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IF BIG Korean entertainement companies were HONEST?!

YG: Just like the Olympics, our idols comeback every 4 years.

SM: Yeah we are suing your bias because we abused him.

JYP: You can’t JUST love your idol, you need to love the CEO too *whispers JYP*.

FNC: We had tooo many scandals we lost count and your bias probably wanna leave us :) 

Cube ent: We looooove making Hyuna do things. 

Pledis: We debut idols, then turn them into rookies again *cough* Nu’est *cough*. You will be Verdone with our bullshi*

Starship entertainement: We just lost Sistar, we are still crying. Don’t touch us. 

Big Hit: What is a hiatus? Is that food? And NO we are not exposing their forheads and YES we are gonna mess up your brain ^^.


I’m Taehyung