camila_cabello: thank you for the best 18th birthday ever @taylorswift :) you are a real life fairy princess for many reasons. you are magical and rare. #2 you sprinkle fairy dust on others and make them feel loved and special and safe. #3 you are also a rare species, you are caring and well meaning and kind without expecting anything in return. #4 you sparkle like a New York skyline. and #5 you love Elf like all fairies should. i wish i could shout from the rooftops how fun last night was for me and how much love i felt. i am so grateful to call someone like you my friend. thank you for bringing everyone together and making last night so special!!!!!!!! PS DISCLAIMER: CHICKEN AND WAFFLES TASTE EVEN BETTER WHEN YOURE 18!!! (x)

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So...if gao!Felix would meet headcanon!Felix... Would they compliment each other how beautiful they are or would they fight over this? x3

110% certain they would fight.

but then…

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In honor of recently reaching 1,000 followers (THANK YOU!!), I’ve decided to do a follow forever! Thanks to all these people for being awesome!

Okay so here are my fav blogs! Mutuals are in bold :)


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I probably missed a bunch of people, oops


1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 127:
Eddie Guerrero Vs. Jimmy Jacobs

WWE SmackDown [May 12th, 2005]

This is definitely not the match that Jimmy Jacobs could have had with Eddie Guerrero. This match took place during the storyline where Eddie’s jealousy for Rey Mysterio had boiled over, and took place shortly before the Summer where Eddie and Rey had a custody battle over Rey’s son, Dominick. Of course, had this been a match on Velocity or any indie show, Jacobs and Guerrero would have had an instant classic. For now, just enjoy the fact that at a point in time, Eddie Guerrero wrestled against Jimmy Jacobs on international television.

Jimmy Jacobs himself said the following about this match:

I was a 21 year old kid just happy to be getting work, and he acted as though I were on par with him. Just to show you my experience with this, not to totally kill the business, but that day when I found out I was working with Eddie, I went up to him and said “Hi. I’m Jimmy. I think we’re working together tonight.” The first thing Eddie did was apologize. “Jimmy. I want to apologize for the match. I would love to have a competitive match with you, but tonight this match needs to be 100% me. Please understand this is just business. I’m truly sorry, and I want to thank you for your professionalism. God willing, we’ll work again under better circumstances.”

It really struck me that he would do that. I mean, seriously. I was happy just to have work, just to be getting paid, just to be on the show, just to be working for WWE, just to be in the ring with him, yet he was apologizing to me. As the day went on, almost every time we talked, he apologized, thanked me, and was almost trying to sell me on the fact that it’d be okay to get squashed by him, as if I was doing him a favor. Before the match, one of the agents for our match came up to me and said, “Jimmy, now, you know this is going to be a stiff match, right?” I said “Sure.” But Eddie never touched me. Even on the finish when he gave me the brainbuster on the chair, he took total care of me.

All the writers applying to the HBO Fellowship crashed the site today. I spent 2.5 tense hours refreshing the page after submissions opened, I had all my materials ready beforehand, and still I was the 935th entrant out of 1000 alloted entries. They closed submissions after about three hours total. 

So far I’ve only seen white women get in and I’m pretty distressed about that. Last night my mom and I were laughing about how ruthlessly clueless white dudes she knows on facebook, all with MFA’s and established careers were planning on applying to the HBO Diversity Fellowship for “emerging” writers, and MANY of them successfully did. I’m really not laughing now. This was a clusterfuck. This was a nerveracking ordeal. 

Everyone pause what they are doing. Thank you. Okay. It is 1:59 A.M. on March 4th of 2015. Today, at this moment, one of my stories just hit 1000 notes. This has never happened in the history of my life and so I thought it right to document it. Thank you to all those who made it possible (not my family, I mean all the wonderful followers I have who encourage me more every day to smile and keep writing because you guys are the real heroes of my life). Carry on. Have a wonderful day.

Hi everyone, i have reached 1000 followers! i want to give you a big kiss just like this!!  I could not have done this without all of you.  You are all the best. Thanks so much for supporting me!

I remember when I had like 50 followers and I could not even imagine getting to 1000! but here i am!!

I love each and every one of you!  You all melt my aussie heart!  The 50 Fandom is the best!!

I would like to make a special mention to a few people that are very close to my heart…


You were one of the first people who followed me when I joined Tumblr and we instantly became friends!  Tumblr would never be the same without you my lovely Marika!! I love your sense of humour!!  Thanks for all your support in these past few months. I love you to bits and pieces!  You have done a lot for me!  Friends forever xxxx

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To the two only boys in the FSOG fandom (that we know of).. You are the best! you make me laugh with your humour!  Nathan who is  truesubmissive, who is aussie too! He is a young filmmaker and does really cool, witty edits!! Thanks to both of you for your support, fun and laughter! worldofchristiangrey,   you were one off the first people to follow me I remember - thanks for your support and friendship!


Rose! we started our 50 blogs at the same time. The journey wouldn’t have been the same without you!  you do the most amazing edits that are really unique and artistic! I love ya - your the best!

and the following people are just cool as and cute, cute cute!  thanks for making Tumblr even more fun!!

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Below are amazing blogs that I love and are special to me, (some repeated from above):

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I look forward to spending time with you all over the next few years whilst these movies come out.

Lots of love and kisses and hugs

Anna xxxxx


1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 125:
Trick Or Street Fight:
Cesaro Vs. Dean Ambrose

WWE SmackDown [October 31st, 2014]

A very fun gimmicky match between two wrestlers who came up through the independents at the same time, through very different means. While Cesaro was part of the Kings Of Wrestling with Chris Hero, Ambrose was doing hardcore battles with the likes of Drake Younger and Jimmy Jacobs. Now, in the WWE, Cesaro is cited (accordingly) as one of the most polished and impressive athletes in the company, whilst Ambrose is appropriately titled “unstable”. This is the kind of match that makes me smile, as everything is Halloween-themed, including a group of jack-o-lanterns lining the apron. Imagine that scene in the locker room as a group of stage hands struggle to carve pumpkins in time for the show to start.

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Congratulations on 1000 followers! Would you be willing to do a shippy York/North piece? Thanks!

thanks!! cool let’s start right with the shipping today alright

alright alright alright

sure have some Nork. dumb boyfriends.

the ship name amuses me

Nork Nork Nork

celebrating until Sunday!!! ask me anything or suggest a thing for me to draw!

i was shut down a while ago by a bunch of anons who tried to claim that shadism is bad for fair desis too. I’m sorry - this isn’t about you. shadism is not about you. so please understand your privilege and know that you benefit from shadism. this is like skinny shaming vs fat shaming - maybe you feel like you are pressured to keep how fair you are, but you are in no way systematically oppressed. so please - stop making us darker desis feel bad about talking about our struggles. please stop trying to make shadism about you. 

And so it happened…

1,000+ followers. 

Only two years ago, Hammers and I started this little Tumblr about a band of insane horse Freaks and their misadventures. And now it’s grown into something else.

As much as I’m still worn from the constant demand for more EoI stuff from the more rabid fans, I’m still grateful that these creations have gotten so much support over this much time. So for that, we thank you for sticking with us this long.


Right, onto future plans.

First and foremost, wrapping up the collaborative effort with Red Rage. I will be answering a few more questions with Magic Mare before the final and major part of the story takes place on Red’s end, leading up to a super secret animated project that I shall be helping with. So be sure you’re following his blog too. 

After that, Hammers and I will hopefully return to actually answering questions with the Elements of Insanity, the Subjects and Cutie Mark Creeps included. It’s been God knows how long since we actually did that.

Until then, enjoy this little teaser image of things to come, and thank you all again so much for 1K followers. You’re all beautiful people.