; ; i love you

There hasn’t been a second where I haven’t thought about you these past few days even before this happened, god this is so hard for me I feel lost knowing you’re not here on earth living your dream the way it should be. I’ve never been this emotional in my life I’ve never even met him but through his music I felt like he was there he understands what I’m feeling going through all of this shit. I hate seeing all these people using your death as a “wake up call” when they should be admiring your life, your very short lived life. I hope you’re okay wherever you are Because you’re finally at peace , and no this wasn’t a suicide he didn’t mean to die though he was very depressed, suicidal, and addicted to drugs it was laced. Damn I miss you Gus 🖤

“I look at myself and then I look at other people and wonder why can’t I look like them, act like them? Instead of being locked inside the abandoned prison that I call my mind.”

-Excerpt from a book I’ll never write (excerptsfromstories)


ogni secondo

ogni minuto

ogni ora

ogni giorno.



Happy birthday
to a man who has been the object of my affection (and obsession, LOL)
for almost 2 years.
Dear Adam, have a happy day. I hope today will be full of happiness
and all the awesomest things you can get…
You deserve all the best things in life.
Thank you for being so easy to love, and for being yourself.
You are an inspiration for your fans to be themselves and to embrace
all the unique qualities in each people.

Dear Adam,
Have a great celebration today, to celebrate the birth of an amazing man..
I will send some positive vibes that from today onward you will be
healthier, more awesome, more successful and more grounded.
Thanks for always being who you are.
I know you cannot stand intense fans, but let today be the day we all can be intense.. okay?

I love you and I hope someday we can meet… Idk when

Warmest hugs,