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The great black dog gave a joyful bark and gamboled around them, snapping at pigeons, and chasing its own tail. Harry couldn’t help laughing. Sirius had been trapped inside for a very long time.


more tiny kiibo for your tiny kiibo needs ft. saihara’s legs


when you expect your best friend to prank you, but you get this instead

i may or may not just made friends with a mcdonalds employee over voltron

seba’s birthday celebration!

so in honor of our beloved angel’s birthday, I’ll be posting drabbles and one-shots throughout his birthday!

I’ve actually got about 10 for right now, but feel free to send in more requests/headcanons during the day, too!

let’s show this romanian puppy all the love in the world!!!

For @kashuan​, to make up for all the angst i send them ◉‿◉

5 times jack had to say sorry. rhack, sorta modern day au. warnings for jack being an embarrasing boyfriend

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Cisco Ramon and Ray Palmer being absolute nerds (.❂‿❂.)

So I was sitting here like ‘wow, I really like Yorumei’s new glam, I wanna draw it.’

And then this happens.  There are no clothes here.  This is not the glam.

Why am I like this?

A Choir Rehearsal pt. 2
  • Choir Director: okay who needs their part played
  • *pretty much all altos raise their hands*
  • Choir Director: okay altos it goes like this:
  • *the notes are all over the place, but they are the harmony"
  • C.D: Ok there u go now can we sing this
  • *everyone sings and the altos somehow manage*
  • C.D: wtf altos sing louder you dipshits
  • Sopranos: yeah altos, u guys suck lmao
  • Bass: its okay altos, we don't belong either

plot twist: sugas not really asleep, just kind of an asshole

anonymous asked:

yoo bro that story was so funny we need another one tell us a funny sex story or your worst sexual performance ever

aiight here we go

so i met this girl on twitter we texting for a week or so then we start talking sexual im telling her all kinda freaky shit ” imma make you walk funny” “imma make you tapout” “imma go all night” “back to back rounds” “imma make you squirt” etc, hyping myself up you know how niggas do. so i go over there on a Friday night we doing the wholee sitting on the couch watching the movie thing pretending like we dont know what we here to do so then we start pushing each other play fighting then one thing leads to another and we going at it then we all that 4 play which im not going to get into detail with cause it has nothing to do with making the story funny so anywayyy we do doggy first I start off slow taking my time like

then shes like go faster!! so i speed up then she starts throwing it back on a nigga


that booty was so fat and it was just jiggling she moaning telling me its mines already but i shit u not i feel my nut coming in about 1 minute and 30 seconds so i pull it out trying to stop it from happening it just comes out right in the condom shes looks back at me like why’d you stop i look back at her like

she looks down sees the cum in the condom then looks back at me like

i look back at her like

shes like

she goes into her phone reading the text messages  i sent her in a low voice like “gonna give it to me all night” *chuckles* nope that didnt happen “gonna make me scream your name” *chuckles* nopeeee lol didnt happen so im like i can get it back up shes like nope you’ve done enough damage for tonight dont want you to hurt yourself shes like so i guess u can go home now im like ok left her house like Rasheed Wallace after the pistons lost in the playoffs in ‘07

i get home log onto twitter i see her talking crazy

“i hate niggas who talk alot of shit about their sex game and dont back it up”

“just had the worst sex of my life… if u can call it that it was so fast”

her friend asked her who was it she was like “we’ll just call him the flash like the super hero cause that boy came and went faster than the speed of light”

im over there reading the tweets sad as shit… told my mans what happened showed him the tweet he was like you better go back over there and

so i ask for redemption she says no for like a week then she finally agreed went over there and put in that work redeemed myself sat there watched her shaking and having spasms on the edge bed like

talk shit now

happy ending