; i still don't have my laptop :(

be more chill characters as things i've said during class
  • jeremy: michael mell is warm and kind and soft and the only good thing in a world of bad
  • michael: i wanna do a sick kickflip while yelling "i'm gay" but i don't own a skateboard and i also don't know how to do a kickflip so now i'm sad
  • jake: i'm throwing a halloween party, no straights allowed
  • rich: don't talk to me today okay i'm small and bisexual and full of rage
  • christine: i've cried over musicals 3 times today, which is an improvement compared to yesterday when i cried over musicals 6 times
  • chloe: i want to wear my cute skirt and crop top to the party tonight but also i'm really tired so i might end up wearing crocs. i'll still look hot though
  • brooke: please leave me alone i just want to eat cookies and cry
  • jenna: i can see you opening your mouth to tell me the gossip about last night and i'm just gonna say don't bother. i already know and have made an instagram post about it
  • the squip: my laptop just died like [sad beep boop noises]

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Hey, i was just wondering if u were going to draw more shallura? I'm really not trying to be pushy or rude or anything (pls don't think I'm telling u what to draw i really don't want this to sound mean or bad) but i just saw those little comics u made and they were super cute! I love ur art style, it's really super nice:)

oh no I don’t mind at all, it’s good to see what people like too! But yeah of course, I still have silly stuff on my laptop since this summer even, I’m shit at posting stuff unencouraged haha


“3 years ago I met these 3 guys in front of me … and I finally found my place in the world. I didn’t feel like an outcast any more.

@ everyone who gets to see buster’s mal heart in theaters - we’re not friends. Don’t speak to me.

Random (test) sketch of Scott Tracy after watching the first episode of “Thunderbirds are go” while preparing dinner… Probably doesn’t resemble him… my style might not be super compatible to the Thunderbirds style… 

I am not sure i have time to watch it, but after drawing two characters of it I wanted to at least know what it is and found a stream… but it isn’t working on my Kindle and always watching on my laptop is not convenient (too clunky…) 

But I liked Scott, so I wanted to at least sketch him quickly while I still wait to hear back from the remaining commissioner ^^” 

So my laptop finally, I think, kicked it.

But even though the screen is dark and it’s registering no charge and it won’t turn on or off, it’s still playing the audio of the first two Sanvers kiss scenes and I mean hey.

If it has to go, this is the way to do it.


There are as many forms of love as there are moments in time.

Imagine Grantaire finding Enjolras sitting behind his laptop looking incredibly concentrated and frowning, pressing the space bar multiple times, so R gives him space, because obviously he’s doing something very important. Only, after ten minutes he’s still like that, pressing the space bar, so Grantaire comes to see what he’s doing

He has no internet connection

He’s playing the Chrome dinosaur game

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Omg demon James 💜😈😍would you be able to do a demon alex or g-wash, or ya know... both? But don't over work yourself please because we can't have you getting sick or ill.... 😢💜💜💜 side note: I love your writing!


“Hey there, sexy,” Alex hummed in your ear, before kissing the side of your neck.

You flinched a little shocked at his sudden appearance, behind you. Not necessary complaining though. His hands fell to your waist, fingers quickly working to pull your shirt up enough to slip under the fabric. You smiled, continuing to type on your laptop in front of you. 

“Hmm, that’s cold,” Alex said, “don’t you wanna have some fun? You can still get your work done on time, just take a break, for you.”

You rolled your eyes, smirking, “you know, you really shouldn’t have to me your specialty was lying if you wanted me fall into your arms every time.”

“But I was honest with you,” Alex’s hands slowly spread across your skin, “isn’t that what you wanted?”

“Yes..,” you tried to ignore the feeling of his warm skin and his sharp nails, just barely grazing against you, “but I have things to do right now.”

“Mmm, are we referring to me as a thing now?” Your demonic lover came closer to you, making you feel the warmth.

“N-no,” you shook your head trying to refocus.

Alex gave up on trying to win you with words, he nosed at your hair, hands traveling up your body. He growled a little, beginning to breath heavy. Despite his erotic behaviour you managed to work through it, and continue your essay. It was difficult, yes, especially when he drug his sharp teeth along your neck, sending shivers all across your body. Soon, your typing became faster, and faster. 

“I like what you’re thinking,” Alex’s lips lingered against your neck, “oooo, right here? On the couch? Hands tied?”

You hated how he could read your lustful thoughts, or any that weren’t “pure” really. 

“Come on, Lovely,” Alex brought one of his hands up to your jawline, “it couldn’t hurt? Could it?”

Slamming your laptop shut, you tossed it too the chair, turning around to see a seductive smirk across Alex’s face. He liked everything you were thinking. Kissing his heatedly, you wanted everything he was implying.

“Are you kidding me?” You breathed, “This better hurt.”

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Hey um I dunno if this would help you or not? But when I get in a mood like that I kinda just have my sketchbook open in my lap with a pencil in hand while watching a movie.1)Doesn't hurt your eyes as bad as staring at a screen.2)If you doodle, you doodle. If not, you don't. There's no goal or pressure with it. That's just what I use have a good night~


Thats what I basically ended up doing except I’m still killing my eyes with my laptop.  I have the 3rd Pirates movie on now

Hey hey, long time no see.

An anon asked me on my other blog if I knew where this picture was. I had no idea, I probably deleted it from here and my laptop, but while I was cleaning up my external hard drive I saw it on one of the folders. So, if mystery anon still wanted it, there it is.

And the rest of you have a good day. ;)

hellsing characters i’d still really love to see:  integra f.w. hellsing, walter c. dornez, pip bernadotte, alexander anderson, heinkel wolfe and their gf yumie takagi, enrico maxwell, schrödinger, tubalcain alhambra, rip van winkle, zorin blitz, the captain, the doktor, do you see where this is going,

“Autumn Would You Rather”Tag

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1. Go apple picking vs. Go on a hay ride 
2. Scary vs. Sweet
3. Sweaters vs. Boots
4. Socks vs. Mittens
5. Bonfires vs. Football
6. Trick or Treating vs. Watch Scary movies 
7. Apple Pie vs. Pumpkin Pie ( i’ve actually never had pumpkin pie )
8. Halloween vs. Thanksgiving 
9. Bake Pie vs. Bake Cookies
10. Rain vs. Fog
11. Black Cats vs. Owls ( i’m an animal lover SUE ME )
12. Ghosts vs. Wizards
13. Harry Potter vs. Halloweentown
14. Go Hiking vs. Sleep in ( easy choice lmao )
15. Cinnamon vs. Nutmeg ( i’ve also never had nutmeg )
16. Reading vs. Writing
17. Hot Chocolate vs. Tea 
18. Live in a Cabin In a Forest vs. Have it be fall 24/7 
19. Candy Apples vs. Caramel Apples
20. Blankets vs. Pillows ( BEST OF BOTH WORLDS )
21. Roasted marshmallows vs. Roasted Chestnuts
22. Coffee vs. Apple Cider
23. Red Leaves vs. Orange Leaves ( they’re both pretty so why not )
24. Braids vs. Bows
25. Scented Candles vs. The Smell of Fresh Baked Goods ( what about scented candles that smells of fresh baked goods o w o )
26. Carve Pumpkins vs. Make Pumpkin Pie
27. Pumpkin Spice Lattes vs. Chai Tea Lattes ( i’ve been staring at this for a solid minute thinking which one i’d like the most and i’ve decided that i have no idea so i’ll just leave that ; 3 ; )
28. Coats vs. Oversized Sweaters 
29. Beanies vs. Berets
30. Candy Corn vs. Peanut Butter Cups
31. S'mores vs. Apple Crisp
32. Jump In a Pile of Leaves vs. Swing on a Tire Swing
33. Corn Maze vs. Haunted House
34. Bob For Apples vs. Visit a Pumpkin Patch ( i’d love to do this one day )
35. Whipped Cream on Hot Chocolate vs. Marshmallows on Hot Chocolate