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Here it is, here’s my ACA Open Enrollment Plug:


If you support real religious freedom (i.e. your religious choices are between you and your god, you have a right to privacy)

if you have endometreosis or any other complex reproductive-system-related condition

if you want to keep seeing your gyno, and want to be able to access all the services your gyno provides


They don’t have the guts to say this anywhere you’d notice it while you’re perusing the plan benefits– I actually did try quite hard to go through all the fine print but I missed it. And clearly, New York State expects you to miss it. Because when I signed up, after a couple of months, they sent me this letter, which clearly indicates that they didn’t expect me to already have realized this: 

“Fidelis, the health plan you joined, does not pay for family planning services.” (That last is bold and underlined.)

The back side of the letter tells me to go to Planned Parenthood. Here’s the whole text:

(Photo is of a list of places in several counties where you can get family planning services. Note that one of the counties in the list contains no family planning clinics and lists no options.)

I have a primary care physician who does my gyno care. This tells me, in effect, that I’m going to have to find another gyno to do that, because my insurance company won’t reimburse my PCP for a visit where she mentions birth control. 

Now, what my personal medical needs are, are immaterial to this discussion, but I am making this post because I know a lot of people are trying to choose plans right now. And it is NOT OBVIOUS that Fidelis is a Catholic company– they changed their name from Catholic Health Plan of NYS for that reason, I think.

So– BE AWARE, because they’re sure as hell not going to make it obvious.

I don’t know if this is legal in any other states, or if Fidelis exists in any other states, but LOOK FOR THIS KIND OF THING when you sign up!! Explicitly CHECK TO MAKE SURE. 

I am going to switch away from Fidelis not because I can’t stand to go to Planned Parenthood, but because I don’t want to support a company in any way that feels it can dictate my health choices because of its religious beliefs. 


favorite comic character meme ✦  [1/3] platonic relationships: bruce wayne

“But the whole truth was obvious. Bruce liked having Jason out here.”

There is a difference between making friends through RP and making friends for RP.

If you lose interest in someone entirely when they don’t want to/can’t RP at the moment then please don’t pretend to be buddy-buddy with them when they want to/can.

If you’re going to be friends with someone, be friends with them. Not their Muse.


aaaaand that’s it folks! i honestly didn’t plan for this comic to give me feels. it was meant to be “haha adrien is so oblivious” instead of.. confused pain. but my hand kind of did its own thing. i hope everything becomes easier after the Big Reveal and not more complicated. these two already love each other so much, they just need to realize it. 

also i used a ref for the last panel. not gonna embarrass myself again by not learning how to draw hands properly.

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jeez isnt it funny how vex and percy can get married because they gave in to a whim to bind themselves together because they’re in love and not be insensitive monsters rubbing their relationship in vax and keyleth’s faces (because they’ve literally done no such thing lmao)

and isn’t it funny how keyleth being upset she’ll never get that and responding to that is also valid (because her reaction was extreme and guilt-blamey towards vex and percy yes, but she’s grieving that part of her future)

and isn’t it also funny how vax can be upset about his sister marrying percy in secret after she made vax promise not to do the same thing (because broken promises always suck and he wanted to be there and he’s running out of time for his own relationship)

and isn’t it funny how these four have a complex relationship dynamic right now and if you’re breaking it down into who’s wrong and bad vs who’s right and good you’re objectively wrong and oversimplifying things

isn’t that funny

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do you love hotdiggetydemon like i love hotdiggetydemon because he's honestly great sometimes

as an artist/animator, his content is cool, but as a human fuckin no dude hes kind of a fuckin prick. like, i dont know if theres a single thing hes made thats not tainted with cringy edgy racist sexist tryhard jokes. i rly like his animations but his whole .. personality, i guess? ruins it for me

Clearly, the root of most fandom drama with writers is that many don’t truly comprehend the very simple fact that we as fans in all actuality have no rights and are entitled to nothing except sitting on our butts and watching or reading.

Suga Moans Ver. 2
BTS 방탄소년단
Suga Moans Ver. 2

I’m back!!! After like what, two years?? That might happen again, but don’t worry. I’ll get at least four or five more of these out before then.


Suga Moans

Jimin Moans

Kookie Moans

Seokjin Moans

Hoseok Moans

Taehyung Moans

Namjoon Moans

Kookie Moans Ver. 2


B.A.P Moans

Block B Moans

Seventeen Moans

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pregnancy test: *is positive*


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i think it’s important to note that there is a difference between the original intent of “manpain” - which was to refer to situations where the narrative focuses on how an event affects a male character, especially in a situation where a female character was hurt or killed, and the frequent application of “manpain” in fandom to refer to…literally any time a male character has feelings, about anything

like. the one is a useful term to refer to a specific phenomenon, often adjacent to fridging; the other is (unfortunately) often used in ways that reflect the tendency to shut down men’s emotional expression and limit the range of emotion permitted to men

like…just watch how you’re using these things, is all I’m saying

I made this in honor of young justice season 3!

(also because I just really loved the little Robin faces that pop up when Robin is hacking in season 1)


Undertale fan comic- Stand-In 49

There is one way to solve communication breakdown - call for the third person. It might help you make things more clear.

Or more complicated.

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* Don’t use it for any commercial purpose

another thing to add is almost universally, the reasons pets become unhealthily overweight is because they Do Not Know When To Stop Eating. they are animals, they will often try to eat as much as they can bc their survival instincts tell them they dont know when their next meal will be. they do not have body autonomy, we entirely control what and when they eat.

like for example its Very obvious in “simpler” animals like reptiles. once my snake finishes eating one large mouse, she is immediately looking for more bc the scent is on my hands. were i to give her another mouse, she would eat it, and continue to do so. some snakes will stuff themselves to the point of their stomachs rupturing, when enabled to. this behavior is fairly universal, and many owners will overfeed their snakes to the point of harm because they are “still hungry”. 

in the wild this trait is useful bc they must be constantly active and may go months without a meal, but in captivity allowing this to happen is mistreatment and would lead to a snake being very unhealthy. 

aside from the basic fact that fat people deserve respect regardless of whether they are “healthy” or not and medical ableism figures HEAVILY into what is considered “unhealthy”, overweight people Can be objectively healthy. this is not the case in every other species bc other species of animals bodies react to being overweight in different ways than human beings. like in dogs alone there are Dozens of health complications related to being overweight that do not happen to, or cant even be applied to human beings.

people are fat for different reasons, its an extremely complex and multifaceted thing bc we Have body autonomy and we are Not just animals living on pure instinct. our body politics are based in our physical nature as the human species, our culture, its institutions, etc. it is very unfair, and can even be unintentionally dehumanizing to  apply the logic of one to the other.