; ; poor bby

  • Kara: What does Maggie like?
  • Alex: Guns.
  • Kara: Anything... else?
  • Alex: Scotch.
  • Kara: Go on.
  • Alex: Tiramsu.
  • Kara: Same, ok, now you're on to something.
  • Alex: Bonsai trees (adorable).
  • Kara: Okay, they might be hard to work into a Valentine but --
  • Alex: And my nerdy poems! And low lights and soft music and candles!
  • Kara: Awww, that's so sweet, Alex --
  • Alex: And me! Me in nothing but a slip and silk robe!
  • Kara: Well you seem to have this all figured out I'm gonna fly away now you two enjoy!
  • Alex: And lap dances!
  • Kara: Superhearing!!!!

anonymous asked:

RFA+Saeran reacting to hearing you sing in the shower, if you have time :) I think it would be cute


- he wasn’t even aware you were home yet when you got in the shower

- he most likely found out when he took off his gaming headset to get something to drink in the kitchen

- at first the poor bby thought it was ghost and he was highkey lowkey scared

- but then he realized they were singing your favorite song? and at certain points it would sound exactly like you

- he goes into the bathroom to make sure it’s actually you you can never be certain if it’s actually a demon

- goes back into his room and hums the tune you just sang


- he just got home from work and expected to find you in the bedroom

- except you weren’t there?

- he hears singing coming  from the bathroom and he automatically knows it’s you

- walks into the bathroom (despite you being naked) and recommends that you be a professional singer

- you sigh and tell him you don’t think you sing that good to be a professional

- he thinks otherwise and the next day he gets you your own vocal coach


- he was practicing his lines when he heard you singing

- as soon as he heard the first lyric to Whitney Houstons ‘i will always love you’, he immediately jotted up and ran into the bathroom

- *cue him burtsting in and start singing “AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOUUUUUUUUU”

- you scream because well your naked

- he immediately apologizes for intruding and hurried out before the beast could be realeased

- your lowkey pissed he stole your imaginary spotlight when your favorite part started playing


- probably was in her office when she heard you singing in the shower

- she was honestly pretty stressed out because of the paper work she had to fill out because Jumin decided not to go to work that day

- but somehow hearing you sing Birdys 'Not about angels’ calmed her down a bit

she was so relaxed to hear your voice that she now request you sing to her every so often

- lowkey thinks you sound better then Zen


- he already knows you can sing well

- not because your a hacker or anything of the sort, but because you sing to him to help him calm down after he has had a “bad moment”; not to mention you also sing him to sleep at his requests some times

- But just because he already knows that you can sing, doesn’t mean he won’t be happy every chance he gets to hear you

- he honestly smiled when he heard you sing in the shower

- Because to him it shows just how happy you really are


- does this huge dramatic entrance as he walks in and starts singing with you most likely

- honestly doesn’t bother you anymore because youre so used to him starting random duets with you Tbh

- will walk back out when you announce your finished with your shower

shinobicyrus  asked:

...I just got a sad headcanon that Tracer is such a chatterbox because she spent so much time alone fading in and out of existence back when she was in the Overwatch labs


…..MY POOR BBY she had no one to talk to so she talked to herself T_T

why is it Bismuth is hated and seen as a “violent monster” by the entire fandom for wanting to destroy her oppressors–the very people who killed her friends

…but as soon as we see Blue Diamond (an actual dictator!) crying, she is immediately branded a “poor cinnamon roll” or “sad bby” deserving of praise despite being one to aid in trying to destroy Earth, almost killing Ruby for accidentally fusing with Sapphire, and creating the cluster.