When the boat starts to move, the one who determines its rhythm is the captain, and that’s Ohno

Hikaru-san after Ohno managed to solve the problems and keep the harmony into the team when they were on the verge of falling apart.

Man, the Mago Mago Rowing Club series it’s too precious and inspiring, Arashi in their 20′s are full of energy and dreams and never give up and I just love them ok

1000 Hands

I don’t think this song is simply unreasonably addictive, what with its beautiful mournful melody and perfect combination of voices.

Its also the message.

“I just want to feel a thousand hands, from you. Only you.”

Our girls careers have literally BLOWN UP, masses of fans reaching out to get even a slight touch of the girls whom saved their life when it seemed unworthy of living. They see thousands of faces everyday, feel thousands of hands everyday, look at thousands of cameras every single day. 

What this songs trying to say is, in the end, when all the interviews are over and exhaustion is slipping into their senses, all they want is to feel one persons hands, exuding warmth and love and pressure onto their skin. One persons hands to reach out and cradle them.

One person, and only one person, capable of making them feel safe, similar to a thousand hands willing to brace them from inevitable fall.


So I’ve been gone for a bit, for a good reason, which I’ll get to in a minute. But seriously???? 1,000??? Do I even deserve this?? You guys have no idea how grateful I am for all of you, and I don’t know what I’d do without you guys. Really, you mean a lot to me. 

To be honest, I never thought this blog would go past 100, let alone 500. It’s really amazing, and I can’t stop reiterating the appreciation I feel right now. Thank you guys, so, so much.

Okay, so some of you may have been wondering where I’ve been. I moved house. So now I’m out in the country. Can I say, too, that it’s really awesome but horrible at the same time?? Like, there’s a lot of space, the view is beautiful, and at night the sky is just so pretty when it’s clear, but there’s also tons of ticks and weird bugs and mosquitoes and ugh. Did I mention that I’m allergic to mosquitoes? Not to mention, the Zika virus or whatever it is. It sucks, but hey, it’s nature. I like it for the most part, though.

I think I’ll end this here, this is getting kind of long. Thank you guys so much again!!!

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Okay....it happened....(1000+ followers)

Hoooookaayyy guys. I will do a live stream soon enough and I’m gonna draw a comic featuring a new character I’m making and Swifty. Yes….like I promised….Swifty is gonna show his eyes. Prolly you guys want to know who the character is.

But I’m not gonna do it now. Maybe next week? I dunno. Curz I don’t have my pen for drawing yet.



You guys. Why must you torture me like …okay so you guys want to know who burnt Sensy’s room right? Well it’s true….it was him but not all of him…..


Okay so I’ve been reblogging some of @missladytale ’s that I kinda spoil the whole thing to stuff about pregnant Melon with tagging “CLUE” . They is also an Easter egg in one of my art from the previous QNA/askbox answers too.

Clues (that I remembered)

1. The dragon Swifty picture.
= Swifty was holding something small in his arms. Yellow blanket. Yep. It was the small baby.

2. The answer for an ask. Swifty and Snazzy cuddling.
= Swifty was mad and said “SHH!” You can see it was very obvious that Snazzy was looking at something. And I said “s” in the description because the question said “brother”. So I added that and it makes “ Brothers”

3. Swifty copied eyes.
= Like I said it was NOT Sensy’s. Meaning it’s the baby’s eyes. And other than that he said “I love to copy my family members’ eyes ONLY”


Okay so the new baby is a BOY so don’t ask about the gender. He has a short tail. Based off a yellow color. Has eyes like Sensy but seems soulless.

His design will be made soon enough. Oh and remember the Baby Sensy picture? It wasn’t him it was the Baby himself.

Defy Among Us

(1000 Moments universe)

So now that the main fic is over, I figured to ‘expand’ this little thing that I created. It’s not really an epilogue because there would be other little ficlets that I’ve already written or in the process of writing. These are more like one shots.

Warning: This is to not be sent or read by the people in the text as it is purely fictional and for entertainment. THIS SHIT STAYS IN TUMBLR OKAY.

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// My break from Tumblr really driven home something I’ve been starting to realize recently. This website is a toxic brew of fakeness, misplaced values, and backstabbing. Our community is a microcosm of this. People would rather declare war over a few sentences of one blog’s fiction in the name of social justice than actually go outside and tackle real life discrimination and inequality. We try to tear down others for merely having opinions, and then turn around and act like the perfect, most accepting community as we lay on empty praises and excuse sometimes questionable behavior from our ‘senpais’. We only care about looking good in the face of warped social justice that long ago lost any connection to actual real world social problems. 

My rose-colored glasses are gone. This place need serious help to get remotely back within the realm of reality.