it’s just been announced that radiohead is coming to poland next year and my first thought was that bae would be happy about it :“’) and then it made me think of bae and lou and like???

- bb and lou going to gigs together?? have they ever seen radiohead live?
- ok but i have questions, are there even still concerts and stuff after WWIII aka the apocalypse? are they like gloomy and shady in those industrial spaces like abandonded warehouses and stuff like that?? do people come there and cry and yell a lot and then get on with their lives?? does radiohead still exist after the war?? perhaps concerts are, like, illegal nowadays?? so it all takes place underground and there’s always police breaking into such events and it’s risky and it gives people sweet thrills of doing something in secret
- bb and lou all sweaty and eyes glittering singing/yelling along with the artist, and bae is flushed and his eyelashes are wet and lou just stares and stares and stares he’s so in love with this boy
- bb hums the songs under his breath weeks after the concert
- when they listen to vinyls together they think about how happy they felt seeing their favourite band live
- they also make out a lot
- what am i even getting at
- idk really. just. radiohead!!!


-kicks things around-

I WANT A BB UNIT SO BADLY NOW. heal my black and wounded heart. i’ll love it forever

POE TRIES TO PLAY HAND TRICKS WITH BB8. but BB8 cheats. because BB8 doesn’t know -cry- but BB8 loses anyway. and is embarrassed by it. i cry so much

if you’re down in the dumps as much as i am, i hope this helps ´w`/

i want a Poe Dameron and i hope he comes with a BB8 -crying-

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Poe Dameron and BB8©Star Wars
-crying a lot-©me


Noiz x Usagimodoki, prolly a print for EOY 2014.

if any of y’all are interested in some cheap drugstore makeup that’s actually worth buying here’s a few things i use that honestly really impress me and i would totally recommend

-revlon colorstay liquid eyeliner, like 6 bucks, its dark and easy to apply and stays on 4ever

-nyx bb cream, $11.99, really good coverage for a bb cream sometimes i dont even bother with foundation when i use it, makes your skin soft. (only complaint is that i dont think it comes in darker shades which… is… really frustrating)

-elf HD blush, literally 3 dollars and its the best blush i own

-maybelline colossal cat eyes mascara, $6, theres no need to spend 30 bucks on mascara bc this one is the best ??

-the nudes eyeshadow pallete by maybelline (there’s a set for blush tones too), it’s $9 and comparable to the urban decay naked pallete i mean the shades are a little less pigmented but still really impressive and ur saving like 40 dollars so

-elf professional matte lip color, $3, comparable to mac 

-revlon photoready concealer, $7, if you have acne scars this is ur bff

-simple cleansing micellar water, $7, this isnt makeup but its like a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer all in one, great for sensitive skin. SO easy to use its perfect for lazy people 


the-reylo-void’s “Thank You Followers/Reylo Fandom” Big Darn Giveaway Thing!

Thank you all so, so much for 1700+ followers! To show my thanks (and my thanks for this fandom being all-around amazing and supportive), I’m giving away some totally fab parks merch from my latest trip to Disney World!

Winner will receive:

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so i just needed this…recap of what’s been surmised from recent pics of BB (09Apr):

  • the shoot is likely possibly based on the movie Romeo and Juliet (1996)
  • its set in LA
  • there will be action?? (running scenes already confirmed)
  • GD’s sideburns longer than the wait for this comeback 
  • Seungri is blonde and in leather haat damn son
  • ToDae MIA?????
  • probs recuperating after being run over by Taeyang in that damn wheelchair

你是冰雪的王爵,你是末世的苍雪 (You’re the prince of the frozen kingdom, you’re the snow on the peak of trees;)