; a ; see you soon my precious bby

oh noes what is this


and this is just the first part of it. The other ones will be done tomorrow (well, soon enough anyway)

in here we have my main ispirational artists and also great great people

in order

askteampolarize thekuto trozte fex-fries doomsay

the-nerdy-reindeer shellyshockz team-reverie musicalcombusken middroo

googlyjelly miflored votbear mcpippypants naoren

My boyfriend (who doesn’t have a tumblr - yet) this-wandering-lamb twainkitty psydoktor

for now, I take my leave. But soon, there will be more èwè until then, see ya!


28.08 // Happy Birthday Ichinose Guren! || With love for magicisfantastic

Since it’s already 28 here, happy birthday Guuuren <3

I made all the renders used for this edit, the middle one was a gitf itself for Cosi, so I don’t think I’ll post it soon but you can ask for the other two I guess, I may edit them later and upload

Happy birthday to China’s young ace, Guang Hong! He’s now 18, a legal adult in most countries~

IDK if I have the skill to be able to, but you guys MIGHT be seeing an arrangement of 「La Parfum De Fleurs」 soon. MAYBE. IDK, I’m just training my ear.

Well, anyway, I hope Guang-Hong has a great day in the YOI world!