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Connor x Reader with nightmares HCs

Just a quick tip before hand!!! I don’t really get nightmares that often, but when I do I find it really comforting to cuddle up with something cold like and ice pouch, or a cold wash cloth!! I hope maybe that could help some!!!


•here we go

• as soon as you tell Connor you’ve had a nightmare he is literally climbing through your window in 2.3 seconds

• and he just holds you for hours on end

• he understands that you usually don’t want to talk about it, and he never ever pressures you to

• he gets that you just want to be held and comforted

• but as soon as you say you want to talk about whatever the nightmares are about, he’s all ears

• it may look like he’s not paying attention, but I swear on everything he is

• he has the most intense look on his face, and he’s holding you so damn close

• sometimes you’re afraid he might suffocate you bc he’s literally gripping you so tightly

• he trails his hand up and down your back v lightly and soothingly and just

• b l e s s

• he also whispers cute little things in your ear while he holds you like

• “It’s alright, I got you”

• “Those dreams aren’t real, but I am, focus on me, focus on my voice”

•"Nothing can hurt you while you’re with me"

• if you start crying there’s a possible chance he might too

• I mean we all know Mr Murphy isn’t the best with emotions, and is pretty good at keeping them locked down

• but when he sees you cry

• oh boy

• he literally just can’t stand it, it hurts his heart to see you so upset

• it especially hurts him because he knows he can’t make them go away

• he just wants his baby to be happy yanno?

• but if he does end up shedding a few tears, he’s really quick to wipe them away bc he doesn’t want you to see them

• bc he knows it’ll make you more upset

• after you guys are cuddled up for awhile, and he thinks you’re calmed down enough, he’ll get up and make you some tea

• and he’s always sure to use your favorite cup bc he knows how much you love it

• also this boy is really good at making tea like??? Idk where he learned to do it but damn

• after you finish your lil cup of tea, he lays you back down with him and makes sure you’re cuddled up rlly nice and warm

• even after you’ve been back asleep for awhile, he still stays and watches to make sure you don’t wake up again

• he usually leaves your house before like 6 am bc yanno if your mom found a teenage boy in your room, asleep in your bed with you??? Holy f u c k

• we both know that wouldn’t end up good my friend

• he always leaves behind a note saying that he loves you, and what time he left and that he’ll see you again soon, etc

• he leaves it laying underneath your phone

• he most definitely doodled a little something on the little paper as well

• he draws little “zzzz"s and a little sketch of you asleep with stars around you

• he’s so precious and trying his best

• god love this bby


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the thing that bugs the most is that before coulson came along and when we didn’t see them at all, kara and ward were happy

she found the face she had before hydra took her. she’s reconnected with her parents. she’s happy and her life is great and it’s the best thing that’s happened to her since shield went to shit.

she has someone supporting her. it’s not like shield ever really supported her, ever saw her as a person. even now that she’s unattached, coulson still calls her agent 33. not her name, kara. and don’t even bother telling me that he didn’t know because natasha fucking romanoff leaked shield’s secrets files all over the internet and you bet your ass it had kara’s real name on it. and with such public files, it wouldn’t be hard to track down her name. hell, he tracked down her family? so why is he calling her agent 33? that’s not her name. that’s reducing her to a title, essentially dehumanizing her and stripping away something that makes her a unique person.

and this is a girl who spent her entire run on this show losing her agency and then trying to regain it. and what does coulson do? he strips away what agency she gained back. if i was her, i would never want to be associated with the agent 33 title again. it’s what bakshi called her. it’s what hydra called her. it’s what shield called her. and these all, in part, contributed to the stripping away of who she was.

and grant too. he’s finally found someone who supports him. who’s a friend. who he’s not been ordered to work again. who he chose and who chose him. he’s gotten away from his abusive upbringing and he’s found happiness. and then coulson just waltzes in and takes him back into shield, which in part, helped cause all the pain he’s been through. and you bet he’s gonna get in more pain soon, as he sees skye and we all know he still loves her and really. is this what the show wants to offer us? is this what the characters deserve? is this what we deserve?

no. it isn’t. kara and ward deserve to be happy. together. they deserve to have a life away from shield and they deserve to make a life that’s theirs. not what this is.


28.08 // Happy Birthday Ichinose Guren! || With love for magicisfantastic

Since it’s already 28 here, happy birthday Guuuren <3

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Happy birthday to China’s young ace, Guang Hong! He’s now 18, a legal adult in most countries~

IDK if I have the skill to be able to, but you guys MIGHT be seeing an arrangement of 「La Parfum De Fleurs」 soon. MAYBE. IDK, I’m just training my ear.

Well, anyway, I hope Guang-Hong has a great day in the YOI world!

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