marythegizka  asked:

For the ask meme, how about that Beauty and the Beast AU?

The bulk of it has been mentioned here, but a few recent movie/comic releases have made for a few interesting changes.  ;)

  • Instead of the unfortunately-no-longer-canon-Bast-Castle, imagine Aphra crash-landing on fucking Mustafar and pounding on the door to Vader’s Emo Lava Fortress™.  And breaking and entering when no one’s answering and she’s frustrated because it’s really freaking hot out there.
  • In addition to the droids filling in the roles of the enchanted furniture, Vaneé (Vader’s butler) and the two Imperial guards outside his bacta tank could be stand-ins for Lumieré, Cogsworth, and Mrs. Potts.
  •  On that note, Vaneé would definitely be Cogsworth.  He looks like the kind of fellow who would worry and fuss constantly but is just as capable of snapping at the staff if they got too out of line.
  • Vader giving Aphra one of his tinkering workshops = scene where Beast gives Belle the library amirite
  • Aphra develops a strong enough friendship with Vader that by the time she’s fixed up the Ark Angel, she’s not in a big hurry to leave.  And she drops some seriously-obvious incentives that Vader should leave behind his Domicile of Misery and Woe™ and come travel the galaxy with her instead.  
  • But Vader declines each time, eventually admitting that he feels damned to rot in this hell for the rest of his days…it’s fate’s sick way of reminding him of how far he’s sunk (and everything he’s lost) since turning to the Dark Side.
  • Palpatine = Gaston?  Not in the sense that he’s out to claim Aphra as his bride (yikes), but in that he wants Vader as his apprentice after all when he picks up on his Force presence and realizes he’s grown stronger.
  • Little does he know that the reason behind Vader’s newfound strength is .:*・°☆.。.:*・°~his awoken passion for Aphra~☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆, so he’s a bit offended when he gets to Mustafar and Vader says the equivalent of “You can go fuck yourself while I break free of my chains and leave this hell-hole to start a new life with my tiny gf”
  • Some “if you won’t join me, you’ll die” shit goes down that results in Palpatine dying and Vader on the very brink of dying.  But Aphra uses the knowledge she gained from messing around in his workshop to fix his respirator in just enough time to save him.
  • When he finally comes to, they have a very intense Disney moment.

And from there, they board the Ark Angel (along with Vaneé, the two guards, and some of the more sentient droids) and leave Mustafar behind to become rogue smugglers or some shit.  :’)

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