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Rules: Answer 11, Ask 11, Tag 11

1) Current fannish interests? (book, movie, tv series, pairing, etc.)

I hate to say Overwatch, but it basically got me back into cosplay and doing fanart that I haven’t shared yet and generally participating in a fandom, so I’m going to mention OverwatchI am really sorry that my blog turned into Overwatch hell though.

2) Language you’d like to learn?

Tagalog. It’s my biggest regret that I didn’t insist on it as a child and didn’t think anything about the fact that I wasn’t raised to speak it.  I’m half Filipina and can probably count the words I know on one hand.  I keep thinking I should ask my mom to teach me, but I’m a little worried I’ll have trouble picking it up.

3) All-expenses paid week-long trip you’d like to take?

A hard one! I think I’d actually like to go back to a place I’ve been… Vienna! Since I went for school, I didn’t actually really get the chance to do anything while I was there.  It’s very beautiful there. It would  be nice to actually be able to enjoy it.

4) What time do you normally go to bed?

I take meds that make me sleepy, so bed time is basically whenever they kick in.  It averages 11. Unfortunately, I’ve been taking them so long now that I don’t sleep without them.

5) Where are you?? (as specific or as vague or as philosophical as you want)

Instead of a couch, we have this giant beanbag chair. It’s basically a couch. We cover it with blankets and pillows just like a couch.  I’m sharing it with two cats, at the moment.

6) Coffee or tea? (or neither, you strange person you)

I prefer tea, but mostly drink lemon water.  A doctor told me to be careful about my caffeine intake as a teen so I pretty much cut out caffeinated drinks. I can’t say if this helped because I ended up sickly anyway.

7) Do you have any pets? (show me a picture if you can!)

Three cats! Machi, Ichigo, and Poopie. Machi is a precious baby who gets upset if I sneeze too loud.  Ichigo is fat and is jealous if anyone else gets attention.  Poopie is an asshole who farts and chews on Ichigo’s tail, but she’s very pretty and affectionate. 

8) Your ideal job/career?

Art, all day, everyday.  I’m working on this.  I mean, I think I’m setting myself not to get paid much as I’m not their first choice (first choice had *name recognition*), but we’re discussing things and that’s pretty awesome all by itself.

9) Do you like to cook? If so, what’s your favorite food to prepare?

I think the only thing I can cook is curry.  Most everything else doesn’t turn out.  I can make things out of a box, but not really from scratch.

10) What’s your favorite method of relaxing?

Rock climbing.  Like, I know that sounds like a lot of work, but it’s awesome. Unfortunately, I hurt my shoulder (climbing incorrectly) and haven’t been able to climb for months and had to start over! I just started climbing again this month.

11) What’s your Pokemon Go team?

Instinct!! My mom saw me playing and wanted me to teach her. I tried to explain the teams, but she just wanted to me on my team and I think that’s pretty cute.

Whew! Made it! Here are my questions!

1. Last book you read? Did you finish it? If not, what page are you currently on? (fanfic or anything written counts if you want)

2. If your music player of choice tracks top songs, what is the one you are surprised you listen to so often? (If no, list a guilty pleasure song of your choice)

3. OTP, NoTP, BroTP? (feel free to mix and match fandoms)

4. Favorite gif or reaction image?

5.  What’s your favorite quote?

6. Plain or flavored chips?

7. Do you have a prized possession?

8. Do you have a tattoo(s)?

9. Is there a movie/series/other thing you really enjoy, but still wish had ended differently?

10. Do you own a dakimakura  or other nerdy pillows?

11.  Are you the type to grow plants or accidentally kill them trying?

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