; stole a time lord

True story

Rory Williams joined the Time Lords and stole a TARDIS and is traveling the galaxy and all of time with his companions.

When you realize Overwatch now has TWO Time Lords running around the universe.

Sombra stole Harambe Winston’s tech and hacked it to work for her.

EDIT: Arnold Tsang talks about Sombra’s Translocator tech origins

EDIT2: Symmetra’s teleporter needs an exit module for it to work. Sombra just ‘relocates’ to another spot using one Translocator unit.


Celebrating New Who: Favourite Episode (3/3)
↳ The Doctor’s Wife


Moffat Appreciation Week: In Tribute to Clara Oswald

“I don’t think I’ve got the Chameleon circuit working. The outer shell might be stuck as an American Diner.”

This is the story of someone who stole a TARDIS and ran away. Of someone escaping death through a Time Lord miracle. Who travels in a ship with a broken Chameleon circuit, hurtling through space and time in the form of an odd Earth relict, towards adventures with their companion. Full of recklessness, cleverness and fun. This is the story of Clara Oswald.

And it has been hers ever since she took shortcuts through graveyard, since she had 101 Places to See and kept the book, since she stayed with the Maitlands and ran away in a time machine every Wednesday. Clara has always tried to have it all, between responsibility and all of space and time, between knowing her fears and turning herself into a heroine. Everything and beyond. To face death with courage in a heartbeat and stop off on the way is the culmination of who she has been since the beginning.

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The Doctor’s Wife must be a little bored by now

In a supremely popular episode of Doctor Who, The Doctor’s Wife, we see the Doctor’s TARDIS come to life in the form of Idris. In one scene, we see the followint interaction:

IDRIS: Do you ever wonder why I chose you all those years ago?
DOCTOR: I chose you. You were unlocked.
IDRIS: Of course I was. I wanted to see the universe, so I stole a Time Lord and I ran away. And you were the only one mad enough.
DOCTOR: Right. Perfect. Look at that. What could possibly go wrong?  

In His Last Vow, in the confrontation between Sherlock and Mary, we get this lovely line:

SHERLOCK: The doctor’s wife must be a little bored by now

And later in the same episode, when John is wondering how he ended up in this situation, Sherlock says:

SHERLOCK: Because you chose her

Except John never chose Mary did he? Mary wanted to see the universe, so she stole an army doctor and she ran away.

Mary chose John. Mary stole John. 

Look at that. What could possibly go wrong?

For David Tennant’s birthday, Big Finish has put a number of audios with him on sale. That means it’s once again time for me to warn you all off of Exile, no matter how tempting an audio with a woman as the Doctor and with David Tennant in the cast sounds.

Unless you want an audio with:

  • The Doctor drinking and vomiting (with very realistic sound effects)
  • Major transphobia, including some voiced by David Tennant
  • A very loose plot revolving explosive gasses from human waste in the car park at the store the Doctor works in
  • David Tennant eating dog food
  • Frequent discussion of poo
  • Yet more transphobia
  • Seriously, here’s a quote from it: “Doctor, you have been found guilty of crimes against the laws of time and Time Lord decency. You stole a TARDIS and interfered in the affairs of others, but worst of all, you had a sex-change regeneration.”

This is not the audio for you.