Thank you so much for coming and celebrating my birthday with me today! I really appreciate it. Lol i had a great time!! :*

@icairoyoung @simplyitzel @camillexhunter @desiijackson @mercedes-fenty @indigoxlove @naethemobwife

 Also thank you to everyone who sent me happy birthday messages, I really appreciate them! :)

Love Y’all! ;*

so i took off work for this morning (until the afternoon appointments start @ 12:30) so i could go to the walk-in time at the free dental clinic to see if i’m eligible. i got there a little after 8 and there were 2 people ahead of me but i really didn’t have to wait that long

anyway all they did today was figure out my income and i had to do some paperwork and they made me an appointment for next thursday to actually see a dentist thank god i’m not having any pain or that would be a loooong wait

so now i’m home and it’s only 9:45 so i could go into work BUT NAH IMA STAY HOME ANOTHER FEW HOURS AND TELL THEM I WAS THERE THE WHOLE MORNING :)))))))))))))))

Anyone want to play WIP with the fic I’m writing for nalulovefest? I’m bored and lazy. Say a word, I’ll answer with a sentence having the word.

Hint : It’s a modern AU (no princess or other magical words)

And it’s yuri nalu.