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Rancher probs.

So some neighbor I don’t know lost a cow over a month ago. Auction junk, never branded after purchasing, and hopped fence. Last month she came by asking if I seen anything and said no.

Later, I determined by different tire tracks she invited herself into the east section pasture then onto the state lease land through a wire gate with absolutely no permission. I didn’t think anything more of it because when a cow is at auction it’s for a damn reason, hence the fence hopping. Not branding it is even more retarded and asinine and also by not informing the county brand inspectors that cow could be several counties over.

The neighbor just showed up asking again and mentioned the red in my herd. I said no that’s a two year old steer from another bull getting mixed up. Jackass couldn’t tell a feeder steer from a cow driving along the road.

If she comes around and I see different tire tread in my pasture again I’m calling the sheriff. Perhaps learn a thing or fucking two before buying shitty cattle on a whim.

Peter’s Revenge

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   “Look we are doing you a favor. You get to go back to that damn island.” Emma groaned as Y.n struggled between David and I. Since Peter had returned, the small girl has been causing nothing but trouble. She was determined to go back to her bloody demon of a boyfriend. Honestly I was about ready to hand the girl over to Pan no questions asked. She was just as vile as her boyfriend. Emma and Regina however wanted to use her to save Henry. If the lost boys were right, and we were thinking they were, Peter would do anything to get the girl back.

   “Favor!” Y.n spat, glaring at Emma. “Please. You are using me for own personal gain.”

   “Will someone please let gag her?” Regina snapped, scowling as Y.n lunged towards her. David and I struggled once again to keep her in place.

   “I will do you one better.” Rumple sighed, smirking at the still snarling girl as he walked towards her. “I’ll knock her out for a bit.” As he explained his motive her blew red dust at the Lost Girl, who instantly went limp between David and I.

   “Pan is going to kill you for that.” One of the lost boys snarled, the scar on his face twitching as he spoke.

  “Yeah well now she won’t be a problem.” Rumple answered, watching as David carefully picked up the now sleeping girl


   ~~~~~~~~~~After Peter got the curse~~~~~~~~~~~


   This time around we listened to Regina, and tied and gagged the angry lost girl. As we walked into the street, she still tried in vain to free her self from mine and David’s hold, the scowl on her face growing each and every time she failed. We had just reached the middle of town when Regina suddenly stopped, her eyes locked on Pan as he came strutting towards us. The moment Y.n noticed the green clad demon, she stopped struggle, gleam appearing in her eyes.

   “Watch out he has the…..

   “Curse? That I do and unless you want me to cast it I suggest you hand over my girlfriend.”

   “Look you can’t…”

   “Cast it without hurting her? Well that is where you are wrong. There is a loophole for everything! I can use Felix, love can be loyalty after all.” We all turned to Rumple, who had suddenly gone pale.

   “He’s right. Using Felix, who loves Pan so much he will do anything, would work.”

   “I see we have reached an understanding. Now, Y.n if you please.”

And if anybody asks we’ll chalk it up to we didn’t work out and people change not because you didn’t know how to love me let alone yourself or how I didn’t know how to handle the pressure so I caved in every time. And if anybody asks we’ll chalk it up to we didn’t work out and people change not because you left me before even saying goodbye one too many times or because I wrote you out of my story and then back in three more times. And if anybody asks we’ll chalk it up to we didn’t work out and people change not because you were 15 and didn’t know that being with her felt like a punch in the heart or how I couldn’t kiss another boy for a year and two months. And if anybody asks we’ll chalk it up to we didn’t work out and people change not because you didn’t learn to realize what you had before you lost it or because I didn’t realize that love was not supposed to be this damn painful. And if anybody asks we’ll chalk it up to we didn’t work out and people change that’s just how it goes.
—  this is the last poem I’m ever writing about him. the poetry has gone sour. it’s rotten now. a.i. 

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Ohh damn EJT and Marie subtly threw some shade. When asked what super power their character would want EJT said the ability to freeze time and Sid "you know stop bullets and things like that" and then Marie said "yeah I like her answer" because they both lost their lives to bullets 👀

Last week’s winners were holydoodles, 5kindsofmagic, shadowking58 and deeriojims-colouring-book. I lost inspiration to draw after I got back to my city and after I got into Pokmons and started drawing damn Charizard I got inspiration back and found time to draw your long-expected sketches. I decided to color them since b/w piece doesn’t worth waiting for a week.

First winner aka holydoodles asked for SFW pic. NSFW part can be found here.

Yeah-yeah I’m actually taking requests, but read these rules first. “I’m new on your blog” isn’t an excuse, you faggot ;з

ALSO I WANTED TO WARN YOU that I’ll take a rest from requests and better start releasing my July art pack. I won’t be opening slots until I decide to do so, right after pack release.


If Luchabro can beat a Mega and lose to Slaking I bet Talonflame could KO any Mega with Brave Bird, the pwr. 

I LOVED HAWLUCHA’S ENTRANCE THOUGH, kind of a shame that it lost after that but damn that was cool. I also love how it asked Serena itself.

Anyway, pretty nice first half for the battle but I’m pretty sure next week will blow it away lol. I love my birds but Pikachu’s parts were actually the best, so much quick paced movement and I loved the throwback to Ash VS Clemont with Pikachu escaping from Clawitzer’s claw with Electro Ball.

Alan apparently only using Charizard and Metagross in the league has me SLIGHTLY worried but it doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be a Tobias. Because:

1: Ash Greninja is on equal grounds with Charizard, meaning Ash won’t have to sacrifice multiple Pokemon like he did with Dakrai, besides Alan isn’t going to use Charizard (the Mega at least) until he’s either forced to or Ash brings out Greninja, because Alan WANTS to fight Greninja with Zard. And Zard being OP was no secret with it defeating 10 Megas including an Elite 4 member in a row, but again, Greninja can match its power so it’s not the same as Darkrai.

2: In this episode we saw that Alan’s Metagross had gotten knocked out, meaning it’s likely not overwhelmingly strong like Zard is, Alan has gotten away with using so few Pokemon so far because he simply spams Charizard, his entire team doesn’t need to be overpowered, and we know at least 4 of them are battling Ash anyway and the ep is at least a two parter so I’m fairly confident it’ll be a full 6v6 and that Ash will win :].

Anyway, yeah, enjoyed the episode, feels good to have a two parter battle for the first time in years, though having one half of it and having to wait for the rest is going to soooo painful, let us stay strong~

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Someone asked for knb earlier, so what about choosing between Sousuke and rin from free!

Ohh I really loved Rin in season 1 and then in Season 2 Sousuke entered the stage and my weak spot for stern, strong and dark haired boys kicked in again :D

Awww Sousuke and Rin!! Damn, I loved these boys..and then I kinda lost “contact”. It was fun to draw Sousuke! Thank you!!

Drabble #25

Request: Request: 39, 41, and 16 with Fred or Draco :))

“Fred, it’s dark!’ Y/N whines as her boyfriend tugs her along. 

Shh, they’ll hear us.” Fred hushes. 

“Where are we going?” Y/N asks as he quickens his pace.

 He doesn’t respond as they rounded another corner in the dark. He opens the door to a room and ushers Y/N inside. Y/N squints in the dark, raising her lit wand. She feels her gut sink when she recognizes the room. 

Have you lost your damn mind?” Y/N hisses, turning around and jabbing Y/N with her wand. 

Fred smirks at her, “Problem, love?” 

“We’re in Snape’s office!” Y/N squeaks, eyes wide as she gulps. 

“We are. C’mon, I have a prank planned.” He says, grabbing her wrist. 

“No! You have to let me go!” Y/N cries, pulling away.

 Fred rolls his eyes at her dramatically, “We’ll be fine. Snape’s at a teachers meeting.” He hushes, dragging her away. 

Y/N grits her teeth, shaking her head, “I swear, Fred Weasley, if we get caught I’ll personally make you eat one of your Puking Pasties.”

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can you recommend some good fighter!bellamy fics? like where he's in an underground fighting ring or something & clarke takes care of him? length doesn't really matter and preferably hea. thanks so much!!!

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For the number ask, can you do 13 with Ignazio please?

Hey dear! Sorry I haven’t answered this one earlier… I hope you don’t mind that I combined it with another request🙈



2:“have you lost your damn mind?”
13: “kiss me”

Your fingers were playing with the straw for the best part of the night. It was a Saturday and it was the first evening you had decided to go out after your break up with your abusive boyfriend. Your friends were urging you to go out with them, but you knew their intention was to find you another guy, which quite frankly you wanted to avoid at all costs. You knew that you needed to take some time off dating to think, but, most importantly, to heal.

Ignazio ha been watching you for the best part of the night. He had made the mistake to go out with a friend of his and his girlfriend, ending up being the third wheel. He saw there was no boyfriend coming towards you, so he decided to make his move while he’d get himself another drink.

“A tequila please”, he ordered to the barman and sat on the seat beside you.

You moved slightly to the side to give the guy more space and heard him asking you if you minded him sitting there with a heavy Italian accent. As you turned your head to reassure him that you had no problem, you caught a glimpse of your ex walking inside in the mirror and exclaimed “shit!”

“Are you ok?”

“I don’t know.”

“Can I help?”

There was concern in his voice, which you certainly did not expect. Your ex had made you forget that there actually were genuinely good guys on this planet.

“You see that guy that just entered the bar? The one who has “extremely abusive ex-boyfriend” written all over him?”

“You dated THAT guy?” His tone and the facial expression that followed were as filled with surprise as with disbelief.

“Believe me nowadays I ask myself the same question”, you answered with a soft giggle. There was no bitterness in you voice, rather the same disbelief he had.

“The thing is we only broke up like two weeks ago and it was really bad. My luck is great these days, the only person I want to see disappear from the face of earth, the same person comes to the same bar with me.”

He was watching you talking with a soft smile drawn on his face. It was only erased when he saw your ex approaching you.

“Kiss me”, he ordered.

“What? Have you lost your damn mind!?”

“No, I haven’t. Trust me just this once.”

He knew that your hesitation could end up ruining the night for both of you, so he tangled his fingers with your curls, as he pulled you in to a, very awkward at the beginning, passionate kiss.

“Well, well. What do we have here?”

The irony in your ex’s voice was enough to make you punch him. You broke apart from the kiss and turned around, giving a deadly glare to your ex.

“What do you want (ex’s/name)?”

“You have no shame do you? We only broke up two weeks ago and you have already found your next victim!”

“So you were the victim in our relationship! Ha ha ha how funny!”

Ignazio held your hand encouragingly and whispered “calm down”.

“Don’t hold her hand”, he barked to Ignazio, “she’ll never be yours!”

“She’ll never be mine because she’s not a property, definitely not because she’ll ever make the same mistake and be with an animal like you.”

Ignazio was calm, yet stern, as he defended you and himself. He had stood up and his height made him look even more intimidating. It had worked, because (ex’s/name) had already taken a few steps back.

“Now leave, before I call the security or do anything worse.”

Your ex obeyed and left, uttering a few swears.

“Sorry about that”, you said apologetically with a thankful smile.

“Don’t worry about it. At least he won’t ever dare come close to you again.”

He returned the smile and his eyes sparked brightly.

“How can I thank you enough?”

“Let me buy you a drink, tell me your name and promise me that the next time we see each other nothing will erase this smile from your face.”

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A kiss on the nose + biospecialist (doooo iiiiit <3)

“Huh,” he says. It’s not like he was expecting an assassination attempt from his own wife (current state of their marriage aside), but he’s gotta admit, if she’s not here to kill him, he’s lost. Jemma’s made it firmly and repeatedly clear that she doesn’t want a damn thing to do with him…and while he’s absolutely got a plan to deal with that, he hasn’t even begun implementing it. “Anything else I should know?”

“Yeah,” Ortilla says. “She don’t look good.”

the right side of rock bottom

vicioussarr replied to your post:Fallout 4 is the first Bethesda game that has…

Yeah totally. Would be nice to also know why the companions like or dislike something. And even have them converse with the SS about the SS. Somehow everyone just already knows the main character’s story and he/she has never even divulged any info on their life. I was taken aback when I went to meet Valentine, started a quest with him and he knew I had a dog, and my whole life story. What? When? How? And where? Hancock so far has been the only one who didn’t know her… still didn’t ask about her, but has some limited info. But everyone knows about Shaun and has a reaction to it? What? I’m so lost as to how this happens.

Ooooh agreed. Was not a fan of clairvoyant followers. It also bothered me when nobody seemed to give a damn after returning from the Institute… The Institute… Really? Nothing to say about that? Oh wait yeah clairvoyant, gotchya.

Also another reason for why I love Hancock. Also Ada.

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You deserve an award for patience bc I would have lost my damn mind with all these travel questions. It's pretty apparent that one of their work commitments changed yesterday & that's why Taylor hasn't flown out yet. Even though she is on break she still has a business to run. Also, Tom might have had more meetings spring up that he has to attend before getting back to AUS. People need to just chill.

🙂🙂🙂🙂 I just crochet and ask questions.

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Red Potter AU fic set in the future, where Gold and Silver finally get back together? Please?

there’s about 14 other messages in my ask expressing requests along these lines, so, okay, okay, i got it.

again: if you haven’t read the fanfic Red Potter, you shouldn’t be reading this. unless you’re cool with spoilers & maybe being a little lost.

there’s mentions of drinking, csa trauma, Betrayal, that kind thing, but it’s mostly a hurt/comfort kinda way and not too heavy. this is pretty damn fluffy for me?? what have i become, my sweetest emo friend………..

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Photo Credit: Matt Rourke / AP

A black man – older than me, but I couldn’t tell you his age – driving a red car with the windows rolled down, was yelling at me. “Black girl with the purple braids! BLACK GIRL WITH THE PURPLE BRAIDS! What are you doing?! REPUBLICAN?!” His arms were working as he half hung out of the window, his frustration with me and my assumed political leaning evident. What are you doing? It’s the query an older family member asks you when you’ve lost your damn mind. They’re not really looking for an answer, I don’t think – it’s more a lament thrown out to the universe. What are you even doing?!

There was no time to yell back that I am British and unable to vote in this American election, that I am a journalist, that I am in Cleveland to write about the convention, that there aren’t enough black journalists being sent to cover things that aren’t seen as “black issues”, that my hair, while purple, is in fact in Senegalese twists and not braids… But I understood his exasperation with what he inferred to be my position. In Cleveland and around the convention, seeing all the black people, and seeing what we were doing, I was thinking about blackness and how it lives, here in this city, all the time. In 2016, in a world that contains Black Lives Matter (and other activist groups), at a time when Donald Trump is the Republican candidate, at this event, in this city, where a 12-year-old black boy, Tamir Rice, was shot and killed by one the city’s police officers, seconds after they pulled up, how could I not?—From ‘At The Republican National Convention, We’re Black and We’re Here,’ by @bimadewunmi

Here’s the problem with being both misophonic and rational – you know damn well you can’t reasonably ask someone to stop chewing, or using their computer, or breathing at a certain volume, and you certainly can’t tell electronics to run quieter, or cats to stop meowing, or whatever-have-you.

You can buy earplugs, but no matter how good they are, they’ll always filter out the wrong sounds, filter out too many, or just hurt your ears (or fall out a lot). They’ll get lost. They’ll make everything sound stranger. And so on. So you stop using them except in dire circumstances.

So you end up being lowkey aggravated for extended periods of the day, because sound is everywhere and it can’t all be filtered out or turned off, and worst of all you keep thinking, This is the literal stupidest thing a brain can do. There is no reason on earth to be this goddamn aggravated, making you aggravated at the fact that you’re aggravated.