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Okay, I clearly have no self-control, and @aoimikans goaded me into this. Yes, now I have to release all the Naomasa-related headcanons that pop into my head. Like, little snippets of headcanons and dialogues.


Since especially Toshinori is a fanboy when it comes to movies, he and Naomasa had countless movie marathons together when they were younger. They can quote most movies flawlessly. And Naomasa took up the habit of comforting and cheering Toshinori up using movie quotes as puns in any given situation. Like, when Toshinori started his hero career and was pretty nervous about it, this happened:

“Come on, Toshi, stop jittering. You will do great.”

“Not so sure about that…”

“Nonsense! You go out there, punch the villains, save the people, and smile brightly. Oh, but don’t forget the most important lesson!”

“Most important lesson? What’s that?”

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

“Wha-… seriously? Using quotes again, Naomasa? Now?”

“What, you don’t like that one? Okay, how about this then – may the force be with you.”

“You’re impossible, you know that?”

“What can I say – it works. You’re smiling again.”

“Thanks, Masa.”

“Don’t mention it. Now go out there and kick some villainous asses.”

And, though I headcanon Naomasa as sassy and teasing friend, he also is the epitome of a mother-hen. He is always the one who keeps reminding Toshinori to “eat healthy, sleep enough, rest in between, take your medicine” and so on. In return, Toshinori started to answer “Yes, Mum” every time. It has become an inside joke between them, one that they abuse with delight.

This leads to conversations like this:

“Toshi, go to sleep already, you have bags under your eyes.”

“Oh geez – yes, Mum.”

“I don’t like your tone, young man.”

Or like this:

“Toshi, this is the last time I will tell you to go eat something.”

“Yes, Mum. Please don’t ground me.”

“Okay, that’s it – go to your room.”


Both of them snicker like little children every time they joke like this, and a few times, they even talked like that to each other when there were other people around to hear it. Both laughed themselves breathless when they saw the expressions of the spectators.


As soon as Izuku comes into the picture, Naomasa accepts him as his second “responsibility.” Chicken 2.0, so to speak. He sometimes jokes that he now has to watch out for two reckless boys.



As for Naomasa wrecking Endeavor (at least in a conversation) that would probably go like this:

“Ah, Todoroki-san! Great that you could make it. I’m sure All Might will be delighted to hear that you have his back.”

“Have his back? I’m not some sort of babysitter for him, officer!”

“Well, I don’t think the current number one hero needs a babysitter, so you will be fine.”


“Perhaps All Might won’t even need your assistance, Todoroki-san. Oh dear, now we probably called you here without reason to! I’m deeply sorry about this.”

“… It was good that you called me.”

“Ah, yes, I see. I’m sure that even the second best would be excited about a chance to see the number one work from close up. I completely understand that. One does not always get the chance to see such a pro at work. Probably you will even learn a thing or two, Todoroki-san.”

By then, Endeavor’s flames are bursting left and right and he’s shaking with rage, but he can’t storm of since his assistance is probably still needed, and burning the officer with the beaming smile and the sharp tongue is also not an option. Sadly enough, the number two thinks. Sadly enough.



Alexander Hamilton:

John Laurens:

Hercules Mulligan:


Thomas Jefferson:

James Madison:

George Washington:

Peggy Schuyler:

Philip Hamilton:




anonymous asked:

Just curious, how old are you? I remember watching Yu-Gi-Oh DM on television when I was 5 - 6 yeard old 😊 I have watched Cardcaptor Sakura and I used to watch DragonBall Z too. I've heard Gintama was good, what would you rate it from 1 - 10?? 😁

5000 years old. 

Lol, OK. 

I don’t wanna put my age here BUT If you guess it right, I will scribble something for you (even if it’s perverted to my shame) 

(I love Gintama, it’s one of the funniest anime I’ve watched, the characters are charming Af. 8/10)

icoolcolorstuff  asked:

hii, im a BIG fan of more than human (just like u) and im even a BIGGER fan of the rrb :3 what do u think about the boys as brothers? Like do they care for each other and stuff? sorry to bother u lol

hm not sure if you’re talking about canon-verse (which i dont have much to derive from, i only watched a few eps haha) but if you’re talking about it fanfic-verse, i’d like to think that they do care in their own weird lil way. but it’s not something you can scratch in the surface. and even if you did, it’s not the affection type of love like the girls have haha, anyway yeah i love those three theyre all complex characters its v interesting