Gundam 00 HIGH GRADE : GN-000 0 Gundam (Type A.C.O.)





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anonymous asked:

How do you make 8.75 an hour? I make 11 an hour from my part time job. Is this an American thing?

[laughs into bottle of wine] LISTEN, I worked the busy front desk and helped cook/mix drinks at our packed bistro WHILE training a new employee (I wasn’t forewarned about and wasn’t prepared to train) until 11pm last night.

I’m awake right now (it’s 5:45AM) about to go in early for another shift where I train YET ANOTHER new employee on the front desk until 3pm today.

I work 40+ hours of shitty, stressful shifts every week and help out other departments on top of that bc of how short-staffed we are and STILL barely make enough money to survive.

Because the company I work for wants us all to do the most work possible for as little as they can get away with paying us. Because “livable wage” is NOT an American thing.


( Admin, here! I wanted to apologize for being MIA again….woops.

Uni started up again a few weeks ago for me so I’ve been really busy. I also haven’t been feeling 100% lately and am currently sorting out a lot of personal stuff.

I’ll be drawing something for Valentine’s Day for sure and will try to draw more replies this weekend!! :’0 )

an open letter to maggie stiefvater

sorry for taking your amazing, complex, and beautifully-written characters and dishonoring them in my often inappropriate, unholy, and entirely self-indulgent fanart