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The dwarves first kiss.

A small thing inspired by @theimaginesyouneveraskedfor and their beautiful headcanons

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Kisses you mid-sentence and then apologizes, asking you to go on like nothing happened.

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Thorin: What do you mean we have to take a short cut through Mirkwood?

Thorin’s Map.

Map of Middle Earth.

Radagast: You did that on purpose, didn’t you?

Gandalf: I have no idea what you are talking about, Radagast.

Radagast: Why didn’t you just go around the Rhovanion?

Gandalf: They needed to get to Erebor before Durin’s Day.

Radagast: They were in Thranduil’s dungeons for a month, Gandalf.

Gandalf: Really? I didn’t know.

Radagast: Yes, you did.

Gandalf: Quiet. They were on an adventure.

when i was like 11 or so and had just read the hobbit for the first time i remember i was constantly like every day building a mountain out of sand or dirt, bigger and bigger every time but barren all around it, for this was The Lonely Mountain, and i’d go on a hunt to find a small beautiful white stone to be the Arkenstone, so i could bury it inside the mountain. and then i’d stomp the whole thing to pieces, bc i was pissed, i was fucking pissed bc i’d spent my whole life thinking The Hobbit was supposed to be the happy-go-lucky prequel with a super uplifting ending, but instead thorin died and bilbo had to go home and make rlly dumb jokes about how all was well when all was very fucking clearly not well. so i had this ritual almost every day for like a whole summer and i just remembered that.

The future Queen

Request: Hey I hope you are still taking requests but could you please do a thorin x reader where it’s after they reclaim the mountain and thorin is looking for a queen at a ball or something but sneaks out and finds the reader but she doesn’t realize it’s him and they bond before she realizes he’s the king and freaks out?

A/N: First Thorin x reader!! Really like how this turned out. Sorry that I didn’t post it yesterday but I wasn’t entirely pleased with it then. But here it is! Hope you’ll like it. 

Word Count: 1787

After hours of constant bloodshed, the mountain was reclaimed. The company of Thorin Oakenshield had miraculously survived and Erebor was filled with dwarves once again. Although, many lives had been sacrificed for the company to reclaim Erebor. And a great sorrow filled everyone’s hearts from the great loss. To remember the fallen, a grand ball was being held in the mountain. Thorin had insisted that every dwarf, man, wizard and elf was invited. Since the ball was a month after the battle, most of the corpses were gone and Erebor and Dale restored. This ball was not only to remember the dead, it was also a coronation ball to celebrate the king under the mountain. This ball had been a tradition for many generations and Thorin was not an exception. The tradition was that on the coronation ball, the king would choose a queen. However, Thorin hadn’t thought about a life partner the past month due to more important matters than his own pleasure. So here he was, walking around Erebor with Dwalin, trying to find a queen.

 “It’s impossible Dwalin, none of these Darrow dams suits me!” “Ey nothing is impossible! How hard can it be to find one decent lass?” Thorin sighted and looked at the women following him and Dwalin as a bunch of lovesick ants. “Apparently extremely hard, I mean look at them…” He turned around and one of the women blew Dwalin a kiss, which made him turn back around. “Yeah you’re right, there is nothing wrong to be in love but these women are after the title.” Thorin sighted and continued to walk through Erebor. “Yes, she must be real and genuine, not a stalking lovebird.” Dwalin patted his shoulder and laughed. “Yeah and I imagine that you want a tough girl ey?” Thorin shooke his head and smiled. “Well I definitely wouldn’t mind that…” He halted and looked at the grand gate. “I think I’ll go for a walk, this love seeking is tiring for the mind.” Dwalin nodded. “No guard?” He patted Dwalin’s shoulder and shooke his head. “No my friend, not today and I do carry Orcrist with me you now!” “Well that’s a relief and I hope you run into a queen out there because you need one!” Thorin laughed and walked towards the gate. “If it was that easy”


 You were training in the forest outside of Dale. You were tired of your daily life, which was very limited. You had always wanted to fight in the army but no such chance ever came, for you were only a fair face to the race of men. An innocent girl that couldn’t protect herself, if they only knew what you could do. As of now, you hit the target in the center every time with your arrows. Not one missing the spot. Then you heard footsteps coming from behind you and you turned and aimed at the intruder. You had a hood over your head so your hair and face was covered.

 The intruder, who was a dwarf, had his hand on his sword but he didn’t move. “Who are you dwarf?” He hesitated to say his name and before he reveled it he wanted to see your face. “Well you can start to show your face elf if we are to have a proper introduction!” You frowned but removed your hood. Your long hair cascaded in beautiful waves down your shoulders. “I am no elf, I’m human.” Thorin was taken aback by your appearance. You were the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and here you were pointing an arrow at him. He eyed it then looked at you with pleading eyes. You lowered it to ease him a bit. “Thorin Oakenshield at your service and who are you?” You frowned then said your own name. “y/n.” “Well forgive me y/n for startling you, it was not my intention, your shooting was admirable and I was to curios to stay away.” You smiled slightly. “Thank you, no one has ever said anything like that before!” Thorin looked confused at your statement. “What? You must be the captain of the guard with those skills, how come you never hear compliments.” You shooke your head and sat down on the rock beside you. “Quite the opposite, women are not allowed to fight in the guard or anywhere at that. So I am nobody really, just y/n.” You were a bit confused why you were talking so freely with this stranger but he seemed harmless and was very handsome. “Oh, well I am sorry about that.” “Yeah, but what about you, are you a captain or just Thorin?” He was a bit taken aback by that. You had no idea that he was the King and he didn’t want to ruin this casual conversation. “I guess I’m just Thorin.” You smiled and patted the rock beside you. “Well Thorin, I feel like we are very similar you and me. But I am no dwarf so please tell me how Erebor is like.” He walked to the stone and sat beside you. He was quite tall for a dwarf, only a tad shorter than you. “So, what do you want to know first?”

 Several hours later…

 “Wow, I didn’t know the ball was for everyone.” “Well the King ordered that everyone was invited due to the great loss in the battle…and for his coronation.”  “I see, he sounds like a great king.” He smiled at you. You had no idea what that compliment meant for him. “He manages the kingdom I guess.” You nod. “And he has a Queen, yes?” He furrowed his brows and didn’t know what to answer. “Well, not officially, but I believe that he has found his one.” You didn’t catch the true meaning of his words but you smiled anyway. “How wonderful, I bet she is beautiful.” Thorin’s answer were only a whisper. “Oh she is”  “Excuse me?” “Oh nothing.”

 You sat quietly for a while until you spoke up. “Who will you attend with then?” You kind of hoped that it would be you but you never knew if he had a woman waiting for him. “The most beautiful maiden in all of middle earth, it’s just one small obstacle, she has to answer first.” You felt disappointed and dropped your head. Of course it wasn’t you. “Oh, I see.” Thorin looked at you lovingly and noticed your disappointment. Then he laughed. This made you kind of mad at him. “What? Why are you laughing? How can this possibly be funny?” He calmed down and tried to explain between breaths. “It’s just that I gave you the grandest hint of all time and you didn’t catch it.” You face palmed yourself, which made Thorin laugh even more. “So will you? Attend with me that is?” You smiled at him and felt very happy inside. “I will” “Wonderful, I don’t have an official jewel to present to you as the tradition says. But this is the best I can give you. He handed you a ring with a beautiful blue diamond in the middle. “Wow, no I can’t accept that, it’s too beautiful.” He took your hand and placed it on your ring finger. “Nonsense, it’s perfect on you.” You shooke your head and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you” He smiled and stood up again. “Then I will be seeing you at the ball tomorrow night.” “Can’t wait” He smiled even more and walked back to Erebor, while you admired the ring that the handsome stranger had placed there.


 “Did you find a lass out there?” Dwalin was smug, because he knew that very few women could satisfy Thorin. Thorin patted Dwalin’s shoulder and walked past him. “I guess you’ll see tomorrow. “What is that supposed to mean?”


 You walked towards the grand gate of Erebor. Your mother had picked out a beautiful blue dress which hugged your body at the right places. It flowed behind you when you walked and your beautiful curls made the look perfect. “Hello y/n, how are you?” It was Bard who walked with you. “Hi Bard, I’m fine thank you and you?” “Never better, so how come you are attending alone?” You smirked and held up your hand to show him the ring. “I actually have a date, he’s inside.” He had a stunned facial expression. “y/n, do you realize who your date is?” You were confused at his words. “Well yes of course, he’s a kind dwarf I met.” Bard realized that you had no idea that Thorin was the King. That ring represented the royal bloodline of Durin. And you were wearing it which were quit a statement. “You are going to have the shock of your life.” Then he walked away, leaving you with many questions.

 When you entered the ballroom, it was a mix between elves, men, dwarves and other people. You tried to find Thorin but you couldn’t see him. Then you heard a loud bang that came from one of the dwarfs. “Welcome everyone, it is my greatest pleasure to present to you, the King under the Mountain. Thorin son of Thrain.” Your jaw dropped when you saw Thorin walking out with a crown upon his head. Bard was right, you did have the shock of your life. When Thorin had greeted the other kings, he tried to find you in the crowd. When your eyes met, he smiled and walked over to you. “Wow, you look absolutely stunning.” He took your hand and kissed the top of it. You were still very shocked. “What? Do I have something on my face?” You laughed and shooke your head no. “No, it’s just that you failed to mention that you were in fact the King himself.” “Oh did I, small detail, easy to forget.” You hit his arm lightly at his sarcasm. “But true fully I didn’t want you to know me as the King under the Mountain. But as Thorin Oakenshield, a normal, curious dwarf.” You smiled and understood why he did hide his title. “I understand, I myself don’t have a secret title unfortunately. But will you take me as I am? A girl who dreams of being a soldier.” He took your hands in his and admired the blue ring on your finger. “Of course I will” Then he motioned you to walk to the dance floor which you gladly accepted. From afar Dwalin and Balin stood and watched you two. Balin had a proud smile on his face and Dwalin was truly shocked. Thorin did find a lass in the woods. And that lass would later become the Queen under the Mountain.   


Okay but I hit up two major Hobbit and LOTR shooting locations while visiting New Zealand and let me just say that I can now die happy

Imagine desperately trying to make Thorin smile

“What is that?” Thorin asked, eyeing your extended hand before his face. “A friendship bracelet.” You answered with a bright smile. “I made one for each member of the company. Even Dwalin accepted to wear it.” “Is it something common in your culture?” His eyes now shifted on yours, making your heart beat faster and your cheeks flush. “Yes… When you care about your friends you can make bracelets to seal the new friendship bond.” You said, feeling quite embarrassed. “You did it yourself?” One of Thorin’s eyebrows raised in amazement. “Yes I did.” You answered sheepishly. Thorin looked at you for several seconds then extended his arms in the air. “I agree to wear it.” You had contain your squeal of joy as you quickly kneeled before the dwarf and gently took his wrist in your hands. You wrapped the bracelet around Thorin’s wrist, marveling at his muscles and his thick bones, then smiled up at him. “Thank you.” Thorin breathed out. You smiled and giggles gleefully. Thorin smiled back. ~*~ “Where are we going?” Thorin grumbled as you were tugging on his hand to make him move faster. “You’ll see.” You answered teasingly. Thorin was grumpier because you had to stop in Rivendell. He hated the elves so it was hard to be surrounded by so many of them without snapping. “I don’t think…” Thorin started but you quickly stopped his complain as you spoke up. “We’re here!” You turned around and let go of his hand. “Tadaa!” You said as you pointed to a huge harp and a beautiful piano in the corner of the room. “Oh!” Was all Thorin could say as his eyes widen. “Balin told me you loved to play the harp and I love piano so I thought we could play together?” You weren’t sure if Thorin would accept your offer. It was something really personal and Balin told you it would recall him some memories of Erebor and his young years. You smiled softly at the dwarf king and he smiled back. Your heart drumming in your chest. “I would love to.” His voice was deep and filled with an unknown emotion. ~*~ “Tell me more about Erebor.” You asked as you walked back toward the company, your hands holding Thorin’s arm. “What do you want to know?” He asked, looking at you with a gentle smile. “Everything!” You answered excitedly, making Thorin laugh. “Eager are we?” He teased with a smirk. You giggled but nodded your head anyway. “Well… I guess my memories of Erebor are mainly of my family or of my duties and endless classes with Balin.” The king answered, making you giggle even more. “Tell me about your family.” You said as you leaned again him, your head resting on his broad shoulder. Thorin smiled down on you then kissed the top of your head. You blushed furiously. “As you wish, Ghivashel.” He breathed out then beamed at you. That smile was so beautiful that your heart stopped. After telling you about his family for hours, how much he loved his father, his little sister and little brother. After telling you about the death of his mother when he was still a young lad, after telling you about the dragon sickness that took hold of his grandfather and the disappearance of his father. Thorin and yourself were sitting on the soft grass of Rivendell’s gardens. “I’m sorry for your father and your brother, Thorin.” You said as you rubbed your thumb over the rough skin of his hand. “Don’t be… it’s not your fault.” Thorin answered. “You are here and that’s all that matters.” You blushed and Thorin smiled at you. “You should smile more. It suits you.” You admitted, making Thorin chuckle. “Stay by my side, Amrâlimê. Be my Queen and I will smile for you, everyday of my life. I promise.”

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Getting His Way

Summary: Dwalin accidently wakes you up in the middle of the night and you learn that Thorin is spending another night away from his bed. You decide to do something about it.

Pairing: Thorin x Reader

Word Count: 1,274

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Requested by: @sdavid09 ​; “An ear infection cause a particular dwarf to become very clumsy at hilarious moments. Originally I thought it could be a Thorin one, but then I realized a Dwalin one would make it hilarious!!! Nori’s cold is hindering his sneakiness. Thorin is overworking himself, and that won’t do for the dwarf you love. So you set up a “spa” day where you don’t let him work and pamper him all day!” 

Master List

A/n: I kind of tried to tie in all three and I don't know if it came out good so let me know if you don’t like it so I can try to rewrite it. Also, I tried so hard not to base it off of Feisty Little Hobbit, but I couldn’t resist. It can be read without reading Feisty Little Hobbit, but this could also be an epilogue of sorts.

You quickly sit up in your bed as you hear a noise. Well, as quickly as you can with your baby bump in the way.

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@emsiecat asked:  If you’re doing the art meme thingy, could I request Bagginshield in A4 please? Thank you <3

To which I respond with this, from, THIS art meme! Here’s some soft and warm Bagginshield for you, my friend! I couldn’t help but put Thorin on the right and Bilbo on the left, because soft Thorin makes me emotional. I guess both poses are very soft, but I thought he would have looked more soft in that pose. I hope you like it, darlin!

 I need to draw some Thorin more… He’s fun! I apologize about the miserable scan, omg why does my scanner do this to me. Anyhoo, I hope you like it friend! 

Send me two characters and a pose!