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Imagine an AU where Oikawa had bad eyesight and crooked teeth when he was still a kid, so he had to wear glasses and braces:
— at first Iwaizumi laughed at Oikawa and teased him about it, but stopped once he realized that he was genuinely hurt by that;
— Oikawa wasn’t popular at school, students bullied him for being clumsy and looking kinda nerdy;
— Iwaizumi always ended up fighting to protect Oikawa, kept getting beaten and always had lots of plasters on his body;
— Oikawa didn’t like being protected and constantly asked Iwa to stop standing up for him;
— Iwaizumi couldn’t stand when something or someone made his friend cried, so he only protected him even more fiercely;
— when smoll Tooru was sad, Iwaizumi had to give him his rare beetles. Naturally, Oikawa let them all go instantly, but the fact that they were precious to his friend warmed his heart;
— when Oikawa got into volleyball, Iwaizumi supported him wholeheartedly, so that his friend would do something apart from studying;
— volleyball turned Oikawa’s life upside down;
— his senpais and couches were really kind to him and praised him a lot, claiming that the boy had quite some potential. Oikawa gained all the support and love that lacked from his peers from them;
— of course Iwa wasn’t as thrilled, since he couldn’t learn as quickly and was scolded more often, but he still never left, because Oikawa stopped crying and became more decisive, more confident;
— when they got a little older, Tooru was always upset because the girls wouldn’t pay any attention to him;
— Iwaizumi thought it was stupid;
— when Oikawa got rid of the sorry braces and started using contacts instead of glasses, his peers started treating him better;
— thanks to volleyball Tooru was in excellent shape and he wasn’t a scrawny nerd anymore;
— not much longer after that he was surrounded by flocks of girls and always found time for them and treated them well too, convincing himself that everything was different now;
— volleyball has completely changed the life of little Tooru, and Iwaizumi never stopped supporting and protecting him, even though it might not always be obvious.

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what's your least favorite thing about yoo jiae?

months ago, there were many ways that she could answer the question. there was a multitude of answers, each holding certain amounts of truth to them—but she was only permitted to choose one thing. she could have thrown together entire lists of things that she disliked about yoo jiae; though most would have been entirely exaggerated, only serving the purpose of teasing the other girl.

now, however, her answer was far less complicated. while it was true that dawon felt a certain amount of animosity toward jiae following her departure, it was safe to say that she didn’t hate her. she only missed the way things used to be, when it felt like it was just the two of them against the world (primarily nova). she missed jiae’s adorable smile being the first thing that welcomed her home after a long day of work. she missed that cute little pout of hers that seemed to form almost all of the time. she missed the weird butterflies that she felt in her stomach every single time that she laid eyes on her.

but, most of all, she missed her.

my least favorite thing about yoo jiae is that she’s gone.

starter for @insanityinflux​ || “Free Dinner”

“What do you mean, you forgot your wallet?” Val gasped. 

Damian had invited her to eat at a fancy restaurant and since food was involved she didn’t say no. He said it was his treat, so Val had  left her wallet at home but now both have no money to pay the bill. 

“I’m warning you friend, I’m not washing the dishes, I already washed them earlier this morning” she exclaimed, slightly scared. 

Even tho they were in trouble, Val was already thinking of a getaway plan since she was good at running away in the last minute.

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😢 (Minho)

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23. My Muse finds yours unconscious on the ground. They’re not waking up and their breathing is shallow. My muse reacts….

Minho couldn’t visit Kyuhyun every time he wanted but he was always on time when he was allowed to and filled the form as usual then walking to his room but after knocking and knocking on the door, he didn’t get any response and couldn’t hear anything inside. He was told to wait or to look for him at the garden and so he did, If he wasn’t there maybe walking around could be a good way of waiting.

“Is that… Hair?” He could see a head on the ground and speeded up the pace of his walk, stopping abruptly when he recognized the person there, unable to react, Minho only stared for a few seconds before actually kneeling and check his vital signs. “Kyuhyun…? Do you hear me?” His breathing was getting heavier since he couldn’t let himself get a panic attack or else they wouldn’t get any help.Help! Can someone come and help!?” He yelled, nurses far from there so he wasn’t sure if anyone could hear. “Please… Wake up…”

@universumcosmo​ [ thread ] 

The young man blinked a bit and grinned widely when he heard the other’s words. Would she really do that? That is great. “Yes… It is a french bulldog-” He pouted and played with his sleeve. “He is my brother’s puppy… I just watched him and he ran off! That would be amazing… is it not too much… to look for him?”

“Not at all, really” she smiled, pulling a string of hair back.

There was nothing on her agenda, at least for the time being, and she had gotten eagerly curious to see the puppy dressed in a banana suit. If it was really wearing such outfit then it wouldn’t be hard to find the frenchie. He was probably at the park or hidden under the market stands or somewhere not far, of course it would depend on how long he was missing but Valerie was always enthusiastic about something off routine. 

“How long has this banana frenchie been missing?” she asked then. 

The way she had nicknamed the pet had an endearing look to her, she didn’t know how he looked but she was already aweing at his outfit without a clue. 

@kkihyunss [ Thread continuation ] 

“Prey?” she asks laughing, a bit of her ice cream slipping from the corners of her mouth. 

She wipes the sides with her thumb and puts down the cup to look at him. “Aren’t you being a little too manly, Kihyun? It’s just an ice cream and besides that could be seen as an attempt of murder” she points out while he’s busy stabbing the flavored desert. 

The sun keeps glaring down on them and Val can feel her forehead leak. She fans herself and breathes heavily, annoyed by the sultry air that’s making her umcomfortable. Not even ice cream can cool her down, perhaps they should’ve stayed under the esplanade and not on a park bench, watching people jog and walk their puppies. 

She chuckles as Kihyun complains about his decision of having ice cream, maybe they should try something else next time. The content on his cardboard cup  is dripping on his clothes and when he asks her to get him a napkin, she nods and smiles, heading over to the ice cream truck where they previously bought their deserts. Val asks for two, no scratch that, she asks for four napkins because the situation keeps getting uglier. Her eyes shift to him, who’s cursing under his breath, severely annoyed. She laughs brightly and runs to his aid. 

“Here, next time don’t stab the ice cream and it won’t take its revenge on you” she advises and then hands him the tissues. “Anyways, where to next? It’s hot and I can’t stand sitting here anymore, I’m sweating like a piggy!” she complains standing up and stretching her hand out to him. “Let’s go to the beach, beach?” she chants.

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"I'm sorry, I was taking a picture of the sky and you passed by during. But I like how it came out and I wanted to ask you if it was alright if I keep it for my portfolio?" ((Thanks for following me back!))

Minho was caught off guard by the sudden photoshoot he found himself in. He was just walking to the store to pick up a few groceries when it occurred, he didn’t look his best. Though the person seemed friendly and innocent he figured what harm could it be? “Well.. it’ll cost ya.” he jokes, nudging the other in a friendly manner. “Yeah that’s fine, man. Don’t forget lil me when you become famous, aight?”

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“I can’t walk.” (From Yukie)

Minho stopped when he saw a girl sitting on the edge of the sidewalk and he sat beside her, yet her sudden words concerned him. “Something hurts? Do you need help to go to any place?” He tilted his head slightly, trying to see if she showed any pain gesture.

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💗 (Minho)

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He usually keeps his laughter for himself when something bad happens to other people but this time the story he was listening from the other was a way too funny. Bursting out into laughter, Minho waved his hand off before he could speak.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry but that must be so funny to watch” when he finally was able to stop laughing, he noticed the other getting closer but only when he felt the sudden kiss, he froze, his eyes wide open there was the end of his laughter and the start of his shyness.

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"Are you planning to stay glued to my side this whole evening?" (Jieun to Minho)

Minho pursed his lips while giving her a firm nod. “Yes, I will be because it’s necessary. I know you already ate but I’m still worried, you still seem a little bit weak”