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Me *looking at a hot, nice guy my age, who really likes me*

Brain: Well…he’s okay

Me *looking at some middle-aged man who will never even notice me*

Brain: Damn, that’s the one you should definitely fall in love with!

Me: wtf brain are ya doin?!

Watching the Otome: JD 3

“Rude,” JD tells me, laughing as they place a hand on their chest. “Rude.”

“Bullshit! You are messing with me!” I shout, throwing my hands up.

“Wow, I’m wounded! Hurt even!”

“Oh don’t start-“ I continue, ignoring the laughter around me before the teen pipes up.

“Dude, what the fuck? A goat head?” At that, I perk up as JD groans, covering their face.


“Oh god, can the screen play already?” JD complains as the teen passes his phone and I laugh at the picture of the Jersey Devil, throwing my head back and laughing happily as everyone else just snickered loudly.

“Bull.” Robin declares. “You’re messing with me!”

“Wow Robs.” JD cackles. “I share my deepest personal secret, and you don’t even believe me?”

“Because you’re giving that stupid cocky grin!”

“Want to see my New Jersey ID?”

“You have like sixteen fake IDs.” Robin groans. “The sheriff’s been collecting them since you came here!”

“One more and the sheriff gets a pizza,” JD says with a grin. Mackenzie rolls her eyes, hard, unamused at their words.

“Shut up Jordan.” She says under her breath.

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Dear People Who Smoke

I don’t know if you have considered this but stop smoking in areas where people are forced to wait at. Don’t smoke at crosswalks. Don’t smoke outside doorways. Don’t smoke at bus stops. People with asthma or other breathing conditions or people that idk DON’T WANT TO BREATHE IN YOUR CIGARETTE SMOKE are trying to get to places and need to be able to breathe. Stop smoking in crowded areas. stop smoking in crowded areas. STOP FORCING NONSMOKERS TO SECOND HAND SMOKE. 

Straight men cause me the most anxiety when they walk up and I have to pretend like I know how to do their weird bro handshakes. 

it’s too much just stop


Very minor complaint here… I wish we could change the battlenet image to our favorite hero instead of Tracer’s smug ass face… If I type my password wrong I feel like she is judging me with her smug face.. Look it at… I can hear her laughing… “ay mate ya forget ya password ayy, what a fockin idiot ayy, no cavalry for you. even if ya login I’m just gonna rushhh your slow tank ass lov. cavalry’s here, but you’re not, because you forgot ya password”

Literature-savvy adults who “don’t understand” why adults enjoy Harry Potter (and other death-centric YA lit) are the stale raisins of the human race. Listen, adult lit is tagged as boring or depressing because a lot of it is about coming to terms with death, whereas YA lit is seen as immature because it’s almost universally about coming to terms with life. Harry Potter is about coming to terms with death as a means of coming to terms with life, ok Chadwick IV? Mystery solved sit back down on ur pile of 1st edition Steinbecks