; but it's such a complicated thing

today I was making a new bank account and the guy was like oh do you have a job and i’m like no and he’s like where do you make all the money you just deposited and i’m like uhhh its complicated (cause I didn’t wanna tell him about my tumblr) and it looked sooo sus cause he was just like looking at me like ?? and then I ended up telling him so it wouldn’t look like i’m doing illegal things 

“They’re still here!”

“So’s Magnussen. He should be at dinner, but he’s still in the building.”

2x10 // 4x01

baekhyun skateboarding skatepapering on stage lol

based off of a fic i’m working on. kankri has gills

Voltron Thoughts 2/???
  • Pidge:I'll just grab this robot built with unfamiliar alien technology and reprogram it in seconds.
  • Also Pidge:I reverse engineered the transparent walls from the training room to make a cloaking device.
  • Still Pidge:How do I sabotage this ship, all the labels are in alien gibberish?

Soul mate AU where people often hire private detectives to find the name on their wrist. Although he’s a consulting detective whose specialty is crime, many of Sherlock’s clients are those looking for their soul mates. Through word of mouth, he becomes known throughout London as an expert for bringing soul mates together, much to his annoyance. Then one day, a depressed army doctor comes to 221b, thinking that finding his soul mate is his last chance at some sort of happiness. As it turns out, this will be Sherlock’s easiest case ever


I don’t know. I’m worried he’ll end up trashing this one, too. That maybe he did resent me for everything that happened in our lives, and this was just one of those things he could use as ammunition someday. Part of me feels like I’d deserve it, crappy as that is to think… But I’ve got to believe in him. I gotta believe in my brother. And fuck, I’m just happy that he’s not trying to smash my head in, alright? I’m just happy to have my brother back. Not a demon or a corpse or an empty seat next to me… 

I just… want to fix things. I know I can’t completely let go of what he did to me all those months ago. And I know I screwed up too much in the past to ever make things how they were when we were happiest, but god — This is better. This is… something, after all that, right? We’ve been okay. Dean could have thrown this one away, too. It’s just a little crappy clay replica. He could have thrown it away.

It’s got to mean something, in the end.


Things were complicated and I made them more so. I was at a point where I should have been strong and I wasn’t. 

 And I  m i s s e d  the person I was supposed to be with.