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au where Bitty starts a pretzel franchise, but the lax bros started a competing pita franchise at the same time and they have a fancy food truck so people go to them instead. and Bitty gets so sad that his franchise isn't doing well that Jack eventually decided to get the literal mafia to step in and help business.

1) I wish I could think of a good pretzel pun for a business name

2) We’ve been talking about the mafia so much in Italian class I almost typed my reply in Italian, if there’s any sign I need spring break it’s this

Angsty Ro'Meave boys headcanons (abusive Garte mention)

(It’s one in the morning and I’m listening to a sad song thinking about angsty shit. This was inevitable)

- Vylad has a tendency to avoid his brothers when he’s upset with them because he doesn’t want them to know he’s upset

- the first time Garroth snapped at Zane, Zane was kinda thrown out of a stable mental state for a while because that’s the first time Garroth had ever yelled at him and he kinda forgot Garroth is a person with feelings other then happiness. It left Zane emotionally distraught for a while

- this was around the time Garroth got diagnosed with bipolar and MPD

- Vylad has a tendency to not eat after fighting with somebody, he also try’s not to cry so people don’t know he’s upset. But he breaks down pretty easily if you push him a little too far

- Zane actually cries a lot because he doesn’t think positively about himself a lot, so he gets real emotional when somebody is positive and kind to him

- Garroth doesn’t like loud noises or getting yelled at. It reminds him of when garte was around and makes him really upset

- Garroth is actually pretty emotionally unstable and clings to people because of this, this is why he’s super cuddly and “dorky/cute” around other people. Because he’s more likely to get positive attention if he acts like that

- Vylad has actually put himself in hospital twice before because of being really upset after something happened and not eating or taking care of himself because of it

- whenever Zane gets yelled at he starts crying, he tried not to do this in front of the others but one time after katelyn practically screamed at him he had a terrified breakdown. Nobody knew what to do and just tried to comfort him, Aphmau had to come intervene because it was that bad

- Vylad doesn’t like getting attached to people at the fear of abandonment

- when Zane and Vylad fought once Vylad ended up leaving for a whole month with no warning. Zane was an absolute guilt driven wreak by the time Vylad got back

- Garroth and Vylad don’t fight very often but when they do it’s either because Garroth was too intrusive of Vylads boundaries or Vylad insulted Garroth one to many times

- Zane gets super upset if you mention garte. Garroth and Vylad have similar reactions, but Zane’s is the worst

- Vylad gets very attached to one person if you become close with him. And he has a tendency to try and keep them around, getting very overwhelming at times, which is normally why said people leave. He’s currently very on edge and distant from all the others because of this

- Garroth tends to have very sudden mood drops that make him very easily upset and angry, especially if you insult or hit him. Or do something that signals you don’t want him around

- Zane has very bad insomnia due to nightmares and often stays up till four in the morning glaring at the wall. This is why he gets angry if there’s noise on a night he should be able to sleep

- every time Zane and Garroth fight Garroth ends up getting really angry and Zane ends up getting really violent. This is defence habits they still have from when garte was around

- never ever say Garroth looks like garte. He will punch you fair in the face without a second thought, this is why Vylad and Zane never dare. They’ve seen him do it before

- Zane has a phobia of water due to nearly being drowned as a child

- after this is when Zianna found out about the abuse and left Garte, taking the boys with her

- Zane hates his body due to being mercilessly picked on for being trans all throughout highschool, he still has a hard time wearing clothes that show off any part of his body

- Vylad gets really upset at the mention of a certain word due to being picked on and called that all through highschool

- Garroth is normally called dumb because he doesn’t research things. But he hates studying and researching because that’s all he did in highschool because he had no friends aside from Laurence and Laurence normally hung around other people until senior year when he noticed how bad Garroths anti social behaviour was

- Vylad has minor impulsive habits like flinching and jumping due to being hit a lot during highschool by the other kids