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I hope you will have a great time. I know it’s hard to leave the things that make you happy, but I really hope you will enjoy these two years. Time will pass by quickly anyway and you will be back as a grown up man. How can someone ever forget you?! We are waiting for this handsome man with a silly, young personality, with a flawless voice and a bright smile. Ah, and don’t forget to smile.

Best luck, stay healthy and happy. We love you. See you in two years! 

 #WeWillWaitKimJongwoon  #기다릴게김종운

team free will

  • cas gets scrubbed of his person over and over and over again and is hypermanipulated by naomi and metatron for their own personal gain
  • sam is unable to lead a path of life he wants for himself and is also down the road tricked into being a vessel for a rogue angel and is consequently denied of his right to die 
  • dean is desperately and unknowingly bound and chained to a misplaced, problematic sense of responsibility to his brother that was ingrained into him from the earliest days of his life that even he doesn’t realize how it’s damning him over and over again

petition to change team name to team not-so-free will

The Brand New Friend

Esme was sitting on a park bench, a cup of tea in her hands with her sleeves of her shirt covering her hands but her fingers, as she watched people walk by without a second glance at her. The girl didn’t care if people weren’t looking at her, it just made her feel more comfortable with herself as long as no one stared. While sipping her tea, Esme looked up and saw someone she never saw before, which was kind of strange to her. “Who is that?” she asked herself while staring at the new person.