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The great black dog gave a joyful bark and gamboled around them, snapping at pigeons, and chasing its own tail. Harry couldn’t help laughing. Sirius had been trapped inside for a very long time.


when you expect your best friend to prank you, but you get this instead

every time i talk to non vegans i get so frustrated bc i’ve been there i know why u think it’s ok to eat meat/dairy i’ve been that guy™ but listen. i wasn’t aware of all the shit that’s going on concerning everything meat/dairy related. i simply didn’t know. and i didn’t make the connection. hell i even thought cows gave milk no matter what like ye that’s just what they do. WRONG. and I’m just. frustrated bc i sit here feeling like talking to myself bc i was the same. and now i can’t wait for other people to finally wake up. i know not everyone can go vegan. i know that. but pls at least get educated

Ruki and Reita discussing pubes on the radio

The theme of this month was “First Times,” or in Ruki’s words, “Virgin.”

Reita: *is already laughing* Okay I want to read something now, can I?

Ruki: Ah, yes.

Reita: A scary story.

Ruki: Ah–!

Reita: …Can I?

Ruki: Yeah, I mean, it’s summer right? Go ahead.

(*In Japan ppl say horror is good to read/watch in the summer bc it “gives u chills” and cools u down…i know)

Reita: Ok here I go

(sinister music starts playing)

Reita: “My ‘First Time’ story is getting a summer cut.”

(long pause)

(both start giggling) 

Reita: (laughing) “Recently…my friends were like (laughing) …you don’t trim…!?” (laughing) – Ok hold on a sec (laughing) 

Ruki: This is a scary story??

Reita: Nah (still laughing smh) My plan was to read it super seriously and you’d be like “This isn’t a scary story!!” (laughing) Sorry, it didn’t work. It’s not a scary story.

Ruki: Oh, it’s not!

Reita: (laughing) “My ‘First Time’ story is getting a summer cut. Recently I was talking with my friends about it, and they were like, ‘what, you don’t trim it!?’ and they were really surprised. Some people do V, I, Y, O, or permanent hair removal, but I’m all natural. ‘Nature.’” (*he says the word ‘Nature’ in English)


Reita: “But recently I learned that even out of natural girls, there are some who trim it and some who don’t do anything.” …Wait, how can you call it natural if you trim it? “My friends recommended I try it because it feels fresh/clean, so I did it myself and it feels really nice, it’s cool and breezy. I want more people to know about this, and I’ve been recommending it to all my natural friends. Which do you guys like – permanent removal, trim, or natural? This isn’t meant to be a dirty question btw.”

Ruki: Oh, it’s not dirty?

(both are thinking very quietly)

Ruki: …..What’s ‘O’?

Reita: Well, probably……..an ass…..sort of….situation…..I think.

Ruki: Ah-! …Wait is she talking about pubes?

Reita: Yes….it’s a dirty question.

Ruki: Yeah, eh…even if it wasn’t mean to be sexual.

Reita: But it is sexual.

(both laugh)

Reita: So, what do you think? Do you like permanent removal, natural, trimmed..?

Ruki: Ok so…..basically….natural is like….you’re just letting it grow all over?

Reita: Yeah, you’re just letting it grow naturally. 

Ruki: Hmmmm….and then there’s….I? Y?

Reita: V, I, Y, O.

Ruki: V…I….I (*he makes some comment about ‘I’ I don’t get it :c)

Reita: (bursts out laughing) No no no..!!! That’s not what it is!! What are you standing on your head!?


(both laugh) 

Ruki: Wait…are they asking which one we like?

Reita: Yes.

Ruki: But with ‘Nature’…

(Reita bursts out laughing again)

Ruki: Doesn’t it depend what it looks like?

Reita: Like ‘Nature,’ but there’s not much hair, or…there’s a lot of hair…

Ruki: Or like, brown hair…

Reita: (laughs) So you like natural? 

Ruki: Well, yeah, but….hmm……*mumbles* shhved psssy

Reita: What? 

Ruki: Hairless….I wonder what hairless [pussy] is like.

Reita: Oh, you don’t like it hairless?

Ruki: No, I don’t know.

Reita: Yeah, what’s it like (laughs)

Ruki: Does that count as a summer cut?

Reita: Isn’t that permanent removal? When it’s all smooth

Ruki: All smooth…I wonder what that’s like?

Reita: Well, people do do it. 

Ruki: Ahhhh….look at us talking about this all serious.

(both laugh)

Reita: Ur face (laughs)

Ruki: But yeah hmm I don’t know…for girls…they must feel like they don’t really need it there.

Reita: I don’t know…if they need it or not idk man

Ruki: Well I mean, girls shave their armpit hair too, you know? Probably not their face….oh, do you know any girls who have facial hair?

Reita: Huh? I don’t know.

Ruki: My class president…was a girl. But she had a beard. 

Reita: What, like baby hair?

Ruki: Yeah, a beard of baby hair. 

Reita: But as she got older it probably went away.

Ruki: Oh really…why do u even know that?

Reita: (laughs) …So which are u bitch take a side!!

Ruki: Ehh take a side…….

Reita: You don’t want to?

Ruki: Yeah…hmmmm….I guess ‘V’. 

Reita: No, not that. You have to choose from three. Hairless, natural, or trimmed

Ruki: Oh, trimmed, trimmed. 

Reita: Oh, trimmed? Okay, so like –

Ruki: Trimmed, but also natural. 

Reita: Oh, a natural trim.

Ruki: Hairless, like…..no way. Never. 

At this point they compare bald pussies to the following:

Ruki: But yeah I have to go with trimmed. Or shaved a bit just to give it a nice shape.

Reita: You’re like picking all of them!

Ruki: Yeah I don’t really care tbh.

Reita: (laughs) Tru.

Ruki: What about you?

Reita: Whatever makes her more embarrassed. If she’s more embarrassed without hair, I want her without hair. If she’s more embarrassed with hair, I-I…want her with hair. 

Ruki: What about like, she only shaves the middle like [this guy]

Reita: Omg stop…like u put some designs in there

(both laughing) 

Ruki: We sound like perverted old men now 

Reita: We do?

Ruki: Yeah we’re getting too excited

Reita: No no no, when perverted old men talk about it they’re just being pervs, we are talking about it in artistic way.


ive drawn myself 6 times from july 2016-march 2017 and its pretty funny how wildly all of them differ hahah

the thing is: i love all SHINee members nd i really think they r so damn talented nd have improved a lot through all these years. so thats why i want SO badly that everybody sees that TAEMIN is more than a dancer this kid really sings well; that MINHO is not just a pretty face he can sing not just rap nd his acting skills r becoming better; that KIBUM isnt just a fashion guy for gods sake he can dance sing act is there anything this boy cannot do?; that JONGHYUN is more than a cry boy (or a sexy guy) he makes art he writes composes and produces his own songs he even wrote a book!; that JINKIs occupation is NOT break things with his finger (!!!!!!!hELp) his voice is pure honey his acting is amazing wth is wrong with those tv shows?! idk… i just wish ppl could hv more respect for who they r nd what they do. is there any sense in what im saying? whatever~


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Requested: YES

Requested by anonymous: Heeey! Can u make a imagine where Dylan and Y/N are on TW cast and they are responsible by 100% of the bloopers? Just make it fun and cute pleaseeee! Thank u, love. You’re the best❤️❤️

WORDS: 203

WARNING: short ugh

A/N: Thanks! I hope you like it!

Y/N’s P.O.V.

“Okay, ready? And…ACTION!”

I jumped and Dylan held me.

“Stiles, we need to go. Now!”

“No. Wait, I have to call Scott.”

“No! Stiles, we need to go right now!” I pulled him by his arm.

“Please, listen to me ok? We need to… uh… I.. forgot it.”

I laughed and he shook his head.

“We need to… We- need….”

“You need a bit of practice.” I said and he laughs.

“Stiles, c’mon, you’re lost, man!” I yelled and Dylan laughed.

“C’mon, Y/N, you’re not helping.” Dylan said. “We need to…”

“We need Jesus.”

Dylan couldn’t stop laughing.

“Cut! Guys, c’mon!”

“Sorry.” I said. “C’mon Dylan, we need to…uh, forgot it.”

He shook his head, still laughing.

“You’re such a bad actor” I yelled.

“Ok, let’s try the kiss scene.”

I prepared myself, Dylan winked at me and I rolled my eyes.


Dylan placed his hands on my waist, pulling me closer, I looked at him and we were about to kiss when I accidentally hit my forehead on his.

“Ouch!” I groaned.

“Sorry.” Dylan laughed.

“Ok, you two need a time. Let’s take a break.”

“He hates us.” I said and Dylan nods.

“We should focus.”

“Yep.” I kissed his cheek.


Some words I had written in the past but really needed to read again in the present.

Focusing on the present moment, being mindful to what is stable and present -with you, is so important to being able to calm down. Remember to breath, wrap up warm, and allow yourself to rest. It’s going to be ok.
Part Of The Family

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Characters: Y/n, John, Dean, Sam

Pairing: John x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Fluff, absolute fluff. Just cute kiddie Dean and Sam having fun. Accepting into the family. Just pure fluff.

Word Count: 1119

Summary: Y/n and John take the boys to a carnival.

A/N: Ok, just random fluff that I wanted to write. Cos I love me some John and cute little adorable Dean and Sam being happy. Hope u like it.

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The Family They Deserve Masterlist

“John Winchester, would you hurry your butt up?”

“Just a second, princess”.

“Can we please go now?” Sam whined, pulling at y/n’s hands and trying to drag her to the car.

“We need to wait for your daddy, baby”, she answered, leaning down to scoop him into her arms, letting the boy play with her hair again.

“Dad! Hurry up”.

Y/n chuckled, seeing John hopping out of the cabin, trying to fit his foot into the shoe properly.

“I’m here”.

Y/n rolled her eyes, waiting for him to unlock the impala.

She got in, Sam beside her, Dean sat up front this time.

“So, you guys ready to have some fun?” she teased, leaning forward and ruffling Dean’s hair.

Sam began giggling in anticipation, Dean not able to keep the smile off his face.

“You got everything?” John asked, looking at y/n from the rear-view mirror.

She nodded, sitting back and looking out of the window, occasionally playing a few games of rock paper scissors with Sam while John drove them to their destination.

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There. The blushy Jot you wanted. u:< Now go to sleep. I’m dying. LMAO

ok but that “right now i’m here, with you” line could happen because magnus gets a call or something about someone asking for his help, and alec, thinking he is not important enough or that they can just have the date some other time, is like “you can go, don’t worry. it’s fine….” and magnus is just gonna be like “right now i’m here, with you so i’m not leaving.”

  • ford: wow i can't believe we're fourteen now
  • stan: u mean u can't believe i'm fourteen
  • ford: we have the same b-
  • stan: ur ford-teen
  • ford: Jesus Fucking Christ Literally Shut The Fuck Up I Swear To God You Are The Actual Worst For Fuck's Sake Stanley I Am Going To Kill You In Your Sleep
Rajigaze Dec 30

Ruki: Oh sorry – wait… (he not used 2 leadin the radio bless him)

Aoi: It’s really ok! Everything is flowing well

Ruki: Oh wait no no go ahead

Aoi: Well…there was the question of why Ruki-san and I haven’t ended up together until now…well…that’s because Ruki-san is just so busy…

Ruki: Omg can u stop? Someone said that last time too (he is smiling u can hear it)

Aoi: Oh really?

Ruki: Yeah I’m pretty sure someone said something…it’s just the timing! I’m not busy at all (giggles)

Aoi: U are……so busy……….

Ruki: Omg pls stop!!

Aoi: I’m concerned for ur health……Ruki-san………..

Ruki: Anyway I think it depends how many times you’ve been on..? Like, Kai has been on so many times

Aoi: Yeah he has a lot of free time. I bet he’s not doing anything today either



Cisco Ramon and Ray Palmer being absolute nerds (.❂‿❂.)

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hii!!! you take your time with this ask i know you guys are busy but do you have any more fic recs like "sharp teeth and bird bones" where bucky is a merman but hes more violent-ish instead of the disney-like version i loved sharp teeth and bird bones and now im kinda hooked thank u!!

ok heres some stuff I pulled up

Immunity by slkdfowiejsdxk (BottomBitchBarnes)

In which Bucky is hungry and Steve looks delicious.

Missing Persons Case by The_StonedSoldier

Steve has always been obsessed with mermaids. Even if the whole village may think he’s crazy, they can’t shake his firm belief that they’re out there somewhere. So when people begin to go missing along the docks where he lives, he can’t help but investigate..

The Sky on the Ocean Waves by BrokenRoses13

AU where Bucky is a siren and Steve is the sailor he falls in love with

who’s gonna save a little warmth for me by apatternedfever

That’s the first thing Bucky is to him: blood on his knuckles and that smile he had after they were both standing, easy and warm. When Bucky sings, the world falls in love. Steve loves him whether or not he’s singing.