i saw this image on tumblr and i couldn’t resist 

Let’s take a moment to evaluate our precious little, disobedient turtle brats and their accomplice in crime shall we?
-All four turtles deliberately disobey Splinter’s direct orders about leaving the lair..which brings me to;
-Leonardo-WTH you’re supposed to be setting an example for your younger brothers, you know being the oldest and the leader and all. Got sassy with Splinter and it was HIS idea to sneak out.
April-Aides the turtles in sneaking out by tricking Master Splinter into thinking she’s in danger. You little sh*t(I try not to swear on this blog, but, sometimes it’s warranted.
-Michelangelo-Three times tried to watch t.v. after being told he was grounded from it(Mikey sweetie that was the punishment I hated most as a kid too buddy). Also sneaks out.
Donatello-Sneaks and watches t.v. on his tPhone directly after Master Splinter takes away Mikey’s. Sneaks out. Possibly causes thousands of dollars in damage to other vehicles most likely driving an uninsured vehicle(I work at a body shop, that stuff ain’t cheap).
Raphael-Sasses Master Splinter, gets yelled at and immediately shuts up. Sneaks out. That’s it, that’s all he did. So in retrospect the best behaved one of the bunch is going to be the one that gets brainwashed into doing terrible things to his family. I feel so bad for him.

This episode is my new favorite episode of season 3. My favorite moments are the ones where their just being normal kids and the whole episode was a family moment. Muckman was a sweet character and Joe Eyeball was adorable. I was fighting a major gag reflex watching it, but, it was totally worth it.

I collected some songs over the past few months (and added one or two) while roleplaying Limbus together with wayward-bird on my Erwin. I tried to give this playlist a little bit of storybuilding and structure with the order of the songs. Emphasis lies on tried.

                                ✞Fatal Lullaby - Adrian von Ziegler
                                       ✞Angel - Depeche Mode
                    ✞Power and Control - Marina and The Diamonds
                                               ✞Want - Recoil
                                       ✞Corrupt - Depeche Mode
                                          ✞My Religion - Skillet
                               ✞Deeper and Deeper - Dave Gahan
                                    ✞Justify my Love - Madonna
                                       ✞I can’t wait - Celldweller
                                      ✞Lulled by Numbers - IAMX
                          ✞Moonlight Sonata - Ludwig van Beethoven

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