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@ cis women: y'all know trans women are de facto forcibly sterilized, right? Like, if we don’t have the money and access required to freeze our genetic material (aka sperm), we can’t have biological offspring after starting hrt. And since almost everywhere requires medical transition as necessary to get legal recognition of our womanhood, this amounts to forced sterilization for the majority of trans women. So that’s what I mean when I say I resent being talked down to by “cis allies” on the subject of reproductive rights.

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The bloopers video is gift from God himself

Hahaha awww well I am so glad you like it!!! I super enjoyed putting it together and I keep rewatching it smiling from ear to ear!!

The rage that i feel towards all those people who tried to crush Louis’ spirit. Who told him he was not good enough, that his voice wasn’t good enough, that he was the weak link! That made him keep the mic far away and not trust his own unique voice and doubt his abilities. They subdued his flamboyance and personality. I hate them so much.

guys please please please remember at RTX your enjoyment and safety is the priority of Guardians and you are free to talk to Guardians about people harassing you for any reason! This includes someone telling you what bathroom to use.

As the shirts usually say; Guardians are here to help.