An AA!Steve Appreciation Post

(to go with the AA!Tony post I made a while ago)

1. sunshine boy (“The Ultimates”)

2. ☆ all american beef ☆ (“Savages”)

3. star spangled smolder (“In Deep”)

4. Original Flavor™ (“House of Zemo”)

5. maybe it’s maybelline (“Civil War Pt.2: The Mighty Avengers”)

+bonus: i ♥ tony stark butter pecan (“Saving Captain Rogers”)

anonymous asked:

finna try and make a nice fluffy trans Keith fic with trans Shiro too and UWU what’s this trans Lance,,,and Pidge,,,o look Allura,,,and hunk!!! and wowie Coran!!! all valid ppl who support each other after meeting online on a gc for trans ppl and Lance n Keith fall in love online and wowie trans power couple hallura,,,I’m love them all and I’ll attempt this for u *blows kiss into sky for andy*

you know these moments when a friend just casually says something that validates your friendship, like just refers to something as “our place” or “our thing” and suddenly your heart is auditioning for Cirque du Soleil and days later you’re still thinking about it