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Happy birthday Matthew Goode | 3rd april 1978

“Bring on the posh!”

ed checking each of alphonse’s limbs once he grows into his new body. ed running his fingers down every muscle and murmuring alchemic principles to himself as he does so. ed casually pressing his fingertips against al’s throat where he can feel the carotid artery. ed waking al in the morning by feeling down his rib cage gently and then placing his hands on al’s hips first and finally pressing down to feel his brother’s femoral artery. ed watching al stretch while he works. ed constantly grabbing al’s hand or touching his shoulder or nudging him in the side with an elbow just to feel his warmth. ed hugging his brother and tucking his face into the crook of al’s shoulder and breathing him in. ed checking and rejoicing in how human and alive alphonse is

did my dear sweet love @bigbrotherlouis up a bit of a tomlinshaw, love u, happy birthday. xx

Louis stands across the room, looking a little lost. Nick would think it’s because of the painting he’s staring at – admittedly, it’s quite the thinker – but he’s spent most of the night wandering around, looking out of place on his own.

Not that Nick’s been watching him. It’s just he’s got one of them looks on that could be considered devastating if you looked at it head on, blazer sleeves rolled up, skinnies curving in the right places, a quiff higher than Nick’s, not that that’s too difficult these days.

Honestly, sometimes Nick can go a whole bloody year without seeing Louis Tomlinson in anything other than a professional capacity, and he’s run into him twice in as many months. Enough that he’s able to catalog the differences between Louis smoking in an alleyway behind a theatre with soothing words and a wry tilt to his lips, and this Louis puttering around like a lamb that’s lost its shepherd.

And really, Nick’s not much better off than the last time he saw Louis, but at least he’s not crying. He is, admittedly, wearing a jumper with Crying inside stitched on it because he’s got a theme to adhere to.

But Nick’s doing things for himself now. If doing things for himself means sequestering himself in his flat, never leaving or talking to anyone unless he’s going to work or taking the dogs on a walk or he’s forcibly dragged kicking and screaming to an art gallery.

And he’s off men. He supposes he’s doing that for himself too.

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Inspired by Moonbase Alpha (watch the video here omg), the Discovery Channel song (video here), and very loosely the space core from Portal 2 lol. Make sure you watch the videos to understand the references I’m putting out here!

  •  Get married in the space station of course
  • Take videos of each other spinning around in anti-gravity
  • “Look, MC! Watch me do a barrel roll!”
  •  Space couple selfies anti-gravity style
  • Land on the moon Louis Armstrong style
  • Saeyoung: “That’s one small step for man, and one giant leap for MC!” what the heck dude
  • Troll the rest of the RFA members through the radio transmitter:
  • Jumin: “How’s everything there?”
  • Saeyoung: “everything is good…except we’re EXPERIENCING SPACE TURBULANCE! BRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRRBRBRBR”
  • “uuuuuuuuuu”
  • Spams “aeiou” for five minutes straight
  • “Holla holla from spaaceee~”
  • Saeyoung: “…an alien just passed by HI ALIEN ARE YOU HERE TO KIDNAP US?”
  • MC: “omg my body is ready. Take us~”
  • “Oohhh, the sun~ I’m going to touch it.” DO NOT TOUCH THE SUN SAEYOUNG
  • MC: “Oh my dear sun~~Lay your passion upon us~~
  • When floating in space, MC and Saeyoung breaks into song:“I love the oceans, I love the clear blue skies…BOOM DE YADA BOOM DE YADA”
  • Zen: “How’s it like there?”
  • Saeyoung: “There’s so MUCH SPACE!!”
  • MC and Saeyoung decide to do the gangnam style on the moon
  • Eyyyy sexy lady inanastronautsuit~
  • Saeyoung attempts the moonwalk on the moon. It doesn’t work as well as when they’re on Earth
  • They each try to kiss each other while in space but then they realize there’s the helmet between them
  • Nonetheless they sat next to each other on the moon hand in hand while witnessing the beautiful spectacle before them.
  • When landing on Earth, both MC and Saeyoung have a difficult time adjusting to life back home. For about a week, they keep dropping things, tripping over things, tripping while standing and walking, and just basically feeling nauseous due to gravity.
  • Both MC and Saeyoung continue to trip everywhere while laughing up a storm
  • When the RFA visit, the house is strewn with dropped items and two crying grownups
  • On those particular days when they’re hit with nausea, they either puke at the same time or between intervals of a minute or two. It’s alarming how closely synchronized their bodies are omg
  • “Honey, don’t worry about me. Let’s think of this as preparing for morning sickness~” MC blushes profusely at the idea and kicks Saeyoung in the shin
  • Jumin is also keeping in close tabs with their health by hiring a professional team of physicians as well
  • Saeran ends up caring for his brother and sister-in-law like a nagging mother haha
  • Rolls them up into blanket burritos and feeds them ice cream
  • When they’re all recovered and are looking through the photos they took during the trip, they notice a strange animal like shadow standing behind them while standing on the moon’s surface.
  • Cue the couple screaming while X-files song plays in the background these dorks


We were able to celebrate Tatsunari’s birthday in the company!

In this company, a lot of people had their birthdays celebrated, including me *laughs*

I like it because every time we get to unwind 😊

Tatsunari. Let’s further improve together as the oddball combi.