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Guys. Guys. I did it. I passed the CLEP test. I am going to be graduating after only three years. I have a 3.75/4.00 GPA (currently), am the successful president of a film club (without being a film student, or ever leading before), I have turned in the rough draft of my senior thesis, and am getting my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Writing, Literature, and Publishing, and potentially graduating with honors. I was in a play, multiple student films, and shorts. And I made some great friends I’m going to move to LA with.

For someone who didn’t think they’d ever be able to go to college (and no one expected to anyway), it feels…surreal to think that I’m going to actually be the third (because I’m counting my step-grandpa anyway and no one can stop me) person ever to graduate college in my family. It’s just my grandpa, my mom, and now me. 

Shit, son. In 2011, my mom, brother, and I were living out of a room in (a shitty, guilt-trippy) someone’s house because we had nowhere else to go. And now I’m just sat here. My graduation just a month away.

Dear Isaac Thornton,

I wanted to wish you a nice day. Though you’re not my father you are involved with him and I wanted to make a good impression. It would also be just as well as you make my daddy happy and I imagine will some day likely be my second daddy (the equivalent to what a mommy would be - I had to think it out cause I got confused and wondered if a man could marry a man and in some states you can so there’s still a good chance - but I don’t want to intrude upon my father’s and your privacy ). 
I would like it if we could meet some time. You see, my daddy’s been without my mommy for a while - and me :( - and as I’ve said you make him very happy so I think we should team up to make my daddy smile all the time! That would be fun wouldn’t it? And I hear you teach drama - I don’t mean to brag cause Henry says that’s rude - but I play a lot of pretend with my dollies and I think we could play together sometime so that for my daddy’s next birthday I could recite something for him I see the people have done before on stage….a mono-thing, the word’s too big for me to remember at the moment sorry :’|

And I’m rambling so, hello! My name is Wendy Moira Angela {often called ‘darling’ by my other mummy Angel} Charmont. It is so very nice to meet you and have a good day! 

-opens the letter, reads it as he walks back to his living room. Near-collapses into his armchair with an internal sputter at the mention of marriage, feathers almost standing on end as he sinks into his seat. As he continues reading, the initial shock wears off. She’s only a child, after all. Attempts a smile at the ideas the girl puts forward - but nothing bar a somewhat broken chuckle breaks through. Nodding, and very slowly and very carefully folding the letter back up, Isaac, sits back in his chair, staring blankly ahead, feeling his eyes involuntarily begin to sting.-


…Yeah, that would be…

That would be nice.