah Laurel Lance
Who deserves better: Dinah Laurel Lance
Who was killed off too early: Dinah Laurel Lance (and Shado, and Moira, and Amanda Waller…)
Who I used to hate but now I love: I wouldn’t say hate but I wasn’t sure how I felt about Thea at first. She seemed to be written to be a bit of a brat at the beginning, and I think in a different actress’ hands it would have been unbearable. But Willa brings so much to the role and to the pain that Thea experiences from losing her family over and over and over again while still managing to remain a fun character. Thea’s easily one of the most developed characters on the show from where she started to where she is now and all I can say is I want more Speedy, damnit. Also I loathed Quentin at first and tbh he will always be very problematic but I have grown to appreciate his complexity and what it brings to the show.
Who I used to love but now I hate: I still stand by Malcolm was the best villain. I’m not really here for Slade’s Shado-induced manpain and his constant targeting of women. But Malcolm sucks after s1 so now I hate him. Also Felicity gets real stale real fast after s1. And I soured on Sara despite the show really trying to make me sympathize with her in s2 because she continues to take the people who love her for granted (i.e. Laurel and Nyssa, dear god, tell the poor woman you’re not interested in a relationship anymore or something, don’t just skip off and start sleeping around all across time while she continues to call you her beloved) and she’s just generally never held accountable for anything she did thus making her seem like a very self-centered person who never thinks about anyone else’s pain and I’m not a fan of it.
Who needs to be killed off asap: Malcolm Merlyn needed to die a while ago. I used to think they shouldn’t do it because Dark Archer is such an important part of GA but like…he’s barely been Dark Archer since s1 and his characterization has become so weak in the latter seasons plus the fact that he continues to live while all these amazing female characters be getting fridged left and right turns my stomach.
Who is unfairly hated: Dinah Laurel Lance
Who is unfairly loved: Felicity
Who needs to sort out their priorities: Felicity “No, Ray, Oliver!” Smoak and Oliver *drives off into the sunset leaving his traumatized sister behind* “why can’t I save the city and my relationship” Queen.
Who needs a hug: Thea and Oliver. Basically they should just hug each other, like, all the time. They’re about the only two regular characters I still care about. Also Quentin could probably do with a hug. And Laurel should be resurrected so she can get a hug.
Who needs to get out of their current relationship: I don’t really know Oliver’s current relationship status because I haven’t been watching really but he could do with being single for a while. Not forever, necessarily, but his romantic history is so freaking messy at this point and it’s exhausting to care about
Who the writers love: For god knows what reason at this point, Felicity
Who needs a better storyline: Part of me wants to say Felicity but they’ve wasted so many storylines and so much screen time on her already to no avail, so I’m gonna say Diggle. I miss when he wasn’t just the third wheel on O/T/A and had his own relationships with characters and his own concerns about the city. Now it just sort of feels like he shows up to fight just cause.
Who has an amazing redemption arc: Nyssa going from “attempting to kill the Lance family” to being like the unofficial guardian of the Lance family was pretty great tbh. I’m also seriously hoping for a Black Siren redemption because it would be amazing, so fingers crossed!
Who is hot af: Dinah! Laurel! Lance!
Who belongs in jail: I mean they’re technically all lawless vigilantes lmao but I’m gonna say Felicity for all this Helix bs or Curtis for basically manipulating Felicity and Oliver into have drunk nonconsensual sex.

Who needs to be revived from the dead: Dinah Laurel Lance

Favourite Female: Hey guess what, it’s Dinah Laurel Lance!
Favourite Male: I guess either Oliver or John especially from the earlier seasons. I miss their Big Belly Burger hangouts, man.3 Other Favourite Characters: Thea Queen, Quentin Lance, Nyssa al Ghul3 OTPs: Lauriver, Moira/Walter, and uhhhh I guess Dyla? I mean, I feel like they keep having the same argument about ARGUS over and over again which is kind of troubling but hopefully they can resolve it and move on.Notp: O/F please stop torturing those characters and us with their terrible, terribly written angst-fest.Funniest character: I’m gonna go Thea or Quentin.Prettiest character: Dinah Laurel Lance (is this a surprise? I literally tag all her gifsets with “a goddess”)Most Annoying Character: Felicity although Curtis is really trying to usurp her so they might tie actually.Most badass character: Laurel or Nyssa. I love both their journeys and how it’s shaped them into the amazing people they are. But tbh almost every character on this show is some form of badass.Character I’d like as my BFF: I’d want to be best friends with Laurel and Thea together cause c’mon they’re a package deal.
Female Character I’d Marry: You can put me in an alien dream world if you want if it’d let me marry Dinah Laurel Lance.Male Character I’d Marry: Hmmmm. Pretty much every male character currently on the show is kind of fucked up in some way or form. I’mma go Walter. Or maybe Constantine. Does Constantine count?Character I hate/dislike/least like: Felicity purely because for inexplicable reasons they keep wasting screen time and storylines that never go anywhere on her. If she were less focused on it’d probably be Malcolm here.
Things we learned from PINOF8

-Phil doesn’t know how to spell Whiskers.

-Phil has an Uncle named John, Jam, Dangaland. 

-Snails breathe through their snoses.

-Dan’s dimple is approximately 17 feet deep.

-Dan has a lot of stress.

-Dan is more Yuri and Phil is more Viktor (supposedly)

-”Yo watt up it’s, Cog Boi. KILL ME”

-Water is important and Phil is hydrated. 

-They can play ‘The Internet Is Here’ with their noses.

-No Face looks great with Dan’s fringe.

-Honey comes straight from the bees teet.

-Dan doesn’t believe in the Tooth Fairy.

-Phil likes big butts and he cannot lie.

-AmazingPhil  is a ‘thicc’ channel.

-Phil’s fan account would be named “PhilsEyelash

-Dan is an ace Jazz singer.

-Dan scrubs his arms first in the shower

-Phil has a third ear, which he scrubs first in the shower.

-”His names Phil Lester, thankfully not Moe. He never made this YouTube video. He’s so perfect like a cake, He’s a better rapper than Drake.” 

-Phil put Dan’s phone charger inside of a horse.

-Dan’s butt is $$ and everyone looks at it.

-Phil has a sleepy butt.

-They each have 27 chins.

-Dan thinks sniffing a flip flop is flag worthy.

-Phil hates beginning aware of his own breathing.

-Dan can fit a whole banana in his mouth.

-Phil has sensitive lips.

-Dan can say ‘Yeah Boi’ for 26 seconds straight.

-Dan’s a ghost and doesn’t believe in humans.

-Dan can pick Phil up.

-Phil thinks he’s going to break his legs while Dan is picking him up.

-They will be back next year for number 9, unless they die.


•Joji smoking appreciation post! I don’t know why, but I find it so attractive to see someone smoking lol kill me. Anyways, hope you enjoy!•

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I’ve heard. Super sad, so many young fans were hurt and killed. It saddens me so much.

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19,30,31,44 from the ask writers meme

*first of all, Gee messaged me and changed 19 to 22*

22) favorite story you’ve ever written -  I’m not my biggest fan, but I rather enjoy my comedy (in that I amuse myself) - it’s got to be the KittenPressure series, titled The Adventures of Toby Hooper! The whole thing, all four stories. I can’t help it, I love talking animals!

30) hardest part of writing - Getting it from my brain onto my laptop. As many unfinished stories as I have sitting in GoogleDocs, I have twice that many in my brain. And endings… endings nearly kill me!

31) easiest part of writing - For me it’s the jokes. Humor comes very easily to me (on account of me being a smart arse). 

44) do you write linear or do you write future scenes if you feel like it? - I usually write linear, but not always. If I have something that I just NEED to get down but it’s happening at the end of the fic, I’ll write it up on a separate doc and add it later.  

Thanks, Gee! Love you!

Obsession Gone Wrong (One-Shot)

Featuring: Jiyong/G-dragon
Story type: One-shot
Story Summary: Angst, mild violence, Injuries 

Warning: This one-shot contains scenes of physical violence 

I pulled my knees closer to my chest. Tears staining my white pants but I didn’t care. My legs and arms felt weak. It has been a week since the paparazzi took that photo of Jiyong and I hugging outside my house. Chaos ensured after that and I had to delete all my social media account because it was getting so much hate.

“You are so ugly how did he even fall in love with you??”

“Please go kill yourself. Jiyong is mine!”

“Who do you think you are?! Some ugly bitch”

Comments such as these were the most terrible. I couldn’t keep track of just how many people had asked me to kill myself. When Jiyong caught me crying that night, he had made sure that I deleted all the accounts and not read them. He reassured me that I was the only person that he will stay with and that he will talk to his fans about it in the upcoming concert next month. Little did he know, the harassment continued as the haters found my email and my house address. I had received hate mails in my mailbox and one of them even put dead insects inside the envelope.

Just what have I done to deserve all these. I thought to myself that it will pass and that the haters will eventually grow tired and accept the fact. That was what Jiyong told me. But 1 week has passed and I began to doubt that fact. The abuse had gotten worst though, one time, I found a group of haters hiding in the bushes near my house and as I exited, they threw stones at me. Luckily security at my apartment had taken notice of this and made the security in my area tighter.

Having to encounter all these issues had definitely taken a toll on my psychological wellbeing. I was not as chatty, more moody and simply don’t have any enthusiasm to do anything aside from lay in bed and close my eyes. I was frustrated and the comments were starting to get to my head.

“Baby. Do you wanna watch movie with me?” Jiyong asked as he peers into my room. Although it was the late afternoon when the sun have not set yet, the thick curtains in my room made it seemed as though it was late night. 

“Uh… I am tired” I replied hesitantly, turning to face the other side, pulling the blankets above my head. I heard Jiyong sighed heavily as he began to walk closer to me. He lay beside me and pulled me towards him, to which I resisted fiercely. “Don’t…..” I trailed. “Baby look at me” Jiyong said firmly before pulling me into a sitting position.

“What’s happening? You have not been talking to me properly, neither are you replying my text and then now you don’t even want to look at me?” His tone got harsher and harsher as he tense up and his eyebrows creased together.

“I am just tired Jiyong. Leave me alone” I said weakly before trying to plop back into my bed. I did not wanted to tell him about the hate as he already had enough things to be worried about.

“OKAY. I Will. I will leave you alone. In fact, I am so sorry for bothering you!!!” Jiyong shouted at my sleeping form on the bed. I shut my eyes close tightly. I didn’t wanted to imply that but I didn’t have any energy to reply him. I had stayed up the entire night shivering in fear because just last night, I received a doll with a knife in its chest delivered to my doorsteps.

“Everytime I had free time, all I did was try to contact you and now you saying that I am bothering you?! FINE. I should have concentrated on my work instead of trying to be concern! Do you know I barely got any songs recorded? THE FANS ARE WAITING YOU KNOW” Jiyong continue shouting.

“THEN GO. GO AND RECORD YOUR SONGS FOR THEM” the last sentence had triggered the anger in me and I got up angrily and looked at Jiyong.

“Okay. If they is what you want” Jiyong declared with his voice low and serious. He stood up and left the bedroom and closed the door with a slam.

Tears rolled down my face as I lay back down in frustration. I could hear the main door unlocked and slam before silence filled the air. I lay there in the darkness, not wanting to lift my head up as I continue to sob into the pillow. Just then my phone started ringing and I picked it up immediately thinking that it would be Jiyong.



I cut off the line and sat up in shock, staring at my phone. My hands started to shake as my eyes dart around the room and looking at the window. I felt fear engulf me as I turned off my phone once it started ringing again. A million thoughts went through my head.

This place is not safe anymore.

I began to take my backpack out and started packing clothes enough for the week. Taking along my laptop and a few other valuables. The plan was to go to my parent’s place and to stay there till everything settles. I called the security guard to ask if they had seen any unusual activity around my apartment and as they finished their night rounds and told me that it was safe, I left my house in a hurry, going to the basement to get into my car.

“HEY, STOP THERE” a high-pitched voice was heard as I excited the elevator into the basement.

“BITCH, STOP RUNNING”, as I felt my heart pounding and I began to ran towards my car.

As I reached my car, a pair of strong arms gripped the back of my backpack and yanked me backwards. I cashed into the ground sideways and hurriedly tried to move backwards and away from them.

“What do you want?” I shouted, voice trembling, as I was definitely outnumbered.

The rest of the girls joined her and a total of 4 girls were now coming towards me.

“Please. Leave me alone. There are security upstairs, they will come down anytime” I pleaded as I tried to stand up. The strongest girl pushed me back to the ground and stomped her feet on my hand.

“Bitch where do you think you are going?” as she drilled her feet into my hair and I screamed out in pain.

The other girl shoved her camera into my face. “Poor bitch, getting what she deserved” as she panned the camera in and out. A slap went right across my face and another pulled my hair and jerk at it with all her strength. Tears rolled down my eyes as I let out muffled screams. One of the girls had stuffed a cloth into my mouth and taped it shut. The torments continue for quite sometime as I nearly pass out from the pain they were inflicting on me. Slaps, punches, pushing me into the ground, smacking me with something hard on my head.

“mmm…mmmmmmhhppp” I whimpered against the cloth.

“HEY” I heard a loud voice as the girls stopped midway into attacking me. The hand that was wrapped around my neck tensed and quickly, it was removed and I fell to the ground. The girls were running away and the guards were chasing after them. I slowly crawl up avoiding putting pressure on my hand that was being stepped on. Groaning in pain as I peeled off the tape and one of the guards had returned from chasing the girls.

“We lost them” I heard him report to the other guard before he began walking towards me. “Are you okay? Should we call an ambulance?”

I shook my head. I examined myself and did not feel anything major aside from the bruises and tenderness on the skin where they had punched and slapped me. My hand was red and swollen but it was no emergency. I just wanted to retreat somewhere quiet and safe.

“Can you help me back my apartment?” I asked the guards.

“Sure, you sure you don’t want to go to the hospital?” the guards asked.

“Yeah. I am alright, I will go tomorrow morning” I replied, face frowning as I try to get up.

“Okay. Come let me carry the bag for you”

As I stumbled into my apartment and he helped me onto the chair gently, he gave me a nod and left my house. I sat there an examined myself. Cuts, bruises, my hand could not moved and my head was aching. I tilt my head backwards on the sofa and drift off to sleep as my adrenaline wears off.

JIyong POV:

I was so frustrated as I left her apartment. Ever since that day that the photograph of us hugging got online and she receiving so much hate, she had been like that. In fact, every time she has a problem, she always seems to withdraw herself from everything including myself. I hated it whenever she did that. It was as though she couldn’t trust me to be there for her.

I sighed in despair as I reached my apartment.

“Hyung? Why are you back so early?” Seungri asked

I looked up and saw the rest of the members sitting on the sofa, they were watching a movie but had all stopped and looked at me once I entered the house.

“I had a quarrel with her..” I said in defeat, as I plop myself on the couch beside them, snuggling onto Seungri’s arm.

“Is it… cause of the hate?” Seunghyun asked.

“I don’t know…. She don’t want to tell me anything” I sighed in frustration as I closed my eyes. 

Seungri patted my head softly. “She will Hyung… just give her time.. it always seem to be that case”

I nodded. In fact I knew that fact very well. I decided that I will visit her tomorrow when both of us has settle down and started to watch the movie with them, screaming whenever the ghost pop out of the screen.

“Jiyong” Youngbae trailed as he stared at his phone intently, a frown visible on his face.

“What?” as I continue to watch the movie. Youngbae stood up and turned the television off and turned around, looking at me with a very serious expression.

“Where’s Y/N?” he asked, eyes full of worries as he pass me his phone.

“At home” as I looked at his phone which was on a instagram page titled “Gdragon_protector_4ever”. There were several videos and I opened one of them to play it.

“BITCH. HOW DARE YOU” as a slap went down on Y/N face, which was already very red. The camera pan towards the side, which showed another girl stepping and stomping on her hand.

My heart raced as I stood up and immediately sprinted towards the door. “YA HYUNG WE ARE COMING” Seungri shouted as the rest followed me out of the door.

As I reached her apartment, I key in the passcode and burst in. “Y/N??!??!”. We had tried calling her on the cell phone but it couldn’t connect. My eyes scanned around the house before falling on a figure curled up on the sofa.

“Y/N??! HEY BABY?! ARE YOU OKAY?” as I bent down and swipe the hair away from her face, only to see more bruises and some dried blood on her face. She stirred a little in her sleep and her face turned into a frown. “Don’t…. hur…hurt me please” she whispered, instinctively putting her hand up towards her face.

“hey it’s me Jiyong” as I patted her head lightly, afraid that I was going to hurt her more.

Daesung and Youngbae were now taking out the contents of the first aid box and started preparing the items. Seungri and Seunghyun had dragged the blanket and pillow out of the bedroom and brought them to the sofa.

My POV: 

As I tried my best to open my eyes, my right eye felt incredibly swollen and I was unable to open it fully. I shifted then immediately shut my eyes in pain as my entire body ache. It literally felt like something huge had fallen onto me.

“Jiyong?” I whispered as I felt someone patting my head softly.

“Yeah, lets go to the hospital okay?” he said gently as his eyes examine my body, looking at all the injuries.

“No. I am fine, Just bruising, except for my hand. Let’s go tomorrow instead. I am tired…” I replied honestly before trying to sit up. Jiyong noticed it and immediately helped me up, his movements very gentle as though he was afraid to cause me more pain.

“Let me see…” as he stretch out my arms and looked at my face. Youngbae had started dapping the dried blood off my forehead and applying antiseptic cream, blowing on it gently to let it dry.

Jiyong sighed as he wrapped his arms around me and allowed me to lean onto his shoulder.

“I am sorry….” I whispered, leaning against him.

“I am sorry too..” he replied “but please… next time tell me. I want to know. I want to share your burden. Okay?”. I nodded as I buried my face in his chest, feeling safer than ever.

“URGH. Those sasaeng fans….. AISH!!!!” he said in frustration.

“Lets make a police report tomorrow. And Y/N I think you should stay with us for the time being. They have gone too far” Seunghyun said in a low serious tone.

“No…..I think they are still schooling…they look really young and if we go to the police, it will leave a mark on their report…” I replied worriedly. 

“Ya! They beat you up and you are still concern about them?!” Seungri raised his voice, a tinge of annoyance obvious in his voice.

“Speak to their parents…. Don’t go to that extend” I sighed as I close my eyes and lay my head back on Jiyong chest.

As Seungri opened his mouth to protest, Jiyong held his hand up to stop him.

“Okay baby. We will do that. But we are going to the hospital first thing in the morning” Jiyong said seriously. “Now close your eyes, we will be here with you” 

With that and a tender kiss on my forehead, I closed my eyes and let exhaustion take over my mind.

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 So many thoughts about how this scenario could go. Perhaps another … in future……….  “Smirks” 


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001.  i adore @miidgeklump / @kicckass / @onelined  and all her other accounts i.  ok i followed sky on harvey and admired her from afar for the most part until she sent me a really cute meme and i’ve been in Luv ever since.  her portrayals are all so on point and the dialogue for each muse is so Unique and Good and she’s gotten me 2 care abaout one of the weirdest crossover ships i’ve had yet so #props

002.  i’m also a huge HUGE fan of @leftoverfear  /  @chaostheoried  /  @venomclaws like.  cj kills it at everything she does can u believe??  i’ve admired her multi from a far for a while just bc of how impressive all of her portrayals are and how she posts so many Amazing Quality things per day like frankly leftoverfear.tumblr.com is goals as hell and im so thankful 2 have multiple threads w her

003.  um @leftown owns me ?? like idk talking / headcanoning with lee recently has made me laugh way 2 hard but anyways.  i luv lee and i love lee’s portrayal of gladys because its taken a character that ( in the verse of the show at least ) would be so easy to dismiss and made her so lovable and human and i have a lot of feelings about lee’s specific gladys and this blog over all

004.  ok so @finalgore  /  @owngods  is also one of the bests in my mind ?? megan is so good at all the characters she takes on ?? like shes another one of those people that you can really tell passionately loves her muses and on all the blogs ive followed her on that 100% shows like.  good golly.  megan is the tru mastermind

005.  what would this post be without calling out my actual daughter @neardaeth  /  @atmonets  ??  ellie is so sweet and funny and honestly we’ve still yet to write (( ur starters in my queue,, i promise))  shes so fun to talk to and goofy.  and i luv admiring the writing she does do from the wings im absolutely the mrs. george to her regina ://

blog rec meme !

You are too pretty to cry - M.E

This is for @yesjustanotherwriter

I sat there staring at my screen eating pot noddles. Logging in on my Twitter account. I read hateful messages after hateful messages. It broke me, no more like killed me inside. I never told Matt that his fans hated me. I didn’t want to hurt. I read along in my head

F/A/N @Y/N you are so ugly you need to leave Matt alone you fattie.

“F/A/N @Y/N go kill yourself.

My throat started to tighten up and the taste of salt started to come through in my throat. I started to break down inside. Every bit of self esteem I had was gone. Completely gone.

I Always struggled with self esteem especially now since Matt was surrounded by beautiful girls calling his name. I felt the door open and I tried to hide my sobs but they just came out louder. I sounded like a cat wailing when they hurt them self.

"Y/N baby What’s wrong please don’t cry! Please I can’t stand to see you upset!” Said Matt, my boyfriend wrapping his long arms around my waist. He rubbed his fingers along my skin making me feel loved. “Your fans hate me! Look at the hundreds of tweets from them all!” I said losing my breath I between each word since my sobs were making me lose my breathe.

“Princess you are to beautiful! Please don’t let your crown fall! They don’t mean it! They are just immature and can’t deal with me dating someone!” Matt said trying to keep calm. He wasn’t doing well since he was running his fingers through his long dark blonde hair. His hands were clenching into first and his jaw was clenched making his jaw line visible.

“I love you!” I said wrapping my arms around his waist and placing a kiss on his chest. I knew I had to calm down his anger so he wouldn’t do anything stupid. “I love you more princess! It’s me and you forever.” He said placing a kiss on my forehead and cheek.


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Not exactly a new fan but can you recommend me a b.a.p crack video i should watch?


Since we are talking B.A.P crack videos then *cough* upcoming shameless self-promotion *cough* here are the two that I’ve made:

Here is an endlessly entertaining B.A.P kill count video:

Here is the ridiculously funny im in it for the memes B.A.P crack account which has some gems:

B.A.P dorks,  Korea&itswows, Dantany Dantany, ShionRenny, xxBrownie95xx, Sia -Chan, Bree Mato and Swag Hip Hop Cheejiburger are all youtube accounts that also make/have made B.A.P crack videos, so if you’re in a crack content mood I’d recommend checking out these accounts as well!