; anyway idk if this is exactly how

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          What would be  made  of  it,   would  be  made   of   it.
          Severus is not aware of how ѕιcк  he  could  be,  how
          sick he could one day prove, but to  say  the  way  he
          feels about her isn’t rooted in a pure truth [ distorted
          & ruined by his  capacity  to  ruin ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵗʰᶤᶰᵍ ]  would  be
          wrong. She was  the  only  one  who  had  ever  been
          able   to   see  through   what  he  set  himself  up   to
          be,   who   had   bridged  the  gap  he’d  left  between
          his   repugnances  &  his  brilliance.  She  had  found
          the between  space  [  and  what  was  there,  he  was
          not  quite   sure ;  only  she  knew,  and  he’d  proven
          too much a coward  to  ask –  he  only  ever  wanted
          her to say it, to  remember  and  reassure  they   were 
          ʙᴇsᴛ  ғʀɪᴇɴᴅs ]   and   she   was   the   only  one  who
          ever would. She was his only light.

                          &   he   would   never   learn  to  love  like  she  did –
                         without    pretense,    with    certain   freedom,   with
                         selflessness –  but,  as  sad  and  shriveled  as  that
                         was,   he   could   n o t   let   anyone  take  her  away.

               not from him, who believed  himself
                    to need it most, regardless of how little
                                     he’d done to earn it.  

  • moffat:so we thought we'd bring amanda so we could play the mommy card and throw people off the scent
  • sue:idk that sounds a bit risky, what if /things/ about mary come up
  • amanda:nah it'll be fine, I've learnt from my husband to keep quiet
  • sue:oh you mean martin "i'm not supposed to talk about it" freeman
  • gatiss:it'll be fine. also since ben's gonna be there anyway we could ask him to join the panel!
  • amanda:oooh great idea!!
  • sue:uh... that... that really does not sound like a good idea
  • moffat:oh come on darlin' it'll be fine
  • SDCC:*happens*
  • sue:what. the. FUCK. did i tell you.

and brother if you have the chance to pick me up 

and can i sleep on your couch to the pound of the ache and pain 

anyway, I like the Hardy Boys too much for my own good lmao 


also here’s my original idea for this picture but it looks kinda shit so I’m posting this version instead 

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Hii So i just got into nct (part of it bc you guys have gotten a lot of requests so i decided to give them a try) and they have ruined me, they're amazing (baby jisung is so cute i cant) anyways jaehyun and kun they both seem so sweet and act so 'innocently'/shy (??? but why do i feel they are lowkey freaks/not so innocent as they appear to be? idk how to explain it (that episode of nct life tho) also god bless that jaehyun anon (would like to know their opinion)lmaoo this is to long sorry

I find it incredible how many souls I’ve killed with NCT lol first poor Admin A now our followers

No but I agree with you Taeyong even confirmed your theory

And I know exactly what episode you mean 

And about Kun I couldn’t agree more like there’s even a rumour that he’s got a tattoo?

And his selfies are like

“Yeah I beat up those guys and all they could do was break my nose?”

And yeah Jaehyun Anon is the best thing ever lol

- Admin P

Okay so..lol..

I’m gonna take a little break but can some of you answer this question for me cause I’m a little confused….What are we made about exactly? I know the snapchat but what about it is upsetting exactly? I’m not trying to be funny I’m dead ass. Cause we already knew his views on showmances so I’m guessing it was the flirt acne part. I don’t know what the question was, I’m sure it wasn’t how do you feel about showmances cause that he doesn’t even have a segment 😒 so I’m guessing it was advice for surviving the bb house. Anyway talk, answer, chat…idk. I’ll be back

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heyy so idk how to really phrase this and I dont mean to come off as aggressive (like I love your blog and you seem like a real cool person) but like why are you selling aro shirts ?? if you're not aro??? idk but it just kinda seems like you're profiting off someone else's orientation?? anyway no hard feelings i guess hah

um i’m not really sure how to respond to this ‘cause i can’t exactly say you’re wrong because i do make money but.. . i always saw it as ‘making money from my designs’ not ‘making money from what those designs are based off’ .. .  when it comes to my LBGTQIAP+ designs, it state in the description of them that it’s for like pride events or just generally it’s for a chance to express a part of yourself that you may not necessarily be completely open/out about (the ones like the aro, ace and rainbow/gay are for this purpose). ..  and i figured there’s hardly any merch for aro folks and i know quite a few people on the spectrum so.. i wanted to include them as well .. ? i’ve had made aro folks thank me for the designs and many of those who’s orientation i don’t associate myself with request me to make more!

i really don’t know what to say to defend myself because, again, you’re not wrong with the whole thing about me making money from my design (although RB only pays me a percentage of the price you see on the store) but i promise you my intent is not to mooch off someone else’s orientation.. ..  . ahh but i’m sorry if i’ve had this impact ahh i don’t know what to do.

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hi i just wanted you to know i really love your work and I'm sorry you have to deal with ignorant assholes who think wut they're doing is acceptable like seriously wtf im pissed af just reading reposters excuses smfh. idk how you're feeling exactly but i really hope you feel better and happy cause thts wut ur work does to me when i have shitty days. anyways, have a great day just wanted to share positive vibes for u :))

so fucking blessed to have ppl like you in this fandom. Thank you for the positive vibes!! I’m feeling it fam ❤️❤️ and yeah these ignorant reposters need to learn and be educated on why their actions are wrong but I’m going about it in a nice way from here on. Too many negative instances and it’s tired me out. Thank you again, put a smile on my face :)

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recently i found that i really like girls. and i fantasize about having a girlfriend, but i'm also scared that if i had one i would disappoint her. before now i thought i was aromantic, because i'm not sure how to separate platonic and romantic feelings or even what romance is supposed to be like. so my heart is just like "GIRLS!" but my mind is unsure of what to do. also would my orientation be sapphic? i'm nonbinary so i don't think i can call myself a lesbian. anyway, idk what to do.

It’s up to you to figure out exactly which label works best, but keep in mind that they are just words! They exist to make you feel comfortable with your orientation primarily.

That being said, you can use “sapphic” and “lesbian” if you are a fem-aligned nonbinary person!

Godspeed, buster. No matter what, you’re valid!

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I think Taylor's team told her keep quiet about everything and let him dig his own grave n then she wrote the note, either way Kim a& kayne are shady as fuck and even more Kim cause you can clearly tell she skipped a lot of the call on snapchat none of it really matches up, I hope Taylor sues her for recording the call without her knowing

I agree Kim and Kanye are shady af. But like Taylor isn’t exactly innocent here either lol. Although, she can definitely sue Kimye for wiretapping without her consent. Let’s see how this goes. Idk why we care so much about celebrity culture anyway, said a person dedicating an entire tumblr blog to Taylor Swift