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  • 14. Do you care about your follower count?

I suppose I can’t help caring, because yeah, it lets me know how many people are interested in what silly things I have to draw or say. However, I’m not going to get worked up if it goes down for whatever reason, people have their own lives and can follow whoever they want. 

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Are those two posts supposed to be here? Like I don't mind seeing dogs go awol but....fnaf...you know?

Hey we mods are human and sometimes we make mistakes, too. We try our hardest to make this blog an enjoyable shitpost palace for you sinners but sometimes we reblog or post things to the wrong blog. On behalf of the mod team, we sincerely apologize for interrupting your memeing. Thank you

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okay my fav thing right now is the pokemon go team leaders being in a poly relationship bc that is just so perfect and listen

-i know spark is suppose to be this meme lord and all but listen to me he will fucking mess you up if he saw you hurting a pokemon or one of his friends

- get wrecked bc no one can save you from his wrath

- candela is so hot like lord help me i am not straight

- she is not cool i repeat she is a nerd and weird and probably cries a lot

- candela acts really cool tho and her first impression makes girls very weak, super kick ass but when she gets in fights she always tries really hard not to burst into tears bc she in sensitive but she still kicks ass

- she just internally apologizes to the pokemon and kid she just totally fucking destroyed

- inside she’s just “shit shit i am such a terrible person i am crushing this kids dreams, im breaking they’re heart oh no” and then another voice that sounds like Blanche tries reasoning with her “pls chill no you are not, beside if it bothers you just let the kid win” this next part is out aloud “NEVER, VICTORY OR DEATH!!!!”

- candela definitely encourages spark’s crazy meme-loving behavior but she is just as bad

- she calls him sparky which is just my heart exploding

- blanche is just too much okay they are definitely non-binary and is too good looking

- both candela and spark are screwed

- they need to chill

- blanche is super collected but gets really weird at like 3am, is the one who asks the weird questions when candela and spark are trying to sleep

- “i just really like eevees okay, there are just so many possibilities, they can be anything, do anything, i want to be an eevee, they are just really soft and pretty and space is just so big, wait i think i saw, WAS THAT A SHOOTING STAR?!?!” Blanche practically falls out of bed pointing at the ceiling

- Spark jumps out the bed and and is looking around frantically screaming “WHERE? WHERE? I DONT SEE IT, DO YOU SEE IT? WAS IT REALLY A SHOOTING STAR” he asks shaking an angry candela

- “no. no it was not. Why? BECAUSE WE ARE INSIDE A HOUSE! GO TO SLEEP” you do not want to see a sleep deprived candela

- “i swear to god Spark if you encourage Blanche one more time I will fucking annihilate you” “what about Blanche, they’re the one doing all the talking” “Blanche’s hair is too nice, i can’t hurt them” “tru”

- “who even says annihilate these days???” “i do, fight me sparky”

- blanche listens to electro pop and is proud

- spark hates it “HELP!!! MY EARS ARE BLEEDING!” blanche makes direct eye contact and turns the volume up to drown out the screams

- spark loves electric type pokemon and unfortunately they love him a little too much

- this kids gets his stupid ass electrocuted 5x a day and Blanche is just done

- on the plus side Spark uses all the static electricity to completely scare the shit out of candela, he just taps her on the shoulder and her hair just stands up on end

- its actually really cute

- Candela wears Spark’s clothes and she especially like Blanche’s weird long ass jacket

- she does that dramatic *swish* turn

- she definently does impressions of both of them, she’s kinda terrible at it

- every chance candela gets she’s screaming “TEAM VALOR” she tried getting it tattooed on her arm with a really badass looking charizard breathing fire but Blanche was not having any of it

- “I DONT CARE WHAT YOU PERMANENTLY ETCH ONTO YOUR SKIN AS LONG AS ITS NOT THAT MONSTROSITY” blanche shouts while pointing at a poorly drawn sketch that spark had made

- the feud lasts three days and spark is both scared and a little turned on

- in a moment of clarity candela decides to get a tattoo of something else bc what was she thinking????? that sketch is put up on the fridge bc spark is super proud of it

- candela has a tattoo now, maybe more than one

- blanche and spark are weak

- Spark sometimes braids Blanche’s hair

- Candela literally almost dies bc Blanche with a braid is too much

- candela is still cool i want everyone to know that but honestly she is a mess

- blanche most of the time is just lowkey roasting everyone like they’ll insult you in such a dead pan way and is basically savage

- spark my sweet boy is still meme trash and only communicates in the group chat with gifs that are really out of context

- blanche is a sucker for horoscopes and anything related to zodiacs

- “candela maybe you should stay inside today” blanche says worriedly “why?”candela asks and she sees spark peering over Blanche’s shoulder to read the screen “yeah it says you’re gonna die today” “wow again?” “yep” she walks out the front door anyways

- candela hogs the blankets

- spark microwaves things that dont belong in the microwave and no one is happy

- between a disapproving blanche and a scolded spark “why???” “the internet said this wouldn’t happen” “the internet is full of lies” spark emits a shocked and slightly offended gasp

- candela can make a solar powered microwave which they use until they buy a replacement

- spark is officially banned from the microwave, not the kitchen just the microwave

The updated dank memes calendar. Featuring July’s dank meme, the Nut Button.

Let me explain some things on how I made this choice, and why it’s not Pokemon Go. First of all, Pokemon Go is not a dank meme. While it is true that it exploded the Internet this month it never was categorized as a meme. I also realize that the nut button is a couple months old, but July was lacking in new memes due to all the Pokemon Go hype, however I have noticed it appearing a bit more this month while I was browsing dank memes.

If this is disappointing to you I am sorry, remember I am just one guy basing this off my own judgement, feel free to create your own meme calendar, cause this is nothing official at all and is only meant to be for fun.

Also March’s picture was changed to be more clear as to what meme it’s supposed to be.

#19. "the paint's suppose to go where?" {luke}

“wait. the paint’s suppose to go where?” like asked for the thousenth time. you put another paint color on your pallet and sighed, “luke, it goes on your back. you’re going to be my canvas.”

“oh. right,” luke furrowed his brows and slowly and unsure started pulling his shirt off. you ordered him to lay on the carpet on his stomach, him giggling at the feeling of the tiny carpet strands on his tummy.

“okay,” you started, “i just need you to lay still until i’m done painting. you can’t squirm around or else you’ll ruin it.” you straddled his lower back, a paint brush in one hand and your pallet in the other. “so, what are you gonna paint?” luke asked. “probably just like a sunset or something.”

you stared at his back for a second before dipping the bristles of your paint brush in a color. you touched the tip to luke’s back, making him shiver. “i told you that you can’t move!” “i’m sorry! it’s cold!” you stroked the brush in a slow line, again, luke shaking with laughter. “luke, if you don’t stop i’m gonna ask like calum to help me.” “no no! just let me get in focus.”

luke closed his eyes and took s dramatic breath in, “okay, go.” you rolled your eyes before getting more paint on your brush and making more swiped of paint on luke’s bare back.

after about an hour, luke snored lightly, making you sigh. another hour passed and you looked at your work, finally satisfied. you grabbed your phone and took some photos to post on social media and to show luke.

you shook his shoulder lightly, “lukey, wake up. you gotta see my masterpiece.” he blinked slowly, dazed at first. you helped the lanky boy up off the ground and he stretched; he went to scratch his back but you grabbed his hand before he could, “no,” you said, staring him dead in the eyes.

“so, let’s go check it out in the mirror,” luke offered. you followed him to the bathroom and he stood in the mirror. “in three look at it in the mirror,” you said, “one, two, three!”

luke turned his back to the mirror with a big grin, which began to drop in seconds. “what’s wrong, honey?” you questioned. “what’s wrong?” he asked, “for two hours i sat still thinking your were painting this beautiful sunset on me. but it’s pepe!”

you laughed at his anger, “are you saying it’s not good?” “no, it’s stunning. i was just looking for something else.” you and luke gazed at the beautiful pepe painted in oils on his back. “sometimes i just don’t know about you,” he mumbled, unable to look away from the art.


Invader AU 

(Warning: Potential for Triggering Events)

With the constant threat of invasion at all sides, Muse A’s once peaceful life is at risk from foreign legions. With Romans from the East and Vikings from the North, they try to go on normally.

That is until their small settlement is torn apart by Vikings. Every man woman and child is killed, abused or enslaved and bundled onto the ships. 

Muse B is a well-regarded Viking, a master of their field of battle. This venture into Britain was supposed to be a great profit to their people and a blow to the Roman efforts. But then they see Muse A, and swear to take them as their own slave.

What happens when a terrible storm strikes and it’s a choice between the slaves and the men? It is tradition to throw slaves overboard to lighten the load. Can Muse B do it? Or does Muse A have to fend for themselves to stay alive?

What is so special about one Celt that they’d risk everything for them? 

The choice is up to you.

 Persona 4: The Animation Starter Sentences

  • “It’s time to get our youth on!”
  • “You should forget about last night. It never happened.”
  • “I was suppose to take care of you, but you took care of me.”
  • “There are some things I don’t wish to try.”
  • “Time for the King’s Game!”
  • “You care about those bad guys more than you care about me, don’t you?”
  • “I feel like a new man/woman!”
  • “Keep it up. I believe in you.”
  • “It’s hard being a ladies’ man.”
  • “You are one mental bastard!”
  • “You keep going and I’ll handle this guy!”
  • “Why am I the one getting interrogated?”
  • “To be honest, I count on you more than you know.”
  • “I think I just went somewhere that I can never come back from.”
  • “When you told those TV guys to get lost, you were cool.”
  • “I didn’t put any of that in the curry.”
  • “Is she going to confess her love to him?”
  • “I-I’m so sorry… I make things even more awkward.”
  • “I did it with good intentions!”
  • “Nothing good ever seems to happen to us!”
  • “Well, I guess I’m into the mysterious type.”
  • “You are dead. YOU ARE SO FREAKIN’ DEAD!”
  • “I-I didn’t look at her tits, I swear!”
  • “Oh no, is he/she drunk?”
  • “That’s right… I’m not alone.”
  • “The murderer is still out there.”
  • “I like cute things, so what?”
  • “The results are irrelevant. We’re all healthy.”
  • “So tonight, everything we order is on the house!”
  • “They suck. Girls/Boys really suck.”
  • “I’ll always be here for you.”
  • “I just came to cheer you on.”
  • “You can’t pee here! It’s someone’s room!”
  • “I knew you’d look good, but not that good!”
  • “That’s weird. He’s with a new lady now.”
  • “Admit it, you’ve got your eyes on me for a long time.”
  • “I’ve been alone and I won’t go back.”
  • “That bitch went berserk on me.”

Stargate: SG-1  — Season 10 {Sentence Starters}

  • “I just wanted to thank you for being there for me recently.”
  • “You are trying to goad me into revealing information.”
  • “I’ll be fine. I’ll blame everything on you.”
  • “Have I ever let you down? No, don’t answer that, have I ever let you down when it really mattered?”
  • “What, that’s supposed to convince me?! Look at you!”
  • “Do you have any idea where we’re going?”
  • “This is like a life and death situation here! Start acting like it.”
  • “You can’t remake the past. So look ahead, or risk being left behind.”
  • “You know, the more I get to know you, the more I’m starting to understand.”
  • “If you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking, it won’t work.”
  • “I wish I had proof. I wish I had a way to convince you, but I don’t.”
  • “If you really are trying to help, then help yourself.”
  • “Say, how’d you like to go out to dinner with me once this is all is over?”
  • “I’m gonna go crazy. And I’m taking you with me.”
  • “You made a terrible mistake. Release me now, and I will be merciful.”
  • “I tell you, the last time I was this bored, I took hostages!”
  • “You didn’t trust him, but you talked me into coming here anyway?”
  • “I do not understand why everything in this script must inevitably explode.”
  • “Hello? Hand signals? I’m waving you over!”
  • “Well, why even mention it to me if you’re not going to tell me what it is?”
  • “I’m not going to hit you. Not on purpose.”
  • “Wow.. check this out. I’m no expert, but this looks important.”
  • “I realize the risk you’re taking just showing yourself. But I’m sorry, I want more.”
  • “All we have is a lot of winning by the bad guys.”

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Kagehina - when they're both third years

“Three years really go by fast, huh…” he speaks quietly, the two of them nestled on the hillside beside Karasuno’s bridge. “I’m gonna miss this place,” he adds, tucking his knees closer together as he rests his chin on them. Abruptly, his reverie is shattered by his classmate’s flick to the head, eliciting an, “Ow! What was that for, Kageyama?” His lips curl into a petulant pout, as Kageyama’s gaze lingers on the sunset across from them. “Hinata, you idiot—don’t act like we’ll never see each other again,” he mumbles, and Hinata’s eyes light up as he throws his arms around Kageyama ecstatically. 

i’m crying is this even 5 sentences ww i can’t write this in so few words– bUT WUahAHH i got the biggest grin on my face when i saw you sent one in bc i was rly rly hoping u would!?!? aNYWay thank you so much kouhai!!!!! i’ll send some into you once i finish up mine!!!!!

ok but… there’s a lot of headcanons for the Paladins on how they joke around and meme, and Keith is usually the one who has no idea what’s going on

but imagine Keith sort of catching on and trying to join in. except he has no idea how the punchlines are supposed to work

Keith walks into the kitchen at dinner time and points at a trash can

“that is a relatable trash can”

“Keith, do you even know what that means?”


Being an artist on tumblr

Me: [posts 15 minute tag urself meme]

Me: [gets hundreds of notes]

Me: [spends hours on drawings that I put my heart into and posts them]

Me: [gets, like, 3 notes on each]

This seems like it’s supposed to be a funny post but I’m serious, here. Artists spend a lot of time on their work and a lot of them get near to no recognition. We lose the motivation to do what we love doing because we feel like we go unnoticed. It’s gonna sound whiny and self-absorbed but a lot of the time, I base the worth of my artwork on how many notes it gets. When something I spend a lot of time and effort on goes unnoticed, I feel like it was all for nothing. Especially when some shitty doodle I did in my spare time gets all the credit - why do I even bother? A lot of artists on tumblr feel the exact same way. Please, help artists out. Reblog their work.

And I’m not saying this as a cheap way of going; ‘You’re a bad person if you don’t reblog everything I post’. I just think it’s unfair how my - and a lot of other people’s - work goes unnoticed when it’s got so much dedication put into it. Liking art doesn’t help either - a lot of people like art without reblogging it. That doesn’t spread it around, that doesn’t give it recognition. Please, if you like what someone’s drawn, share it around for them. It’ll make them feel so much better about posting their work at all.

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First sentence for fic meme thing: Farmer hoped she didn't look too nervous as she put on the skates.

Farmer hoped she didn’t look too nervous as she put on the skates. Chris had shown her the basics, and she could hold herself upright now, move across the ice without wobbling too much. But today Chris was waiting for her with a hockey stick, grinning as he batted a puck here and there between his skates. How she was supposed to go from beginning skater to functioning hockey player she had no idea.

The stick felt odd in her hand. But Chris’ face lit up the first time she made contact with the puck, even if it flew anemically off to the side and bounced off the boards. She skated over and gave it another go, relishing the light in his eyes as he applauded and beamed at her.

Stargate: SG-1  — Season 2 {Sentence Starters}

  • “We came here in peace, we expect to go in one… piece.”
  • “I’m telling you, I am absolutely fine. “
  • “What right do you have to judge the value of my life?”
  • “Don’t even pretend you understood that.”
  • “Now, I suppose this is the time for me to say something profound… Nothing comes to mind, let’s do it.”
  • “Surprisingly difficult to kill you, isn’t it?”
  • “It will be hard. Trust me. But you don’t have to go through it alone.”
  • “Well, I guess we’ll have to hold up here awhile ‘til things calm down.”
  • “I like what they’ve done with the place.”
  • “Look, I know I should know this by now. I swear it’ll be the last time I ask.”
  • “Are we preparing to dance or to do battle?”
  • “Oh, please! We have a difference of opinion on just about everything.”
  • “I am worth far more to you than you will admit.”
  • “Well, I think you might be losing what’s left of your mind.”
  • “Oh, I was so hoping never to see you again.”
  • “You can’t just will something to happen because you want it to be a certain way.”
  • “He gets nervous like that every time he’s around you. Maybe a crush.”
  • “Well, if you’ve got a price on your head, you’re doing your job.”
  • “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t care.”
  • “I would like to learn about your culture and customs. Will you teach me?”
  • “That wasn’t a joke. I didn’t do that on purpose.”
  • “Things will not calm down.  They will, in fact, calm up.”
  • “Apparently, I’m the oldest and wisest among us.”

Evolution, bioethics and human nature

Interview by Richard Marshall

‘So does this mean that we still have something to learn from Popper, Kuhn and the other big beasts of mid-century philosophy of science? Yes! Feyerabend is right, I think, to cast doubt on the existence of any recipe that will tell scientists how to go about investigating the world: the interesting question for us is whether this really means that in science anything goes.‘

‘I’m especially doubtful of ‘memetics’—an approach that begins with the claim that natural selection requires the existence of replicators, and which moves on to allege the existence of memes. These are supposed to be cultural replicators. They are usually thought of as ideas, or maybe more generically as packets of information, which make copies of themselves as they hop from mind to mind. One problem—which has been pressed forcefully by Dan Sperber and many others—is although ideas spread through populations, they don’t usually do so by a process analogous to genetic replication.‘

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rules: using only the song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these 11 questions then tag 10 people.

i got tagged by a decent portion of the whole damn world aka @faithandbuffy @fangel @19thsentry @not-much-for-the-timber so thanks y’all

artist: paramore (duh)

what is your gender?: one of those (crazy girls)
describe yourself?: misery business 
how do you feel?: whoa
if you could go anywhere, where would it be?: sunday bloody sunday 
favourite mode of transportation?: fast in my car
your best friend?: the only exception (SHUT THE FUCK)
favourite time of day?: another day 
if your life was a tv show, what would it be called?: here we go again
what is life to you?: pressure
relationship status?: still into you
your fear?: future

tagging: @kathubs @solaleo @hotchickswithsuperpowers @ariatlaok @angelandfaith @vampyrelayer @catty-words @jenniferdamiano @captain-peroxide-blondie-bear @part-timeslayer

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"It was.... supposed to be.... a date, I didn't ask you out just to drink tea for no reason."

~Oblivious-To-Love Starters Starter~

“Wait what?”

That was the only response Henry could muster up immediately in order to not leave the other hanging. A date? Isn’t that an event between two people who are interested in each other? In love? The dark mage just couldn’t figure it out. Marie didn’t seem to be the type of person to be attracted to someone like the silver-haired man. She had so much going for her like a wonderful personality, intelligence, and morals. What could she possibly see in the demented crow-lover to want this to be a date?  

“I just thought..you just wanted company! E-Ehe! A date with me? Are you trying to pull my leg?”

Great, he was tripping over his own words. His confusion and embarrassment is defiantly showing now. Marie totally has to see him as an insensitive moron now.