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                            @anxmalxnstincts ✮ || wanted Pete. 

SHE MUST ALREADY  know what’s happening. he cannot hide from her keen senses  &  even a normal Terran would already smell the tragedy in the kitchen. Peter walks in with hands empty where he hoped there would be two plates decorated by a decent meal    (    the kind that doesn’t come out of a box then you microwave it    ).  

&  yet, he stands there with gloom weaved under his skin, his desire to  STRIVE  to do better diminishes like the sunbeams hitting the windows of Kate’s apartment place.    soooooo, i guess we should order Chinese.  

brows raise  &  a calloused hand mindlessly scratches his beard which is nothing but an indication that he’s not telling her something. too bad that  SOMETHING  is talking for itself.